Laundry Room Quick Cleaning Tips

Laundry Room Cleaning Tips

Even though laundry rooms are typically the smallest rooms in the house, they receive an enormous amount of stuff, odors, and clutter. Laundry could be more of a headache than needed, whether it’s counters piled high with cleansers, cabinets filled with whatever, or piles of dirty clothes. However, follow our organizing and cleaning instructions. You’ll be able to maintain a spotless laundry room with enough space for storage and quick access to your usual laundry materials.

Laundry Room Cleaning Tips

Quick Simple Steps to Clean Your Laundry Area

Step 1. Clean Your Washer

Cleaning the washing machine helps remove buildup in the hoses and pipes as well as keep it looking good. Start by pouring two cups of white vinegar in place of detergent in an empty, usual cycle on hot. Then, combine vinegar and water, and clean the machine’s interior with this solution. Finish by putting simply water into one final empty, normal cycle on hot. Use an all-purpose cleaning wipe to clean the top and sides of the machine. Use your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment to carefully remove any dust or dirt that may be hiding beneath the machine.

Step 2. Clean Your Dryer

You might still be missing some lint after cleaning the dryer’s screen after each load. These small fuzz balls are a significant fire threat and impede the efficient drying of your clothes. Maintain your safety by emptying the lint trap once a month. Utilize a dryer lint brush to clear the entry of the trap to clean it. Once there is no more lint to remove, vacuum the brush and repeat the procedure. Also, check your dryer for stains. Ink, dye, crayons, and other materials make their way into the machine and are difficult to get out. Finally, clean the dryer’s exterior with a cleaning towel and vacuum behind it, exactly like you would while cleaning your washing machine.

Step 3. Clean and Disinfect Other Appliances

Irons, steamers, and other minor laundry room appliances, need some attention even though they aren’t the main focus. Use salt, dishwashing detergent, baking soda, or white vinegar to clean your iron once a month. The iron should then be turned to high, the reservoir filled with distilled water, and the vents naturally cleaned by steam. To remove any gunk from a steamer, utilize vinegar with a high heat setting. After discarding the vinegar, preheat the steamer with purified water. To get rid of germs, clean any other gadgets using sanitizing cloths or all-purpose wipes.
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Step 4. Wipe the Cabinets and Shelves

Utilize an all-purpose wipe to clean all the cabinets, counters, and fixtures in your laundry room, just like in the kitchen. This advice is crucial for preventing the growth of bacteria and removing any scratches or blemishes before they have an opportunity to become permanent. Depending on usage, aim to clean your laundry room once a week or twice a week.

Step 5. Freshen Your Laundry Basket

Cleaning hampers and laundry baskets could seem unnecessary. What’s the sense of having them clean when they hold filthy things? These objects can eventually begin to smell, but routine cleaning maintains them smelling fresh and clean. With a moist rag, all-purpose cleaner, clean plastic hampers, and laundry baskets. Dry before utilizing. Remove the contents from the wooden hampers, vacuum the interior, and sprinkle some baking soda on the surface. Take it outside if you can so it can air in a couple of hours. You can also give your fabric hampers a wash from time to time.

Step 6. Restock Your Supplies

There aren’t many things more stressful than hurrying to finish an urgent load of laundry only to realize you’re out of detergent. Make it a practice to check your supply levels whenever you clean your laundry room. Make a list of your detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, and other supplies. Then include any supplies you are running low on in your shopping list.

Step 7. Dust Surfaces

Instead of sneezing, begin dusting. Dust the ceiling and crown molding with a vacuum hose attachment before moving on to the rest of the room using a feather duster. Pay close attention to any open shelf units, nooks, and crevices. Choose an old sock to dust all the fan slats if your laundry room has one.

Step 8. Mop the Floors

Mopping the floor is a traditional way to complete cleaning your laundry room. By leaving this step till last, you can be confident that any dirt, dust, or other debris that falls down the floor will be removed. Trash cans, hampers, and other easily moved items should be moved out of the way. Your laundry room floor should be mopped in portions beginning in one area until it is thoroughly clean. Before walking on it, let it dry.

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