Kitchen Deep Cleaning | Full Guide

How to deep clean the kitchen

In almost every home, our kitchen is among the most frequently used rooms in the house. Because of this, our kitchens have the tendency to become incredibly cluttered and filthy in a short amount of time.

In the kitchen, we never stop cleaning as we work through the space. After we have finished preparing or having a meal, we place things where they go, wash dishes, and clean the countertops. However, there are times when a far more in-depth cleaning of our kitchens is required. There may be times when, despite our best efforts to keep up with the filth and grime, we will need to dedicate about an hour or two to ensure that this area is as spotless as possible.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to clean your kitchen thoroughly; you are not the only one. If you don’t have a reference like this one, there are quite a lot of areas in your kitchen that you could pass over without even realizing it.

The good news is that by following the instructions in this complete guide to deep cleaning a kitchen, you can guarantee that each nook and corner of your kitchen will be spotless. After you have finished your thorough cleaning, you will look at your kitchen, which is now exceptionally clean, with a sense of joy and contentment. Continue reading to get things started.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

When to Do a Kitchen Deep Cleaning

A thorough cleaning of the kitchen might be time-consuming. However, it is important to maintain its cleanliness to avoid any infestation and have a pest-free kitchen. The majority of individuals opt to do a thorough clean every now and then rather than doing it on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis because it requires a significantly longer amount of time.

Your particular sensitivity to filth and grime will determine how regularly you need to clean the kitchen thoroughly. Still, this decision is entirely in your hands. Some individuals give their kitchens a thorough cleaning once a month, while others do it once every three months.

If you want to keep your kitchen a delightful place in your home, you need to perform a complete and thorough deep clean once a year. However, many people don’t have the time to clean their kitchens as frequently as they’d want to. If this describes you in any way, think about working with a professional cleaning service to get the job done. After having professional cleaners accomplish the job, it will be easier for you to maintain its pristine appearance.

How often should you deep clean your kitchen

Housekeeping Basics for the Kitchen

  • When you are cleaning, especially if you are using chemical solutions, you should always ensure that you are wearing protective clothing.
  • Always check and follow the directions on every chemical cleaning agent you purchase and be sure you use it properly.
  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the space you are cleaning by switching on your extractor fan and opening the window.
  • Before using any cleaning solution, always test a spot in a hidden area. This practice will ensure that it will not cause discoloration or harm to the surface you are cleaning, especially when trying a new product.
  • When making your own natural cleaner, make sure to put a label on the container so you won’t get confused about which is which. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Step #1: Clear up the clutter

Get rid of the mess and the dirty dishes. Decluttering will free up space for you to complete the more labor-intensive cleaning jobs. There is no need to stress about washing the floors just yet.

Clear the clutter

Step #2: Clean the ceiling and ceiling fan

When cleaning any house section, always start from the top area. Cleaning from the top all the way down will ensure that you do not have to dust or wipe any surface that you have already cleaned. Dust the ceiling and ceiling fan, and remember to remove the cobwebs. It is possible that you will require the use of a mild cleaner if you need to wash a dirty spot. Take down any light fixtures, give them a gentle cleaning, and make sure they are completely dry before installing them again.

Clean the ceiling and ceiling fan

Step #3: Clean / wash the walls

Utilize a dust mop to access the higher areas of the wall and its corners while dusting them. Find out if there are any stained or dirty parts on the walls that need to be cleaned. Clean the spots, and do not forget to wash the knobs, vents, doors, as well as light switches. It is expected that the walls of the kitchen will require cleaning on a more regular basis than those of other rooms. You might not have realized that your mixer or blender splattered some liquid all over the wall; remove the oil, filth, and food that has spilled on the walls in your kitchen.

Clean the kitchen walls

Step #4: Properly clean all art pieces and picture frames

When dusting or cleaning framed artwork or pictures, use extra care. Do not spray any cleaner directly on the frame. There is a risk that the liquid will leak inside the glass and ruin the photographs. Instead, dampen a clean, lint-free towel very slightly before wiping the frame as well as the glass.

clean the frames and art pieces

Step #5: Clean the windows and blinds

Take down any blinds, drapes, and curtains so that they may be washed or professionally cleaned, following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Clean the corners and windowsills using a vacuum cleaner. Clean the glass on the interior as well as the outside of the windows. Take out the screens, wash them, and then put them back in.

Clean the windows and blinds

Step #6: Clean your stovetop

Remove the knobs, burners, and covers from the stove, as well as any spill collectors, if there are any. For detailed instructions on the correct cleaning techniques for the model you have, go to the owner’s handbook that came with it. If you don’t have it anymore, you can access the instructions for your stove online by doing a simple search using the name of the brand and the model number. Some stovetops include a lift-up design that makes it simple to clean up spills and debris. Clean the whole surface of the stove with a damp cloth, making sure not to miss any area.

scrub your stovetop

Step #7: Toss expired items and clean the fridge

Examine the contents of the freezer and the refrigerator. Discard any food that has gone bad, containers that are almost empty, and things that you have purchased but have never used. Place anything that has to be kept on the counter. Then take all of the shelves and drawers out of the refrigerator. Wash them and make an effort to eliminate any refrigerator smells that may still be there. Before putting back the shelves or the food, ensure that the fridge’s whole interior has been wiped off. Suppose you have a box of baking soda. You may cut it open and store it in the refrigerator to prevent unpleasant odors from developing.

Remember to give the refrigerator’s coils a good vacuum when you get a chance. If you’re able to find someone to assist you in moving it, this would be an excellent time to clean and wash the area underneath it as well. 

Clean the fridge

Step #8: Clean up the oven

Apply an oven cleaner to your oven. Allow it to rest for about 10-15 minutes to do its job. You can wash the oven racks while waiting. Soak it in a tub of warm soapy water, then scrub it with a scrub pad. Rinse the rack well and let it air dry. Come back to the oven, remove any dirt and grease, then clean it according to the instructions of the oven cleaner.

Clean the oven

Step #9: Wipe the other kitchen appliances

First, unplug all of the equipment. Wipe the surfaces of your microwave, toaster oven, blender, and other small kitchen appliances. If there are spills that have solidified in your microwave, you can try to remove them by bringing a mug of water to a boil inside your microwave. The steam is expected to help remove the caked-on dirt and spills. If a stench comes from the microwave, boil some lemon juice. Wash the turn table and let it completely dry before placing it back inside the microwave.

Clean the other kitchen appliances

Step #10: Clean and organize the kitchen cabinets

Empty the cupboards in the kitchen. If necessary, line the cabinet interiors. Take away any containers or lids that don’t go together. Remove everything from the closet that is not being utilized regularly. Cabinets need to have their interiors and exteriors cleaned and reorganized. Wipe out and organize any drawers that are present. Get your cutlery and silverware in order. Installing drawer dividers will help you better manage the contents of your kitchen drawers, and now is the perfect time to do so.

Clean the kitchen cabinets

Step #11: Tackle the dishwasher

Start the cycle with an empty dishwasher. Before you start the dishwasher with nothing in it, put some vinegar or baking soda in it. If the bottom of your dishwasher contains a food trap, make sure to empty it. Clean off the surface of your dishwasher’s exterior.

Clean the dishwasher

Step #12: Clean the countertop and sink

Clean the kitchen counters and sink. Be sure to give to tackle the backsplashes too. If you want to clean your trash disposal and make your drain smell nice again, try pouring baking soda mixed with hot water and a lemon peel down. Throw some ice cubes on your garbage disposal to keep the blades sharp.

Clean the kitchen countertop

Step #13: Clean the baseboards and floors

Clean the kitchen floors by sweeping and mopping them. If the floors are greasy, it is better if you wash them with soapy water and then scrub them. Clean the baseboards too! Utilize a clean rag to clean to wipe the baseboards. Tackle any stains and dust build-up to clean them thoroughly.

Clean the baseboards and floors

The Key to a Happy Kitchen is Keeping it Clean

When you have a system for thoroughly cleaning your kitchen, you can include it in your usual cleaning routine or schedule after figuring it out. Make sure you clean all areas of your kitchen by following the tips provided in this article so that your kitchen will sparkle and shine beautifully.

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