The Best Way to Clean a High Gloss Surface

how to clean high gloss surfaces

The kitchen’s high gloss surface is aesthetically pleasing and simple to clean. But, the shiny surfaces need to be properly cleaned when the unavoidable sauces spatter and oil droplets accumulate on their surface. Treatment and mild detergents work best for cleaning kitchen cabinet gloss. Beautiful glossy cabinets and furniture can lose their brilliant luster when cleaned with harsh chemicals and abrasive equipment. Keep on reading to learn how to safely clean your high gloss surface like cabinets and furniture.

how to clean high gloss surfaces

How Frequently Should You Clean The High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets?

To get rid of unwelcome residues, dust, and filth that can accumulate while you’re cooking, you can regularly clean the high-gloss kitchen cabinets. Utilize a clean cloth or feather duster to remove dust and fingerprints from gloss cabinets as needed.

You can use a mild cleanser or diluted white vinegar spray to clean the row of shelves in the kitchen cabinets if you have to clean them on a quarterly basis. To avoid letting grease, oil, and droplets linger on its doors for too long, you can thoroughly wipe the cabinet surfaces every two weeks.

High gloss surface cleaning guide

Cleaning Tips for your High-Gloss Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets with a matte surface or an ultra-high gloss finish are the two most widely used cabinetry design alternatives. Matte cabinets feature a smooth finish, although they are frequently muted or boring. In comparison,  high-gloss cabinets are covered in either lacquer or acrylic to produce that glossy cabinet appearance.

High-gloss kitchen cabinets can reflect natural light, making a kitchen look much bigger when installed inside. It is perfect for a small kitchen because it reflects light and creates a bright space, giving the impression that the room is bigger and more open.

Nevertheless, grease, dirt stains, sauce splotches, and drip marks can also accumulate on shiny surfaces. Additionally, they are prone to picking up fingerprints, which might diminish the glossy cabinets’ lovely finish.

The following advice can help you maintain your glossy kitchen cabinets:

Tip #1: Don’t scrub the surfaces with sponges or other abrasive items.

When scrubbing or wiping the fronts of your gloss kitchen cabinets, avoid using rugs or sponges that are abrasive to the surface. They can quickly scratch the glossy finishes, eventually causing your polished cabinets to lose their luster. Considering they won’t leave any unsightly marks or traces on the panels and cabinet door fronts, soft microfiber towels are the finest choice for cleaning. Furthermore, because microfiber cloths are simple to wash and dry, you can use them as often as you like to clean those gloss kitchen cabinets.

Tip #2: Make use of a non-chemical cleaning agent.

Using harsh cleaners or chemical-based solutions to remove grease and stains from your glossy doors is not advisable. Using a strong cleaning agent could leave stains and blemishes that are difficult to get rid of and eventually harm the shiny appearance of the kitchen cabinet.

You can make your own cleaner using basic household items rather than depending on harsh cleaners. You must first decide what kind of stains you will be clearing. A cup of distilled white vinegar combined with water and dishwashing solution is necessary to remove caked-on grease or discoloration from oil and condiments. Distilled white vinegar will make the gritty portion of the grease simpler to scrape away by softening it.

You’ll need a dry clean cloth to wipe the unwanted particles from the glossy cabinets if you’re only wiping the dust off them. The dust and other light greases on the glossy surface can also be removed by wiping a damp towel with an antibacterial cleaning liquid.

Baking soda can be utilized as an additional cleaning treatment. Be sure to combine baking soda and warm water to produce a paste if you wish to attempt cleaning using bicarbonate of soda. Avoid scrubbing the stained area after applying it. Just let it stay on overnight, then wipe it off the next day.

Tip #3: Carefully clean the surface.

Scrubbing the door and surface of your shiny kitchen cabinets too vigorously is a typical cleaning misstep. You might believe that doing this will totally get rid of the stains and blemishes, but all it will do is ruin the finishes on your cabinets.

Make sure to clean your gloss cabinets with gentle, smooth strokes and minimal force. You can use greater force to remove stubborn stains, but be careful not to scrub the surface too hard.

Tip #4: Do not forget to put a cabinet polish.

Once the stains have been removed with cleaning and washing, polish the shiny cabinets to restore their brand-new appearance. Apply the polish to all cabinet doors and surfaces using a soft cotton towel.

After leaving it on for a few minutes, wipe away any extra polish using a dry towel. In addition to restoring the sheen as well as the color of kitchen cabinets, cabinet polish will also give an additional layer of defense against scuffs, spills, and typical wear and tear.

Cleaning Tips for your High-Gloss Furniture

High-gloss finishes are clean and modern, whatever style or color you choose. It is very popular because of its clean and contemporary and simple-to-maintain features. Here are some helpful tips you can use to keep your high-gloss furniture clean.

High-gloss furniture

Tip #1: Do not clean it too harshly.

Being very gentle is the best cleaning advice for high-gloss surfaces. High-gloss items should not be scrubbed, scraped, or scourged because doing so could destroy their veneered finish. You should only require a soft, dry towel for daily cleanings. The sponges that have a green scrubby substance on them should also not be used.

Tip #2: Wipe it in one direction.

Prevent streaks and unintentional scratches by moving the sponges, rags, and soft pads up and down instead of in circular motions.

Tip #3: Clean up the spills right away.

To remove any filth or oil, utilize a damp towel with a small amount of dishwashing solutions and a soft sponge, and then quickly dry using a soft cloth. Use a well-wrung-out towel or sponge rather than one that is dripping wet. Additionally, avoid letting any liquids stay on high-gloss materials during cleaning or in the case of an accidentally spilled liquid.

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