5 Quick-and-Easy Tips for a Clean Home

Summer is just around the corner and your home is about to get more lively. That being said, the LAST thing you want to be doing is spend all your time cleaning and less time enjoying the beautiful weather! You also don’t want to leave your home neglected, making it an easy-prey for germs and dust buggies. Follow these quick and easy tips to make your home look FRESH every single day with minimal effort! Here are 5 tips from our awesome team here at Hellamaid:

1. Organize your cleaning armory

organize cleaning armory Keep everything you need to clean your home ready to go in one cleaning bucket (or box). You won’t waste time gathering your necessities to start or continue — just bring it with you from room to room. If your home is large, consider creating two or more: one for each level. Store your sweet collection somewhere safe where pets or children won’t access.

2. Ditch the broom, just use a vacuum

No need to walk around your home dragging dust pan and a dusty old broom – use a vacuum for all surfaces instead! This will save you time and will also get rid of any flying dust particles from excessive brooming (which could cause sickness if inhaled).

3. Give your vacuum unlimited access

long extension cord It might be worth investing in 20-50ft long extension cord for your cleaning appliances. Plug-in once and you’ll be able to to cover a LARGER area of your home at a much shorter time (bonus points if you can run while vacuuming).

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

That fragile collection of brass animal displays can skip a cleaning every now and then. Instead, focus on the BIG picture and leave the small stuff to your monthly cleans. Unless you have a nosy antique enthusiast visiting your home soon, those small things shouldn’t be your priority.

5. Develop a cleaning ritual

cleaning ritual At Hellamaid we learned that practice makes perfect, and with practice cleaning just becomes second nature. Consider develop a cleaning pattern to consistently cut time off your cleaning routine. Professionals recommend that you start each room to the left of the doorway, at the top, and moving clockwise and down around the room. Once you get the hang of your routine, cleaning will become autopilot and you’ll never waste time backtracking your cleaning.

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