How to Get Rid of Pet Odors

How to eliminate pet odors

As much as we like our furry buddies, if you own pets, you are probably used to the odors that come with having a furry housemate. It doesn’t matter where the smell comes from—it might be dander, urine, vomit, or feces—you don’t want it to stay in your house. We offer some advice on how to eliminate pet odor, whether it’s dog stink or cat poop.

How to eliminate pet odors

What Causes Pet Odor?

Knowing what creates pet scents may be pretty helpful. Bacteria and yeast that live in the dark, moist parts of your pet’s body are what give off pet scents. Most healthy pets will have germs, but it might be medical if the stench is overpowering.

Frequently, your pet may spread unpleasant odors to certain areas of your house, such as:

Mouth: Pet toys on the floor

Paws: Your hard flooring

Feces: Your carpets 

Your stinky pet may potentially be a result of being outdoors. If you have a dog, you should be aware that pets mainly sweat from their paws and a small amount through their hair follicles. In addition, their fur may pick up dirt particles and odors from the environment.

Keeping Your Carpets and Furniture Free of Pet Odors

The cloth primarily absorbs the scent of a dog. Preventing pet odor from ever occurring in the first place is the simplest method to preserve your carpets and furnishings from clinging to your pet’s scent.

Never allow your wet dog to sit on the furniture or rugs. After a bath, you know they like to rub down, but don’t let them sit on the couch or in a room with carpet until they are fully dry. Dry off using an old towel at the entrance if you just came inside after a damp stroll. Using a blow dryer is optional.

Invest in a vacuum with a washable filter, and be sure to clean it after every use. So that you always get a clean filter on hand, keep an additional supply on hand. Additionally, vacuum carpets and furniture at least once every week. If at all possible, take the couch’s cushions off and vacuum the couch’s underside and all crevices.

Eliminate pet odors on carpet

Utilize a slipcover. Use a washable covering to prevent hair as well as dander off the furniture if your furry buddy wants to lounge on the sofa or has made the recliner their home. Shake it ferociously outside, then wash it in hot water once a week.

How to Clean Cat Vomit

If you find your cat puking right away, it’s not pleasant but a good thing. The quicker you act, the better because any cat vomit has a propensity to stain. Even dry vomit may be cleansed.

Using a clean paper towel, disposable spoon, or knife, scoop up as much vomit as you can, taking care not to push it deeper into the carpet. Use a dry paper towel to wipe the area after misting it with water. Rotate the towel so you’re constantly working in a dry place; you might need to use more than one to finish the task. Always follow the product’s recommendations when applying an enzyme-based cleanser to the area to break down the proteins that result in long-lasting harm. Puking might indicate that your healthy cat is genuinely ill, even if it is occasionally common.

How to Clean Dried Dog Pee

The subject of how to get rid of dog pee smell has long been asked. A wet vac is a simple yet effective instrument that is useful for various pet odor elimination situations. Wetting the stain with a wet vac and sucking up the filthy water to remove hardened dog pee. Use a pet odor neutralizer, then apply it as directed on the bottle.

If your attempts are unsuccessful, consider an effective stain remover. However, avoid using vinegar or ammonia if you want to get rid of pet odors. Vinegar and ammonia may tempt your pet to mark the area, despite vinegar enhancing natural cleaning qualities.

How to Clean Wet Dog Pee

Wet and dry dog pee are distinct substances, and they must be removed using different methods.

Put paper towels on the urine to absorb it, and then wrap a clean towel around the paper towels. Put a cloth below the pee stain if it is on the rug area. To absorb as much urine as you can, press forcefully into the area with an old cloth or other fabric that you don’t mind getting pee on.

Repeat the procedure if the towels and paper towels are damp. Rinse the area with cool water once the pee has been absorbed, then blot it dry again with cloths or a wet vacuum. Vacuum the area after it has dried. For additional freshness, put on baking soda and allow it to soak for 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming again. 

How to Remove Cat Pee Smell

Due to its concentration, dry cat urine is extremely unpleasant. Cats are very efficient at conserving water; as a result, they rarely drink a lot and frequently consume dry food, which provides little moisture. Unneutered male cats also have pungent-smelling urine, which makes the case worse.

Try an enzymatic solution and comply with the bottle’s directions. If the pet odor is tough to remove from older areas, you might wish to call a professional carpet cleaner. Urine is acidic but changes to alkaline, leaving a deposit that forms ammonium salts. Like icebergs, pee patches may appear insignificant on the surface, but the urine likely saturated the foam and potentially the subfloor.

How to Eliminate the Bad Smell of Litter Box

The most straightforward answer, whether you have a standard or self-cleaning litter box, is to scoop the poop and pee right away, but that’s unlikely unless you want to keep watch over your litter box. Instead of purchasing perfumed litter, which can be repulsive to cats, put baking soda on the litter to help reduce smells.

As it feels gentler on their paws, fine-grain litter is typically preferred by cats. Throw out the litter and clean the litter box using an enzyme pet odor remover once a month. Avoid using bleach since cats are pretty sensitive to the pungent smell and could not use the litter box. An air purifier may continually keep things smelling good.

Eliminate pet odor on litter box

How to Clean Pet Bed

Fur is likely covering most of the dog bed except if you have a non-shedding pet, which causes the odor. The aroma of your cat or dog’s perspiration is released via fur. Therefore you must vacuum it thoroughly before cleaning. The interior of your washing machine and damp clothing both attract hair.

Mix a one-pound package of baking soda with your usual detergent to eliminate pet odors. If possible, air dry to prevent shrinking. If the stench of pet feces persists, rewash the bed using an enzymatic cleanser.

Get rid of pet odor on pet bed

How to Remove Pet Odor on Your Couch

Although spending time cuddling on the couch with your pet is the highlight of your day, occasionally, the stinky scent is just too overpowering to ignore. You must first vacuum the furniture, just as you would with pet bed cleaning. Put baking soda on the area. In general, it’s safe to use, but try it in a hidden area first. Vacuum after 20 to 30 minutes of letting it settle.

Get rid of pet odor on your couch

How to Remove Pet Odor on Travel Crate

Your pet’s crate may begin to smell bad, whether made of plastic or mesh. Sometimes the problem is a filthy lining that must be cleaned, but it might also result from a tense trip to the veterinarian. When anxious, your dog or cat may expel the contents of their anal sacks even if they don’t throw up. Sweating and panting can also cause odor to accumulate in a tight area like a carrier.

Any liners and blankets should be washed for cleaning. Use an enzyme cleanser to clean the plastic crate. With warm water and the required amount of enzyme all-purpose cleaning, place the soft carriers in the bathtub. Let air dry. Not just the carrier has to be cleaned; if you don’t also clean your dog’s leash, this will encourage you to do so.

Get rid of pet odor on travel crate

Other Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odor

Purchase an Air Purifier

By removing dangerous dust, filth, and debris from the air in your house, air purifiers are intended to enhance the quality of the air there. Air purifiers are quite helpful since these components are naturally present in pet scents, which is why they are so effective.

Regular air purifiers work well if you’re a non-pet owner just trying to get rid of pet odors left behind by a previous tenant or homeowner.

Consistently Use Air Fresheners and Fragrances

This ought to be the icing on the cake when it comes to maintaining a fresh scent in your home. To keep your house smelling fresh, use scented candles and air fresheners. Additionally, you may have candles or oil diffusers in the rooms your pet frequents the most.

Open the Windows

Finally, the simplest addition to everything is to leave the windows open so that fresh air may enter. Fresh air naturally ventilates your home and masks pet scents.

When spending extended periods away from your house, keep a few windows open with only a window screen to maintain a fresh atmosphere.

Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Pet Odor

Hydrogen Peroxide and Citrus

We refer to this mixture as an “all-purpose” cleaner. Pet owners should be aware of this since it can be used with a towel to clean many objects, including litter boxes and other items for pets.

The simple ingredients are two cups of water, one cup of hydrogen peroxide, and one-fourth of a lemon. While hydrogen peroxide performs thorough cleaning, the lemon component gives out a wonderful citrus aroma.

Baking Soda

One well-known odor remover is baking soda. Placing baking soda in the area of a pet stench will significantly help minimize it while you try to identify where it might be coming from if you don’t know where it’s originating.

White vinegar and baking soda are a fantastic combination to create a spray solution that contains baking soda. To thoroughly clean pet stains and urine stains, use this solution.

UV Backlight

Have you ever used a black light to locate stains? Really nice, right? And it’s simple to use. Just switch off the lights in the house and get a UV blacklight. Then search each room for stains on the furniture, worktops, and floors. Bring the light near so you can get a good look at any potential stains. Once you’ve detected the stains, you may eliminate them using one or more of the cleaning techniques provided.

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