Picture Frame Cleaning Guide

Proper way to clean picture frame

We’ve put together this easy guide to provide you with the best cleaning advice so you can maintain your collection looking stunning for years to come. Your frames are made from premium materials by skilled framers. As a result, future maintenance on your frames won’t be as necessary.

Always test cleaning solutions on a small portion of the frame before using them to be sure there are no unwanted side effects that could harm or mark the frame permanently. It should just take one minute to clean each frame.

How to clean picture frame

Keep the Frame Moulding Clean

Make sure your frames are included in your routine cleaning or dusting tasks as a simple method to prevent using the extra abrasive cleaning chemicals. Less work will be required to keep them looking great if you keep an eye out for dust accumulation. You can utilize a feather duster or just an anti-static rag to dust your frames. If a little dust has accumulated, try first wetting the cloth with water. When cleaning your frames, it is advisable to take them from the wall to clean them thoroughly.

Clean it Based on the Material Used

Cleaning your frames requires understanding the differences between each frame’s materials and taking into consideration how various cleaning agents will affect the molding (frame).

Wood Frames

It’s preferable to use a damp rag or regular furniture polish to clean a wooden frame. You can utilize a toothbrush to reach the smaller, trickier regions of your frame’s artistic detail. To get rid of any persistent fingerprints and stains on smooth paint surfaces, use a small quantity of lighter fluid.

Metal Frames

Metal frames are quite simple to clean, a damp cloth will make them sparkling in no time, but, if they have more stubborn dirt, consider combining water and a little dishwashing solution to help get rid of it.

Silver Frames

Those silver picture frames will eventually start to corrode, it’s just a matter of time. Silver polish as well as a soft cloth are the safest cleaning solutions. If you don’t have any silver polish available, you can attempt this quick and simple DIY fix: combine some dish soap with some warm water, then dab the mixture all over the frame with a gentle cloth. After that, polish the frame dry after cleaning it with a fresh, damp towel.

Brass Frames

The metal brass is strong and resistant to corrosion. Acid is the remedy for dull, tarnished, or dull-looking brass picture frames. Prepare a paste by combining equal amounts of salt, flour, and white vinegar. It should rest for around an hour after being evenly distributed on the frame. Next, simply rub a dry microfiber cloth over the paste before wiping it away with a damp one.

Polcore Frames

Use a plastic cleaner when working with plastic frames. If none are available, some washing-up solution diluted in water will also be effective.

Artistic & Ornate Frames

Ornate frames, though stylish and sophisticated, can be a little more difficult to maintain:

To see all of the details of the frame, ensure you are in a well-lit environment.

  • Use a fresh, soft microfiber cloth to remove the dust and filth.
  • Brushing off the dirt that is embedded in the molding’s crevices with a dry toothbrush will ensure that the molding is clean.
  • With a clean cloth, remove any loose dirt.
  • Use a cotton bud to clean any remaining dirt from the difficult-to-reach areas. To help eliminate the dirt and dust, try wetting the cotton bud.

Frame Glazing Cleaning Guide

Acrylic Picture Frame

  • Grab a microfiber towel and rinse it. Before applying the towel to the glazing, make sure to completely wring it out; you don’t want it to be too wet. Any static buildup is also removed by using a damp cloth.
  • Put the cloth to the glazing now and carefully wipe the debris away from the surface. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the glazing as this may result in slight surface flaws.
  • When you are confident that the picture frame’s glazing is already clean, take a dry cloth then wipe away any lingering dirt and watermarks.
  • Reinstall and hang the acrylic or frame if you removed them from the wall.

Glass Picture Frame

  • Put the glass cleaner straight to the cloth instead of the glass, this will reduce overspray. You don’t wish to take the chance of the liquid leaking between the glass and frame’s corners.
  • Place the damp cloth on the glazing now, and using gentle, circular strokes, wipe the surface to remove the filth as you go. Ensure that you enter the corners.
  • Take a dry towel and wipe up any remaining solution after you are certain that the glazing is clean. Please be advised that using kitchen paper to clean the glazing will result in little amounts of debris being left behind.
  • Refit and hang the glass or frame if you removed them from the wall.

Picture Frame Cleaning Tips You Should Take Note Of

  1. Microfiber towels significantly improve cleaning. They will quickly catch all the dust into the cloth so you aren’t just moving it around and maybe scratching the surface, and they are softer so the finish of the frame will be less damaged.
  2. Dust the frame and then, if necessary, clean it inside and out. To start, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the frame and remove any dust. If necessary, bring in cleaners to remove any remaining tougher debris, such as isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner, or warm water and a small amount of mild soap.
  3. Never spray the glass cleaner onto a frame or glass directly. Spraying a chemical directly over glass quickly disperses a large amount of liquid, which starts to run down and collect on the bottom in which the glass hits the frame. From there, it may cause water damage and stains by penetrating the mat board, the back board, and the print. Instead, directly spritz the cleaner onto the cloth before wiping off the glass. Just enough merchandise is distributed in this way to complete the task.
  4. For tough stains, cotton buds work brilliantly! A cotton bud and some warm water will do marvels on a lot of little patches of grime, including fly spots and dust accumulation. A small amount of glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol will help break through the oils of the skin and remove those difficult-to-remove stains if you’re struggling with fingerprints.

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