Top House Cleaning Tips for Teens in 2022

house cleaning tips for teenagers

Cleaning your room isn’t exactly the most fun activity, whether you are an adult or a teen. Maintaining a clean space can be difficult, especially when you factor in responsibilities at school, personal time, and hobbies. However, a clean room can reduce stress and make it easier to accomplish your goals.

For teenagers heading back to college, the New Year brings new goals and new responsibilities. Starting the year with a clean dorm or room can make a world of difference for your mental and physical health. Keep reading for the top cleaning tips for teens in 2022.


1. Decide How Much Mess You Can Live With

A messy room is often a fact of life for teens. You are coming and going frequently, heading to school or work, meeting friends, and participating in fun activities. It is up to you and your parents to decide what level of messy is acceptable. Some people can live with a little clutter or mess, while others thrive in a clean and spotless environment. Make that decision and clean accordingly.

2. Remove All Trash

Start by taking a trash bag to your room and throwing away all trash. This can instantly clean up a lot of clutter and start removing items from your furniture or surfaces. You also don’t have to worry about stopping your tasks later on to throw away trash.

3. Make Your Bed

Everyone always says to make your bed, and while you may roll your eyes, it is good advice. Making your bed is a great way to start the day with an accomplishment. It also makes a big difference visually and helps your entire room look more put together. When you are cleaning or decluttering your room, a made bed is also a great place to organize items.

4. Get Rid of Clutter

As you’re cleaning, it is important to get rid of anything you don’t need. Designate trash bags or piles for items to donate, sell, or give away. Throw out anything that is unusable. Clearing out clutter can reduce the amount of work you have to do to make your room clean. You’d be surprised how quickly clutter piles up, especially for teenagers who constantly bring home school papers, clothes, and food.

5. Designate a Space for Important Papers

Whether you are in high school or college, you have some important papers that you need to keep track of. From homework assignments to school forms, it can be easy to lose track of these items. Set aside a special folder or drawer for these papers, so you can always find them.

6. Put Away Your Clothes

Pickup up all of your clothes off the furniture and floor can go a long way towards cleaning your room. Put dirty clothes in the hamper or laundry room, fold and hang up clean clothes, and donate anything you no longer wear. This is also a great time to store items that are out of season. It can be tempting to put off laundry or folding your clothes, but it usually turns out to be a quick task that has a big impact.

7. Tackle the Biggest Items

Once you’ve cleared up the trash, clutter, and clothes in your room, you can tackle the biggest projects first. Teenagers don’t have unlimited time to clean their room, so starting with the bigger items can make a bigger impact. Try picking up all of the items on your furniture and surfaces and putting everything where it goes. Handling one surface at a time can make the job seem more manageable.

8. Dust it Out

Many teens forget to dust in their rooms, but it can help protect your health. Dust your furniture, surfaces, and fan to keep your room clean.

9. Clean Up the Floor

After you dust, you can move on to the floors. Pick up as much as you can from the floor, making it easier to navigate in your room. Clutter and piles of items on the floor can contribute to stress, even if you don’t realize it. Constantly tripping over items or going out of your way to avoid them just makes life unnecessarily difficult. Once everything is picked up, you can vacuum, mop, or sweep.

10. Remove and Reduce Odors

Spray a deodorizer in the room to help remove any unwanted smells and freshen up your space. It is important to look for a room spray that removes bacteria from the air, so you can prevent smells from returning and make your space more sanitary. Find a candle or room freshener that you love and use it to keep your space smelling great.

11. Create Organization Systems

Once your room is clean, you can organize it in a way that fits your life. For teens, this may involve creating a space to do homework, a space to relax, or a process for putting away laundry. Consider your daily routines and organize your room to make your life easier and help you achieve your goals for 2022.

Professional House Cleaning Services for Teens

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