Tips to Make Your Home Guest-Ready Without Hassle

How to have a guest-ready home

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Are you unsure of how to get your house guest-ready? There are several little improvements you can do to make sure your guests feel at home and welcome, whether a friend pays a surprise visit or you are getting ready for the entire family to gather for a celebration. Here are some tips to help you have a welcoming home and be a gracious host.

Daily Housekeeping Tasks to Have a Guest-Ready Home

Clean the surfaces

Some visitors don’t like hairy, food-smeared counters and mirrors. Wiping down surfaces doesn’t take long, but it makes a tremendous difference. To avoid having to make a last-minute rush before guests arrive, practice doing this every day, maybe in the morning or before going to bed.

Allot a time to declutter your living room

Make sure everything is in its proper place so that the living room will make a great first impression when someone visits your place. Remove any clutter that does not belong to the room, like toys and books. Use ottomans with storage or install vertical shelves to help you display the items in an organized manner if you do not have a place for them. Take a 5-10 minute quick decluttering every day, this is easier than having the need to declutter the whole area all in one go before the guests arrive.

Clean spills immediately

Wipe, sweep, or vacuum spills right away. Spills will turn into stains when left for too long. Cleaning them up on the spot will make your floors look nice and clean all the time.

Wash the dishes every meal

To avoid piles of dirty and smelly dishes in your sink, wash them clean immediately after eating. You can keep the kitchen under control by taking care of this simple task right away.        

Dust your TV screen

You can see dust easily on your black screen. It can accumulate a lot of dust if you do not wipe them often making it more visible and noticeable to your guests. Luckily, television screens are so easy to clean and don’t need to use any expensive cleanser. Just a clean microfiber cloth is all you need to have a clean and streak-free TV screen. 

Keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean

Disinfect the sink and countertop. Remove smudges on the mirror. Allow the floors to air dry. Open your bathroom window from time to time to allow fresh air to come in. Do not forget to remove the ring mark on your toilet bowl.

Take out your kitchen garbage when full

The disposal of trash is a crucial part of keeping a clean house and environment. It’s one of the least preferred duties, though. But, taking your trash out daily will make your home odor-free. The best way to avoid a dirty kitchen atmosphere is to have a daily waste management routine

Add a Little Extra to Impress the Guests

Light a Fragrant Candle

Many people underestimate the power of aroma, and lighting up candles in your house can quickly set a mood as well as make your room more appealing to guests. Candles are a fantastic way to provide your home with seasonally fitting energy, allowing your home to feel comfortable in the winter, lively in the summer, and everything else in between.

Put a Basket of Small Treats

Provide a few snacks available for your visitors when they arrive because eating is usually the best way to win people over. Whether you’re serving chips and salsa, crackers, or a few slices of cheese and meats, put a ‘grazing’ dish in the place you will be hosting. Your guest will be grateful whether or not you have a larger supper planned later.

Utilize Your Bar Cart

Bar carts have recently been a mainstay in designed spaces, so now is the time to appreciate the thoughtfully stocked one you have. A drinks station will still wow your last-minute guests even if you don’t have a bar cart. No matter if you own a bar cart or not, just set up a drink station. You can utilize the entry or side table to place all your favorite beverages and/or the ingredients for simple cocktails if you do not have a bar cart.

Do Not Forget the Fresh Flowers

Using freshly cut flowers or greens can give a space a polished appearance. If you need to decorate your home quickly, use the recently picked flowers and/or foliage from your backyard. Put some flowers in a vase if you have some. If you don’t have flowers, use greenery clippings that you can arrange in a line down the middle of the table.

How to Set Up a Guest Bedroom

What exactly does it include, except for giving fresh and clean bedding? A few little things can elevate your guest’s stay to a completely new level. Here are our top recommendations:

  • Give guest towels. A hand towel, bath towel, and face towel are the ideal options. Women appreciate it especially because they prefer to use a separate towel for their faces.
  • Avoid washing the guest bedroom towels and sheets with detergents with strong scents. They could not enjoy strong scents or even have a skin allergy you are unaware of.
  • Provide slippers. Some guests may bring their own, but if not, they will appreciate them if your floors tend to get chilly.
  • Offer a bedside lamp. Nobody enjoys fumbling around a dark room looking for the switch. A bedside light is close at hand and considerably much more relaxing than the overhead light, even if the user isn’t in the mood to read.
  • Give your visitors plenty of storage space so they won’t have to spend the duration of their trip living out of a suitcase.

How to Prepare Your Guest’s Bathroom

Since it’s undoubtedly one of the first things visitors notice, the bathroom is the key room in the home that should appear as free as possible throughout your guests’ stay. Consider hotel restrooms as an ideal: spotless, with enough tissues, cotton pads, and cotton buds available for use, but with no personal stuff on display. This is especially true if you leave your toothpaste, deodorant, or skin care products over the sink. For the time being, move the items inside a cupboard or into your bedroom.

It’s advisable to avoid leaving towels in the bathroom to dry while you have visitors since they could wonder whose it is and if they can or should use it. Thoughtfully place a hand towel near the sink.

How to Host Guests with Small Children

Your guests will require additional supplies if they are coming with a young child. Naturally, you should start by asking about any potential needs and daily routines they have at home. Then, depending on the child’s age, give them toys and picture books to entertain them. Also, make sure everything they could break or try to eat (like a house plant) is out of their reach.

Ask the parents whether they are okay with your dog or cat being near the kids if you have pets. If not, you probably need to keep your pet separated from the guests in a different area of the house.

There is a lot to accomplish, but try not to feel overwhelmed. Consider how much simpler it will be to host visitors once you have all of this figured out. You’ll not only need to devote less time preparing for the visit, but you’ll also feel more confident and content about how they’ll feel when they stay with you. Now all you have to do is take pleasure in making your friends or family stay and have a good time.

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