How to Prevent Cockroach Infestation in Your Pantry and Kitchen

Tips to get rid of cockroach in your pantry and kitchen

Nobody likes to find cockroaches in their kitchen, and dealing with an infestation is difficult. However, preventing cockroaches from getting into your kitchen is far simpler than dealing with an infestation. One of the rooms in your house where roaches are most likely to be found in the kitchen or the pantry.

Of course, food and water are also crucial to cockroaches, so it is no surprise that your kitchen is one of their favorite destinations to explore and spawn. The German cockroach, which prefers warm, humid environments, is the most typical cockroach you may see in the kitchen and pantry.

cockroach in the kitchen

There are several methods for cockroaches to enter your house. Any hole in your walls or flooring, especially those near the water or waste pipes and electrical lines, can be used by them to get inside. Foods and packaging purchased from contaminated commercial locations are excellent sources of cockroaches that can readily enter your house.

Using strong chemicals in the kitchen is not something we advise. These chemicals unintentionally reach your food and pose significant health risks.

Cockroach Infestation Indicators

There are a couple of visible indications if you have a roach problem in your house. Pay attention to the following:

  • If you encounter a cockroach in your house, there may also be others there.
  • Droppings from roaches can resemble coffee grounds or ground pepper, depending on the species, and can be found in cupboards, pantries, or anyplace else cockroaches are present.
  • Roach egg casings are oblong and brown, also referred to as oothecae. They might indicate a roach infestation. Even more alarmingly, discovering egg cases with nymphs and adult roaches means that roaches are actively breeding inside your house. They frequently stick to things like cabinet doors and furniture.

Tips to Prevent and Get Rid of Cockroaches 

get rid of roaches in your kitchen

Tip #1. Find Their Entry Trails

Cockroaches typically access kitchens through cracks and gaps in pipes, vents, or windows. As a result, you must locate and secure any potential ports of access. This will make it simpler to get rid of any existing roaches and assist limit or preventing cockroaches from entering your kitchen.

Caulk can be used to seal these gaps. Before calling pest control professionals, you should weatherstrip all doors and windows if the infestation is severe.

Tip #2. Locate Their Hiding Spots

Typically, roaches hide throughout the day and become active at night. Therefore, you should locate their nighttime hiding places and contact pest control professionals to eliminate them during the day. With a flashlight, inspect the edges of cabinet doors, the backs of major appliances, the corners of cupboards and drawers, and beneath sinks.

Tip #3. Tidy Up Your Kitchen and Pantry

One of the essential strategies to stop a cockroach infestation in your kitchen and pantry is to clean it up. Since cockroaches are drawn to dirt, accidents, and food residue, they have no place in a spotless kitchen. Adopt tried-and-true techniques to maintain a spotless kitchen at all times.

Because the sink is a roach paradise, avoid leaving dirty dishes there overnight. After supper, make a habit of doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Give time to deep clean your pantry as well. Never leave an open carton of cereals or snacks; instead, place them in an airtight container.

Tip #4. Eliminate Food Sources

You should eliminate possible food sources from the kitchen and pantry since cockroaches require food to thrive. Keep all goods in airtight containers to prevent cockroach access. If you open a package of food, make sure to store it firmly covered or in a container that can be sealed.

Additionally, since roaches may eat pet meals, cover them overnight or empty them. Additionally, you should firmly cover your trash can and remain spotless outside. The cockroaches will eventually relocate to a new location with food and conducive conditions.

Tip #5. Get Rid of Water Sources

Because cockroaches also require water to survive, they can’t last very long in a kitchen or pantry without water supplies. So, if you want to manage a cockroach infestation in the kitchen, try to eliminate any water sources. Pipe leaks should be repaired, sinks should be dried, dishrags and sponges should be dried or stored in sealed containers, and pet water bowls should be covered.

The drip tray behind your refrigerator should also be cleaned out since it might retain enough water to support cockroaches. Ensure the kitchen floor is dry, and sweep up any standing water outdoors.

Tip #6. Eliminate Possible Nests

Packed items like cardboard boxes, piles of paper bags, or folded carpets are where cockroaches adore building their habitat. Such possible nests should be removed, so they have nowhere to hide in your pantry or kitchen. As a result, you should organize your kitchen and eliminate everything unnecessary, such as outdated magazines.

Tip #7. Set Up a Cockroach Bait

These insect baits are available in dispensable gel form or in tiny plastic containers called bait stations. Pets and people are not harmed, and the environment is safe. The bait seems like food so that the roaches would eat it and bring it back to its nest, where it will be consumed by the other roaches, progressively dispersing the poison and wiping them out. The roaches will die within one to three days of eating the bait. The most inviting sites for cockroaches may all be targeted using bait traps.

Natural Products that Can Help You Eliminate Cockroaches

Natural Products

Hot Water and Vinegar

This is an easy hack. You don’t need to search far and wide for the materials because you can find them right in your kitchen. Combine one portion of distilled white vinegar with some hot water, wash down counters and clean the area around cooktops, then pour the mixture down kitchen drains at night to disinfect the pipes and prevent cockroaches from entering the kitchen.

Hot Water, Lemon, and Baking Soda

Another quick tip for the kitchen is to combine one lemon and two tablespoons of baking soda in 1 liter of hot water and whisk it thoroughly. Pour the mixture down the drain outlets or clean the area under your sink or slabs using this solution to prevent cockroaches from nesting there.

Boric Acid and Sugar

Combine some boric acid with sugar, put it over the areas where you notice cockroaches breeding, and it will work miracles. The bugs are attracted by the sugar, but the boric acid instantly kills them. Try this trick the next time you encounter these bugs or cockroaches.

Essential Oils

You might be surprised to learn that essential oils such as peppermint and lavender oil are not just for your skincare or healing purposes. These oils may help keep pests away too! Mist some essential oils over the cupboards and kitchen and let the scent work its magic.


Did you know that although cockroaches adore the flavor and smell of cucumbers, they find them disgusting even though it is tasty and hydrating? It is true, and putting a few slices near areas where you’ve noticed cockroaches can help keep them out of your kitchen.

Neem Extract

Neem oil and leaves perform well at keeping roaches and other pests out of your kitchen. You may see the difference in only three days if you keep a few neem leaves in the kitchen. Neem oil diluted with hot water can also be sprayed to prevent pests and roaches from reproducing in the kitchen.


Because of the strong scent of cinnamon, this spice can prevent annoying cockroaches from climbing kitchen cupboards and counters. To avoid these roaches from reproducing spread freshly ground cinnamon powder throughout the kitchen.

Bay Leaves

You can also try using bay leaves. They are frequently used to problems with insects and bugs. While many insects and pests hate the scent of bay leaves that naturally emit, this will help you shoo them, but this won’t kill the roaches. Put these leaves within the kitchen cupboards, then sit back and let them do the work.

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