How to Clean Artificial Plants and Flowers at Home

Care guide for your artificial plants and flowers

You can bring the beauty of genuine blooms into your house year-round with the help of faux floral arrangements. These will never wilt or dry out, making them a convenient alternative to fresh flowers. It is essential to properly care for them if you want them to retain their newness and brilliance over time. With this guide on maintaining and storing artificial plants and flowers, you can take advantage of their beauty for years to come.

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Advantages of Using Fake Flowers

Using artificial flowers is a stress-free way to create beautiful floral arrangements. Anyone wishing to make magnificent flower arrangements that do not require maintenance and can live for years should consider using artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are reusable, durable, do not require water or sunlight, and are an affordable option. Before selecting the artificial flowers that would look best in your home, review the product description to understand the components used to create the various types of artificial flowers. This information will assist you in making an informed selection regarding the quality of your new artificial blossoms as well as how they should be displayed.

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How to Dust Artificial Plants and Flowers

Regularly dusting the artificial plants and flowers is the simplest method to keep them clean and looking their best. It would help if you wiped your plants once or twice every week to prevent dust from accumulating, which can lead to more difficulty in removing filth.

  • Blasting strong plants and flowers is possible using a can of spray air. It is important to remember to hold it back between 6 and 8 inches so that you do not harm any of the flower petals.
  • You may remove most of the dust from the plant by using a brush to dust the entire flower lightly.
  • To complete the process, use a paintbrush with delicate bristles to clean the little nooks and crevices in the flowers.

Different Ways to Clean Artificial Plants and Flowers

Cleaning artificial plants and flowers

Method #1: Cleaning Artificial Flowers Using Laundry Detergent 

The majority of vinyl and plastic plants and flowers may be simply cleaned with mild laundry detergent. However, because of the possibility of the dyes running, you should not apply this approach to your silk flowers.

  • In a circular motion, thoroughly combine one tablespoon of detergent with the water.
  • Plants and flowers that are not currently kept in containers must be submerged in the water.
  • After letting them rest for a minute, gently stir them in the water to coat them.
  • The garbage bag must be placed over the plants that are contained within the pots. Wrap it securely around the bottom to ensure that nothing escapes. Then, place the plant in the water with the bottom facing up and gently swirl it around to remove any dirt or grime.
  • Utilizing the washcloth, thoroughly remove any traces of dirt that may still be on the plants.
  • Clip the plant stems together and suspend them upturned from a clothesline; let potted plants dry with the garbage bag still in place to safeguard the potting components from water that may leak from the plants as they dry.

Method #2: Cleaning Silk Flowers Using Salt

The abrasive properties of salt do not cause any damage. You can utilize it to clean the grime and dirt off your synthetic silk flowers.

  • You should place the salt in the garbage bag.
  • Put the artificial flowers in a trash bag.
  • Put a secure seal on the bag.
  • Give the salt and flowers a good shake for not less than five minutes. Do not be too hard on shaking, which may damage your artificial flowers.
  • Remove flowers from the bag.

Method #3: Clean Artificial Plants Using Rubbing Alcohol

Cleaning synthetic plants with huge leaves and vinery can be made simple by using rubbing alcohol as the cleaning agent. If you use it on textile flowers, you should check a discrete area first to ensure that the color will not run.

  • In a spray bottle, combine the water with rubbing alcohol in a single mixture.
  • Apply the spray to the leaves and vinery.
  • Utilize a gentle towel to clean down the vinery and the leaves.
  • If the leaves are very dirty, you might have to use a separate cloth to eliminate any residue that is still there after the first one.

Method #4: Clean Artificial Plants Using Vinegar and Lemon Juice

Make a natural cleaner by mixing lemon juice and vinegar. This method is both speedy and straightforward for taking care of artificial plants. Again, if you are going to use this on cloth florals, be sure to test a small region first to ensure that the color will not run before you finish the rest of the flowers.

  • Put the water, vinegar, and lemon juice in a clean spray bottle, then shake well to combine.
  • Wash your green plants with the cleaning solution, and then use the cloth to wipe down the leaves and greens.
  • If necessary, switch to the second cloth in order to completely dry the leaves after wiping them.

Methods for Removing the Discoloration from Silk Flowers

Dry, yellow spots can appear on silk flowers that are getting on in years. Silk flower cleaners can be purchased, but there are other home treatments that can be used to revive your flowers. If you have any fake flowers that have gotten a bit yellowed, this is how to clean them properly at home:

  • You can clean your silk flowers by taking them outside and using a can of compressed air or just a hair dryer to remove the dust. Use a hairdryer on the coolest setting possible.
  • Place the silk flowers, face down, in a zipper bag along with two cups of salt or dry rice. In order to get the best results, give the bag a good 30-second shake once you’ve either closed it or grabbed the stems at the top. Then, shake the flowers to remove any excess salt or rice.
  • Then, after waiting 15 minutes, spray the silk flower cleanser made of equal parts clean water and white vinegar on the blooms.
  • Then, pour two tablespoons of unscented dish soap into the laundry sink full of warm water. Move the flowers about in a bowl of cool water until the spots disappear, then drain and dry them on paper towels.
  • If your dried silk flowers have creases, you can steam them out by placing your artificial flowers in a pot of boiling water.

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Maintaining the Vibrancy of Artificial Flowers

If you want your artificial flowers to last as long as possible:

  • Put them in a cool place, out of direct sunlight when styling them.
  • Do not put it near windows or in direct sunlight. The fabric blooms will be bleached or have their color gradually faded by this light. Fake flowers should also be stored away from the sun.
  • Keep them in a non-airtight container in a dark, cool place like a closet or beneath the bed. Plant artificial flowers outside in shady areas, like under an umbrella, and protect them from the sun by spraying them with UV-resistant paint.

Where and How to Keep Your Artificial Plants and Flowers

A clean, dry place to put your artificial flowers is essential if you want to keep them in top condition. With these handy tips, learn how to keep your artificial flowers looking fresh and beautiful for years.

  • Choose a suitable storage area for your artificial plants. Anything out of direct sunlight is a great place to keep them. The basement and attic are the perfect places to store them. 
  • All artificial plants and flowers must be thoroughly cleaned and dry before storing them. Keeping them clean can save them from molds and discoloration.
  • Place them in a container that is fit for their size. Do not overstack them to avoid getting deformed or damaged. If you can’t find a big container for your large plants, you can cover them with a trash bag to prevent dust accumulation. 
  • It’s essential to provide some breathing room between each flower. When storing many pieces, keep them in their own container if possible.

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