Your Cleaning Toolkit

This page serves as a guideline and a reminder for contractors to use good quality tools and products when cleaning with Hellamaid.

Your tools and products don't have to be the exact same as the ones below, but they should be of similar quality (or even better).

Cleaning Tools

Microfibre cloth

Tip: color code cloths based on area of use (eg. bathroom: blue, Kitchen: green, living areas: yellow)

Floor mop (with bucket)

Water filled bucket, used with floor cleaner

Vacuum (bagless, with hose)

Empty and clean vacuum after each session

Disinfectant wipes

Great for cleaning very dirty areas such as window tracks, the toilet lip, and for spot cleaning walls


Great for removing tough stains on the tile floor, as well as removing stains from carpet

Heavy duty sponge

heavy duty sponge


Garbage bags

Please keep 1 or 2 with you on the job

Cleaning Solutions

Vinegar + Water

Good for steel faucets and sinks, shower faucets and water marks & stains

Multi-surface cleaner (eco-friendly)

Multi-floor cleaner

Window cleaner

After spraying, use microfibre cloth or a squeegee to dry

Bowl cleaner

Bathroom grime cleaner

Use a scrubbie on water stains for glass shower doors, for messy shower walls or baths. works well for hard water stains 

Grease cleaner

Stainless steel cleaner

CLR (for tough stains)

Helpful Items to Make the Job Easier


Great for carrying your cleaning tools and supplies

Extension Cord

Great for extending your vacuum to rooms with no power outlets

Step ladder

For hard to reach areas during deep cleans, this is good to keep in your car (just in case)

Indoor Shoes/Crocs

Get comfortable on the job and keep your feet dry

Above all, please bring a wonderful smile and a great character to each home. Clean each house as if it's your own.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Hellamaid Operations Manager or email us at [email protected]