The Right Way To Clean a Faux Leather Furniture

Proper way to clean your faux leather furniture

Want to keep your living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom clean but are unsure how to clean imitation leather?

The most recent faux leathers have an incredibly authentic appearance. However, they still require some maintenance, like cleaning a leather sofa to keep clean and look their best on sofas, armchairs, bar stools, dining chairs, upholstered beds, and other furniture. The proper cleaning supplies are also a need, so it makes sense to have storage space in your laundry room plans.

An inside scoop on cleaning faux leather without sacrificing its beauty can be found in our guide.

What is Faux Leather

All imitation leathers are simply layers of synthetic material—a kind of plastic—backed with fabric and embossed with a grain pattern that resembles leather. Several varieties and qualities are available, with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), Polyurethane, and Polyamide microfiber being the most popular. 

Although there is a wide variety on the market, polyurethanes are more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain. Although PU is more absorbent than PVC, it is still categorized as non-porous. Therefore markings will often sit on the surface. This is important to know when caring for the material. However, stains may seep through the fabric because it is susceptible to moisture and heat.

Faux Leather Care Guide

Tip #1. Protect Your Furniture

PU and leather might have a similar appearance, yet they are entirely different. Having said that, imitation leather may be maintained using some of the same guidelines as leather. A protective treatment is an excellent precaution, but it has a different effect on faux leather than on genuine leather since, unlike with real leather, it adds a thin protective coating that makes the surface simpler to clean. If stains are simpler to remove at first, lesser harsher cleaners will be required, preventing drying, which is a huge no-no with faux leather.

Tip #2. Frequent Light Clean

The rule of thumb for cleaning imitation leather is to be gentle, whether you have grey faux leather bar stools, brown imitation leather dining chairs, or black faux leather dining chairs. Drying will result from using harsh detergents. Giving the surface a frequent once-over can help you stay on top of any general little blemishes that accumulate with use. Warm water, dishwashing soap, and a soft towel are ideal cleaning tools and supplies. To clean, wring out the cloth so that it is not soaking wet. Dry off afterward with a soft cloth, such as a microfiber towel. This prevents overall deterioration and common stains from accumulating and gives the surface a dirty appearance.

Tip #3. Moisturize to Prevent Drying

Moisturizer helps stop cracks and splits from appearing on your furniture when it starts to look dry. Select a product designed for imitation leather and try it first on the chair’s underside. Examine closely for any cracking, fading, or color alterations after the test. Put the moisturizer on the furniture and wait for it to absorb fully before sitting down if it is safe to do so. You might have to repeat this procedure every few months if you reside in a dry climate.

Things to Consider when Maintaining Faux Leather


Faux leathers might dry out in direct sunlight. Try rotating the chairs at your dining table once a month if it is in a sunny area to ensure that the same ones do not always sit directly in the midday sun.

Transfer of Color

Strong colors or indigo-dyed clothing, such as jeans, can transfer to light colors. If you see this stain, be careful to clean it off right away because if you don’t, it will penetrate. After usage, a simple wipe over using a baby wipe ought to prevent this. It’s the type of stain that takes some time to show itself, which is usually too late. This will also benefit from the routine inspection.

Always Test First

Before applying anything to your imitation leather, test it on an inconspicuous area to be sure there won’t be any adverse side effects. Try it on the visible sections after testing and letting it dry.

Efficient Product

It is advisable to ask yourself, “Would I put it on my skin or body?” before selecting a cleaning product. If not, it probably isn’t gentle enough for your imitation leather.

NEVER Use Bleach

Never use bleach on stains of any kind. Bleach is the most drying substance you can use on imitation leather, which can change the fabric’s structure and make it more prone to future marking. Minor marks are usually less bothersome and more straightforward to cope with than bleach-damaged patches. Even if the stain is removed, the spot is more vulnerable to cracking, and the surface may be weakened, causing additional markings to sink in deeper.

Choose Soft Cloth

Never attempt to wipe, scrub, or use an abrasive towel or sponge on the surface. All you need are soft towels and repeated circular movements. The imitation leather will crack if it is scrubbed but won’t get rid of the mark.

Wipe It After Cleaning

No matter what you do to remove a stain, whether, it removes the stain or not, consistently wipe it with mild detergent afterward. Although the cleaners will get the job done, they shouldn’t be left on the material for too long.

How to Clean Faux Leather Furniture

You’ll have much more space to wash when cleaning faux leather furniture. You should also bring out the vacuum before you start cleaning with a faux leather cleaner and conditioner.

  1. Vacuum the whole sofa or chair to remove any leftover food and loose debris.
  2. Use the stain-treating techniques to remove any stains.
  3. Wipe the entire couch or chair down with a damp towel. Since most of the filth is probably on the cushion covers, take extra care when cleaning them.
  4. To clean and condition the entire sofa couch, follow the faux leather cleaner/conditioner directions.

How to Remove Stains Using Water and Mild Detergent

Being quick can be a lifesaver when trying to remove stains from faux leather. Use this procedure to remove common stains or clean up recent juice or coffee spills. You should first grab a light detergent because using a harsh cleaner might harm faux leather or make the material stiff. After that:

  1. Combine a spoonful of detergent and sufficient water to fill the spray bottle.
  2. Shake the spray bottle to mix the components well
  3. Onto a fresh towel, spray the mixture.
  4. Wipe the stain away.
  5. Serious stains can be removed with gentle scrubbing.

How to Remove Stubborn Set-In Stains

You’ll need to reach deeper into the cleaning toolkit and get some vinegar or alcohol for more difficult stains like ink or dye or for set-in stains that were unnoticed.

  1. Combine water and vinegar or alcohol of equal amounts
  2. Put the mixture on a clean cloth.
  3. Wipe up the stain.
  4. Repeat by utilizing a new section of the fabric.

How to Deodorize Your Couch or Chair

You may be able to make your clothes smell lovely, but how about your furniture? Faux leather has to be frequently deodorized since it can absorb bodily aromas, oils, and grime. Your imitation leather sofa or other furniture items can need a freshening up in terms of scent. Using baking soda to deodorize faux leather is easy.

  1. Sprinkle some baking soda liberally all over your couch or chair.
  2. Allow it to sit for several hours.
  3. Shake or vacuum the baking soda off.

DIY 2-in-1 Solution

Vinegar and olive oil could be the two-in-one cleaner you’ve been seeking for your faux leather furniture. Your imitation leather furniture will benefit from the deodorizing and stain-removing properties of the vinegar and the moisturizing properties of the olive oil. 

To create this solution, pour one cup of olive oil and two cups of vinegar into a small dish. With a spoon, combine the solution; dip a soft microfiber towel or rag into it. To prevent drips, squeeze away the extra liquid. To remove stains from the furniture successfully, rub them gently. The furniture should then be cleaned once more with a moist cloth and polished with a dry cloth.

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