How to Clean a Persian Rug

Care guide for your persian rugs

Persian rugs are well known for their high standards of craftsmanship, beauty, and longevity, making them a wonderful addition to every house. They have elaborate, custom designs that determine their overall appearance and are made of wool. If properly cared for, a genuine Persian rug can be finished in up to five months and last for decades. For a Persian rug to last a lifetime, proper cleaning is necessary.

Persian rugs generally don’t require specific cleaning techniques, but they do require upkeep. Wool needs to be cleaned differently than typical rug materials. If you don’t, you can ruin the rug or cause the colors to fade.

Persian Rug

How Frequently Must A Persian Rug Be Cleaned?

If you are living with young kids or pets, you should thoroughly clean Persian rugs more often. If not, you can deep clean them at least once a year or every six months if possible. Do not forget to include them in your routine cleaning schedule!

It is advisable to vacuum Persian rugs between thorough cleanings properly. Turning your rug upside down and using a beater brush to clean the backside is more efficient if your rug is in great condition. However, please don’t use this method on delicate rugs as it can damage them.

Additionally, avoid running your vacuum on fringes since it might damage them. Rather, as part of the usual Persian rug cleaning process, take the vacuum hose and carefully focus on its delicate edge.

Rugs can also be shaken out to get rid of dirt. Ask for help if the rug is large and you can’t carry them alone. The dust and dirt can also be removed from a Persian rug by hanging it over a fence or rail and using a rug-beating instrument. It is best to turn your Persian rug twice or more every year to ensure it fades from the sun and wears from foot activity evenly.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning

There are many advantages to cleaning and preserving your Persian rug. A spotless carpet is more aesthetically pleasing because it unifies and organizes a room. Additionally, cleaning the Persian rug could make it last longer. It is a durable item that offers you greater value. In order to maintain healthy surroundings, clean Persian rugs are essential.  Here are some useful guidelines for cleaning Persian carpets at home.

Step #1: Check the label

Prior to washing your Persian rug, be sure to perform this step. Lift the corners of the carpet so that the label is visible. You can usually find instructions on how to clean the rug safely on its label. Checking the label first is important since cleaning carpets made of cotton, wool, silk, or synthetic materials requires a specific level of knowledge.

Persian rugs made from wool and cotton are more durable and simpler to maintain than other varieties of carpets. If a silk Persian rug has serious stains, you should get it professionally cleaned.

Step #2: Vacuum carefully and thoroughly

You may remove dirt and debris from your Persian carpets by vacuuming them.  To get rid of extra abrasive particles, pet hair, and debris, gently vacuum it. On each side of your rug, repeat the previous procedures at least three times. You may remove all the dust from your carpet using this procedure.

Avoid using a vacuum cleaner in the outskirts. They can get caught in the sweeper as a result. Follow the direction of the strands when vacuuming the rug.

On some Persian carpet varieties, vacuuming won’t be effective. Your best bet when cleaning an expensive or antique piece is to use a specialized tool. However, we advise disabling the beater bar if you still wish to vacuum your rug. The bar can catch on to stray fibers and make the damage worse. 

Step #3: Sweep from one end to another

To get your rugs clean, some will advise you to beat the rug. However, gently washing the dirt off the rug is far preferable because it helps prevent damage, extending the rug’s life. Your Persian rug should be swept with a straw brush from one end to the other, not back and forth. If you brush the carpet back and forth, you risk damaging it.

Step #4: Check if there is any dirt left

Hand-knotted rugs easily capture dust, muck, and dirt. To check if there’s any dirt left, you can rub your hands over the wool strands multiple times. Inspect the bases of all the fibers by separating the clump. You can clean the rug when you’ve discovered any dirt. You can also shake your rug outside to get rid of dust and dirt quickly.

Step #5: Wash it properly

It’s best to clean the rug on sunny days so that the heat of the sun can dry it.  To wash the rug, select a spot outdoors where you can clean the rug. Grab the garden hose and make sure to soak all sides of your carpet completely. Apply a mild laundry detergent and massage it over the wool. Wash it with your hands on both sides. Be sure to wash every area and focus more on the dirty parts.

Step #6: Rise it very well

Rinsing your Persian rug follows after washing it. The best tool for draining soapy water is by using a hose with a nozzle that can be adjusted. To rinse the rug, just spray the hose on it until all the suds are gone. Flip your carpet and do the same on the backside area. After flipping the reverse side over, thoroughly clean the nap side. Using a squeegee pointed at the nap, squeeze out as much water as you can. Repeat this process twice to rinse the rug thoroughly. 

Step #7: Dry it completely

Choosing the right time to lay your Persian rug out on your lawn or carport to absorb the sun’s rays is crucial before drying it. It can take 24 hours or even more for the rug to dry fully.

Hanging your area rug over a rail or on a clothesline will help it avoid morning fog and dew. However, this method is ideal only if you are drying the rug for longer than a day. Ensure that the flip side is sun-dried as well. However, exposing your area rug to direct sunlight may cause the colors to fade.

After a day or two, feel the bottom of the threads and crease the nap of the carpet to see whether it is dry. Then, using your hands, spread the fringe until it is completely straight. Make sure to place the rug back inside when you are very sure that it is fully dry.

How To Get Rid of the Bad Smell From the Rug

You can eliminate the strong, unpleasant scents from the Persian rug by using a number of different methods. One option is to use white vinegar, clean water, and a mild detergent mixture. By using this mixture, you may revive the carpet and get rid of smells and stains.

Rug odors can more easily be removed with talcum powder. Your carpet should be dusted with powder, then let it sit overnight. All powerful scents are absorbed by the powder; cleaning the rug restores its new scent.

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