Exceeding Expectations on Both Sides

What does it take to make it in the services industry? There are an endless number of articles and books and video tutorials trying to sell a perfect “how-to” guide to success. However, the advice is often times incomplete or too ambiguous for many entrepreneurs to generate any real lasting-benefit from. Many may even become obsessed with paper aesthetics such as having the most professional business plan on the planet or the absolute perfect logo, without giving as much or more thought to their most important deciding factor of real success: people. Specifically, those that actually carry out the service they have set out to provide on that business plan and those they serve.

As a cleaning company, we know that having happy cleaners and happy customers is the only way to succeed and grow. We also know that cleaning is often viewed as a necessary task that most would agree helps promote a sense of peace and order in a busy world, but one that also is quite frankly viewed as repetitive and mundane in nature. However, this perception has created a great opportunity for us to transform the way people view cleaning services and how cleaners view their relationship with the cleaning company they represent. This is because the only way to combat the perception that cleaning has as an unremarkable service is to make it remarkable! That is to say, make it remarkable by exceeding expectations. 

As it pertains to Hellamaid, we’ve tried to focus on perfecting one simple equation in order to take our company to the next level: quality + consistency = success. We aim for quality in the way we maintain open communication with both cleaners and customers and as well as through streamlining the booking system we provide for customers and the scheduling system provided for cleaners. Consistency is achieved when cleaners are professionally trained and well-prepared and know what to expect at each service. Success comes when we are able to exceed both parties’ expectations…consistently.

Hiring the right people and keeping them is a vital key to success for any company, but even more so for cleaning companies. Through our hiring process, we have come to find that there are people who have a natural talent and ability to provide outstanding cleaning services because they recognize that there is indeed a proper way to clean and even to turn it into a sort of art form. These are the people we try to find and keep for as long as possible. Recognition is an important way in which we strive to keep these amazing people as the face of our company. Thus we have implemented the Hellamaid Recognition Program. Every quarter, we review our cleaners and reward those that have shown outstanding dedication, reliability and have provided consistently amazing services to our customers. The positive feedback from both customers and cleaners is how we know we are doing it right!

Hellamaid is a top-rated cleaning company in Canada that’s changing the cleaning industry. Led by two engineers, Ahmed and Abdul,  Hellamaid is on a mission to make cleaning services a better experience for both ends of the market: homeowners and cleaners. We offer value to homeowners through easy online booking and impeccable customer service, while offering a flexible and well paid opportunity to our cleaning partners. Learn more about us here!

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