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About Us

A Cleaning Company that puts people first

Hellamaid is a professional cleaning company that offers so much more than a clean space. We take a holistic approach to cleaning to help clients, communities, and cleaners feel happier, healthier, and safer. By investing in our cleaners, utilizing latest technology, and delivering impeccable customer service, we are changing the cleaning industry – one house at a time!

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Our Core Mission

Hellamaid is so much more than a cleaning company. We are made up of community members, friends, and family. Every day, we do our best to serve the communities where we live and work, making Southern Ontario a great place to call home. We also recognize that we could not do what we do without our incredible clients and outstanding staff. While professional house cleaning is what we do, Hellamaid offers so much more.

We are committed to creating and maintaining clean spaces and healthy living environments. We are dedicated to providing peace of mind and reliable support for every client. We are enthusiastic about constantly improving and finding new ways to serve our communities.

Our core mission can be summed up in three simple principles that we strive to uphold each day:

Hellamaid strives to delight homeowners

1. Delighting Homeowners

Every business wants to delight their customers, but many fall short. At Hellamaid, we make our mission to delight customers a reality by providing the best services with the best team. Our comprehensive list of available services ensures that every need is met for your home or business. Whether you need a routine cleaning schedule or a deep move-out clean, Hellamaid is here to support you.

With professional cleaning services from Hellamaid you can gain peace of mind. Host your next party, enjoy family dinner, or spend time relaxing knowing your home has been cleaned by a team of trained professionals. Hellamaid is committed to your house cleaning needs, so you can focus on what you love.

Hellamaid strives to support communities

2. Supporting Communities

Unlike other professional cleaning services, Hellamaid calls Southern Ontario home. Our professional cleaners live and work alongside you, so they understand the pride you have in your community and your home. We strive to provide jobs for our communities, offer the highest level of service for our neighbors, and give back whenever we can.

From charitable efforts to impeccable service, there are many ways Hellamaid supports communities across Southern Ontario. Professional cleaning services make each home happier and healthier, lowering stress levels and letting people spend their time on what matters to them.

Hellamaid strives to empower cleaners

3. Empowering Cleaners

Just as it can be intimidating to let a stranger into your home, it can be intimidating for professional cleaners to enter someone else’s home. Trust is crucial and support is absolutely necessary. Hellamaid works hard to provide both for our cleaners, keeping them safe and happy. When our employees are empowered, they have the freedom to love what they do and do it well.

At Hellamaid, we also understand that our employees are more than professional cleaners. They are parents, siblings, friends, and much more. We are committed to providing flexible hours that work with our cleaners’ schedules and competitive pay, including bonuses and tips. By empowering our cleaners, we are growing a team of service-oriented, passionate, and caring people.

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Where we serve

Born in Guelph,
Serving Southern Ontario

Hellamaid is a people-based cleaning service that was proudly established in Guelph, ON, in 2017. Since our inception, our easy cleaning model has attracted many Canadians and has allowed us to expand rapidly across Southern Ontario. We are now proud to work with amazing cleaners in Guelph, Kitchener-WaterlooCambridgeMiltonMississaugaBurlington, Oakville, Hamilton, City of London, and the Niagara region. Our cleaning professionals are carefully handpicked and screened to give you the quality cleaning service your home deserves. Our team is friendly, experienced, insured, and ready to make your life easier! Book a cleaning online or call us at 226-770-3200 or 289-812-8155

Hellamaid offers cleaning services in Waterloo, Wellington country, Halton region, Peel region, Hamilton, London and Niagara region

What makes Hellamaid different?

Our Values

Before you invite us into your home, it is important to understand our values. At Hellamaid, we strive to accomplish our mission with the utmost level of integrity, professionalism, and quality communication. You can count on us and our team to provide the best house cleaning service that meets your needs and leaves you satisfied.

Our values are central to everything we do, and they help drive us forward as we grow in Southern Ontario. Consider our values as our commitment to you and what you can expect from every professional cleaning session.

values at Hellamaid include integrity, professionalism, and quality cleaning
Hellamaid takes privacy and safety seriously

Privacy and Safety

Privacy and safety are two things we take very seriously. At Hellamaid, we are committed to your safety and wellbeing. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure cleaning services are completed in a safe manner, your personal information is protected, and your home is well cared for.

We understand the level of trust that must be in place to invite a professional cleaning service into your home, and we do not take the responsibility lightly. Every aspect of our business is designed with your security and the safety of our employees in mind.