The Best Way to Keep Your Hallways Clean and Tidy

Cleaning tips to keep your hallways clean

Typically, a hallway is an area that can be accessed through the front door and leads to your living room, dining, washroom, and bedrooms. You must keep your hallways clean and orderly because this is typically what guests see when they enter your home through the front entrance. Some halls also have shelves and storage cabinets to accommodate shoes, coats, and other items. We’ll go into greater detail on how to keep your hallways clean and inviting for visitors.

How to keep your hallway clean

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Hallways Clean

Tip #1: Dust the handrail and baseboards.

Handrails and baseboards are usually neglected when doing the regular cleaning routine. But these areas can accumulate dust and dirt as well. Make sure to wipe them clean and remove any stains or caked-on dirt. There are various techniques you can use to easily clean your baseboards.

Clean the handrail and baseboards

Tip #2: Clean the front and interior doors.

Since they also collect dust and filth, cleaning your front door as well as the inside doors and also their frames is important. Utilize a damp towel to remove grime, or if it doesn’t come off, use a detergent intended for the material of the doors. Do not forget to include the doorknob handles and doorbells.

Clean the front door

Tip #3: Clean the picture frames and other wall decor.

As an easy way to avoid using extra abrasive cleaning chemicals, make sure your frames are included in your routine cleaning or dusting duties. If you keep an eye out for dust accumulation, it won’t take as much effort to keep them looking wonderful. To dust your frames, you can use a feather duster or simply an anti-static towel. Try soaking the cloth in water first if some dust has gathered. It’s best to remove your frames from the wall when cleaning them so you can give them a thorough cleaning.

Clean the frames and wall decors

Tip #4: Remove the cobwebs on the ceiling.

The most unsightly thing about cleaning your ceiling is cobwebs. Some cobwebs could be hard to find because of their transparent webs. Use a cobweb brush to sweep the top since it can get rid of even the toughest cobwebs.

Cleaning the ceiling

Tip #5: Clean the floors.

Sweep the floors thoroughly, including the nooks and under the stairs. Mop them clean and polish them if needed. If you have carpeted floors, vacuum them and do spot cleaning to eliminate any stains or caked-on dirt from dirty shoes. 

sweeping the floors

Tip #6: Clean the staircase.

Many people put off cleaning their stairs because it can be really tough. Reaching the corners of the stairs, finding a vacuum outlet close enough, and gathering all the necessary gear are a few examples. However, the steps need to be cleaned frequently due to frequent use. The stairs should be cleaned at the very least once a week because they are prone to collecting dirt, dust, and hair. But before you start, you must decide which cleaning method is ideal for your specific steps. Every kind of staircase has a specific cleaning process. Applying the incorrect procedure could damage or dirty your staircase, so it’s important to use the right technique for your type of staircase.

cleaning the stairs

Organizing Tips to Keep Your Hallways Tidy

Tip #1: Use matching boxes.

If you love to dump things on your hallways, it is better to put them all in matching boxes. Provide designated labeled boxes for your hats, gloves, scarf, and even your keys so it will be easy for you to get them. Not only can it help you organize your stuff, but it can also improve the aesthetic of your hallway.

matching baskets

Tip #2: Allot a space to hang your coats.

Great coat-hanging solutions can bring order back to your hallway ideas because it’s simple for coats and rainwear to accumulate into an inconvenient pile throughout the cooler months. You can install a hidden cupboard or a rack with shelves for more storage space and a tidier look.

hidden cupboard

Tip #3: Utilize the space under the stairs.

Storage space is always a need in homes. Thankfully, drawers and cabinets can be placed in the frequently overlooked area underneath the stairs. It is a great place to hide shoes and other stuff instead of just letting them lie on the floor.

Storage under the stairs

Tip #4:Put a hallway trunk or repurpose a sideboard.

Finding a compact sideboard piece to fit in the space beneath the lowest step of the staircase and using it to store shoes is a chic alternative to traditional hallway storage. Easily replaceable stickers can be used to give the furniture a distinctive feeling of personality.

hallway trunk

Tip #5: Hide those papers!

Keep your letters, bills, and any other paper stuff in an easy-access spot that’s out of sight for guests. Install built-in shelves and pockets on the interior of a shallow cabinet in your hallway to store items that would typically clutter the floors or dresser drawer. Closing the door conceals the storage area for a tidy look.

Tip #6: Provide an umbrella stand.

The umbrella stand wasn’t extremely well-liked before. Wet umbrellas were typically given their own space in the corridor. The umbrella stands are now a prominent feature inside the hallway and have drawn a lot of attention. Putting an umbrella stand is a great way to organize your umbrellas.

umbrella stand

With the entrance section of your home making the first impression on guests, it is best if you keep your hallways clean all the time. Following these hallway cleaning techniques can assist you in maintaining its cleanliness. Check out more of Hellamaid’s house cleaning tips that can help you with your home cleaning journey.

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