Your Winter Cleaning Guide

Winter Cleaning Checklist

You’ll want to curl up under a nice blanket and hold a hot cup of coffee as the temperature drops in the winter months. When you start to dig down at home and feel the chilly temperatures, ensure that your home is a tidy and inviting place to be. Keep reading this winter cleaning guide to learn the basic and deep cleaning tasks that will make your home spotless throughout the winter.

Winter cleaning guide

Winter Cleaning Guide

Not everything on a decent winter cleaning checklist must be the same as what you do every time you clean. It should involve season-specific deep cleaning duties to prepare your home for the winter weather and visitors. On the other hand, Hellamaid divided the winter cleaning checklist between basic and deep cleaning jobs in case you do not have time to thoroughly clean your house. Most fundamental cleaning chores are usually performed once a week, so they should go quickly. As soon as you can, finish together all primary cleaning duties. Afterward, when you have time, proceed to the deep cleaning tasks.

Winter Cleaning: Basic Tasks

Clean the Ceiling Fan

Hardware and home improvement stores sell the unique item known as the long-handled, U-shaped brush. Since the blade fits inside the U-shaped interior, both sides may be cleaned simultaneously. The blades and housing should be cleaned twice a year using a damp cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. Dry completely since wet blades attract dust.

Clean the ceiling fan

Clean your Air Vents

When cleaning the air vents, you should turn them off. Air conditioner vent grilles should be unscrewed, removed, and thoroughly cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. Place the grilles aside to fully dry. Just inside the ducts, use a powerful vacuum to remove any dust or debris. If you are unsure of how to clean them properly, you can ask for help from a professional.

Wash the Window and Sills

Whether your windows are made of wood or vinyl, they all accumulate dust and filth on the tracks and sills of your home from the inside and the outside.

Wash the Walls

Most of us probably don’t think about washing the walls of our homes that frequently. But if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your painted walls, you might be surprised by how much dirt and debris have gathered over time. If you wash your walls, you might notice that the paint color appears brighter and more brilliant. The dirt on your brick walls will also be gone, and your wallpaper will look more recent. Clean your walls depending on the type of wall material you have.

Wash the walls

Disinfect High-Touch Areas

One of the most forgotten areas we clean in our homes is the one we frequently come in contact with. Doorknobs and light switches need to be disinfected regularly. Purchase disinfectant wipes so you can easily clean them as often as possible.

Dust the Surfaces

Several experts advise dampening the microfiber cloth with water or spraying them with an all-purpose cleaner before using them to help them grip and eliminate dust better. You should wipe it with a dry cloth right after so the surface won’t get soaked, especially if the material is porous, like wood.

Clean the Baseboards

The majority of us don’t notice the dirty baseboards or possibly other decorations. A quick inspection reveals that your baseboards are covered in dust, scratches, and scuff marks. Your white baseboards could get yellowed and boring from all of this clutter. 

To make your cleaning chore easier, clean your baseboards by room. You can monitor your development room by room, which motivates you to keep going!

Clean the baseboards

Sweep and Mop the Floors

Our floors accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and grime. Keep them clean by sweeping and moping them frequently. There are various types of flooring, and each has its own way on how to clean them properly. If you have carpeted floors, you should vacuum them and do a spot check to get rid of caked-on grime and stains.

Wipe Clean all Small Kitchen Appliances

Dust your small kitchen appliances like the toaster oven, blender, and air fryer. Use a clean damp microfiber cloth with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe them clean. If you are not using them often, it is better to keep them in the kitchen cabinets, if possible, to provide more kitchen counter space. 

Clean the Countertops

Cleaning kitchen countertops with hard-to-remove stains may seem a challenging task, but if you use the right materials and techniques, your countertops will be spotless in no time! Stains are easily removed from granite, marble, stainless steel, marble tile, many types of wood, and other kitchen countertop materials. Knowing how to keep countertops clean and stain-free enhances their appearance and longevity, as well as the look of your kitchen as a whole.

Clean the countertop

Clean the Toilet, Shower Doors, and Tub

Regular bathroom cleaning may offer your family and you more than just a pristine and odor-free environment. Unhygienic or dirty restrooms could be the reason for frequent trips. The bathroom may quickly turn into a haven for bacteria, fungi, and offensive odors because of the water, steam, and increased dirt in the area. These viruses can survive for up to a week on the surface! The best strategy for preventing disease and infection is to keep your restroom clean. Cleaning is vital because it may keep you and your family healthy. Bathroom cleaning is particularly crucial.

Clear the Clutter in Bedrooms

It is common for a bedroom to become a storage space for your dirty clothing, unpacked baggage, and other items. You might clean and tidy it last because it’s typically a room that visitors don’t notice. But you shouldn’t let junk accumulate there; that should be the final spot. It must be a tranquil retreat. Its only uses are to provide comfort and sleep. There shouldn’t be much in the bedroom because clutter can make you stressed out, keep you up at night, and make you feel drained all the time.

Winter Cleaning: Deep-Cleaning Tasks

Clean the Television Screen

Whatever television model you have, we recommend using the same cleaning method. You only need a clean microfiber cloth designed for delicately wiping and removing smudges from smartphones, camera lenses, and eyeglass frames to clean your TV screen. Never spray any liquid directly on your television screen.

Clean the television screen

Wash the Artificial Plant Decors

Soak your artificial plants and flowers in warm soapy water and wash them by hand. Remove the stains and any dirt that accumulates in its corners. The simplest way to maintain artificial plants and flowers clean and at their best is to dust them regularly. It would be beneficial if you cleaned your plants once or twice a week to avoid dust buildup, which can make cleaning up dirt more challenging.

Clean the Couch and Throw Pillows

Couch made of velvet, silk, cotton, and faux leather have different methods to clean them properly. Hellamaid cleaning blogs can provide you with specific methods to properly clean every type of couch or sofa. While you’re at it, do not forget to clean the throw pillows and blankets. Load the linens in the washing machine and puff the pillows after.

Clean the Blinds or Curtains

For the huge type of windows and patio doors in the busiest regions, vertical cloth blinds are a very useful and popular window treatment. They may occasionally need cleaning to keep them looking their best. Before you start cleaning your vertical blinds, it is best to know what type of material they are made of. Vertical fabric blinds can be hand- or machine-washed, whereas vertical hardwood blinds shouldn’t be wet at all. Checking the manufacturer’s instructions to see if your blinds can be machine washed is a wise idea.

Clean the blinds or curtains

Clean the Fire Place

Use a solution of 1 cup bleach and 6 tbsp to thoroughly clean your fireplace. One gallon of warm water and trisodium phosphate (TSP). When transferring the mixture into a big bucket, use gloves. Spray some cleaning solutions in a spray bottle over the hearth, any stained areas, the walls, and the floor of the firebox. After allowing it to sit for five minutes, use a stiff-bristled brush dipped in the leftover solution to clean the fireplace’s walls and floors. After washing it with clean water, let it dry.

Clean the Staircase

Since the stairs are prone to collecting dirt, dust, and hair, it would be best if you cleaned them once each week. The appropriate cleaning method for your specific steps must first be determined, though, before you can start. For each kind of staircase, there is a specific cleaning method. Various cleaning methods are required for steps composed of concrete, wood, and carpet. Applying the incorrect approach could cause damage to a dirty staircase. Thus it is essential to employ the right technique for your staircase type.

Spruce Up the Fridge and Pantry

Toss all of the expired food items and those of you this you won’t consume later or sooner. Place the food in clean air-tight containers to keep them safe from pests. Disinfect the fridge and pantry area with natural cleaners since commercial cleaning products are not safe to come in contact with food. 

Clean the fridge

Clean the Sink and Faucet

Deep clean your sink regularly since it can harbor a lot of germs and bacteria. A little dish soap, hot water, and baking soda should first be applied to the damp sink. When cleaning a sink, always start from the top and work your way down, shoving any grime into the drain as you go. As necessary, continue adding soap and water until the surface is free of scum.

Even after having been cleaned only a few days earlier, the faucets can easily get dirty and nasty in a busy home. Your faucet can soon become filthy to the point that it needs to be completely cleaned as a result of soaps, shampoos, hair, and general dirt. Your faucet can be cleaned properly with little effort, but you must have the right tools or supplies and know how to wash them based on the substance they are made of.

Clean the Cupboards

The worst thing that may happen to the appearance of kitchen cabinets is stains that have already set in. It’s possible that you were engrossed and temporarily forgot about the oil leak or that you were too busy to notice the trickle of spaghetti sauce until it had already happened. You need to get rid of those stains in any instance because you’ll be having guests soon, and you don’t want your kitchen to look bad.

Tackle the Kitchen Appliances

Clean your kitchen appliances one at a time. You can deep clean your oven today, the dishwasher tomorrow, and the stovetop the other day. By maintaining your kitchen appliances, you will enjoy eating clean and uncontaminated food and lower the risk of being sick or infected. Take into account that microorganisms prefer warm environments, so you should clean your appliances frequently to prevent such situations.

Clean the kitchen appliances

Clean and Organize your Home Office

Even if you work from home on a full- or part-time basis, your home office is probably messier and dirtier than you realize. Since you see the mess every day, from dirty shelves to disorganized workstations, you might not be aware of it. Additionally, when spending a lot of time at our desks, we sneeze, cough, and touch. It should come as no surprise that personal workspaces may soon resemble a microbial safari.

For a variety of reasons, it is essential to keep these workspaces very clean. Firstly, conducting business in a messy environment is challenging. It has also been demonstrated that having a neat and ordered workspace increases productivity.

Clean and Organize your Childs Play Room

Being a parent requires you to learn how to organize and handle all the “kid stuff” that takes up space in the playroom or bedroom. Unfortunately, toy rooms can become dangerous if there are too many “things.” Parents’ main fear is children tripping over and stomping on tiny toy parts and young children trying to put little toys in their mouths, which can be a choking hazard. 

Keep your child’s playroom clean by washing the toys at least once a month or more if you can, sweeping and mopping the floors, and providing proper air circulation in the room.

Wash the Trash Can

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to give your rubbish bin a full deep clean at least once every month, or more frequently if there’s a leak or bad smell. Remember that just because you cannot see or smell a germ does not imply it is not there. A long-handled brush, garden hose, and soapy water (with bleach or hydrogen peroxide) are all you need to thoroughly clean your trash can. 

Clean the trash can

Hellamaids’ winter cleaning checklist will help us all get back into the groove. If you need assistance, the Hellamaid cleaning experts can provide it. We can help you create a strategy specific to your home and family’s requirements.

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