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Maid Service

Utilizing a cleaning service can be the ideal choice for a broad range of people looking to save time on their daily chores. Whether you’re looking for repeat scheduled cleaning, one time cleaning, after-event cleaning, Hellamaid cleaning services can handle your cleaning needs. Utilize our professional maid services to save time and focus on the things that really matter in your life!

Our residential cleaning services are ideal for specific occasions or depending on your cleaning needs. Our professionals also have the knowledge, and experience to ensure that all your cleaning needs are perfectly met. Book a cleaning online today!

The maid service experts at Hellamaid can help with all your cleaning needs. Our team of professionals have what it takes to handle your specific cleaning needs. Call or email Hellamaid today for more maid service information.

Benefits of using Maid Services

There are several benefits associated with using professional cleaning services. Whether you’re a professional working during the day, a busy mom who has no time to clean, or a traveler who has multiple properties that need to be taken care of, a cleaning service is something you should not overlook. Our maid service contractors have the experience and knowledge to completely handle all your specific business, house, or apartment cleaning needs. Our services can be ideal for moving in or out, for after parties or events, or for regularly scheduled cleaning services. Call or email Hellamaid today with your commercial and or residential cleaning needs!

Scheduling a Cleaning

Cleaning services with Hellamaid are designed and scheduled to meet your busy lifestyle and specific cleaning needs. Our maid service can be scheduled on a repeat basis to keep your property in pristine condition. Or maid services can be scheduled simply when you need them, when your life gets too busy to clean, after a party, or during the holiday season. A cleaning can be booked around your work schedule to make sure you return to a clean home, or business. Book a cleaning online today!

Custom Cleaning Services

The size of a home, it’s location, and usage can dictate the required maid services to clean the building. Our cleaning services serve a range of potential services catered to your needs. At Hellamaid we provide initial maid service consultations to ensure that our customized to meet your specific property cleaning needs. Our expert maid services can provide a custom and unique approach to your cleaning needs in order to meet your exact property demands. To learn more about the custom cleaning services provided by Hellamaid, contact us today!

Residential Cleaning Services

Your gorgeous home can see a range of benefits from using our professional maid services. From a consistent clean to the property, and friendly experience with our contractors, our maid services can be ideal for your residential cleaning needs. Maid services can be perfect for a clean up after a Christmas party, birthday or other event in your home. Our maid service can make your move-in or move-out cleaning processes a fast, effective and stress-free process. For all your residential cleaning needs, contact the experts at Hellamaid!

Commercial Cleaning Services

You work hard to make your business succeed, but you don’t always have the time to make sure your property is clean. Why not pursue a cleaning service that could insert further success for your business? Leave your commercial cleaning needs to the maid service professionals at Hellamaid. Our team has the customized approach to suit each of your needs. Keep your business looking as professional and as clean as it deserves with the support of our superior maid and janitorial services from Hellamaid!

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Shahrukh Syed
Shahrukh Syed
00:37 20 Apr 19
Hellamaid has the most professional and friendly cleaning out there. Every cleaning is very thorough and neat. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cleaning service.
Innovation Guelph
Innovation Guelph
14:10 18 Apr 19
We're extremely happy with the service! The site walkthrough was amazing. Shannon was placed as our cleaner and she is punctual, trustworthy, took feedback well and had great suggestions for how to get the most out of the service.read more
gabrielle duval
gabrielle duval
13:19 07 Apr 19
Hellamaid makes my life cleaner, easier and gives me more time to do something instead of cleaning house. If this sounds appealing to you, you should give this service a try.
James & Laura McLeman
James & Laura McLeman
20:55 21 Mar 19
Hired last minute to clean our parents home from top to bottom. The ladies were amazing! The house was crazy full of people and they happily cleaned around it! The result was great!!!
Laura Cain
Laura Cain
18:05 28 Feb 19
I am recovering from a back injury and have never used a cleaning service before but decided I could really use some help keeping my house clean. The two ladies that came were excellent! They were polite, efficient and went above and beyond helping me take out my garbage and recycling. Having a clean home is a great feeling and I will definitely continue with their cleaning service. I will also recommend them to all my friends in need of a helping hand. Thank you ladies!read more
Mike Durigon
Mike Durigon
16:40 27 Feb 19
Ahmed is passionate about cleaning and offers an amazing customer experience. Love the website and easy to book a cleaner.
Sara Sayyed
Sara Sayyed
01:50 12 Feb 19
Great service at a very reasonable price. Job was well done and cleaner was friendly and came prepared for the job!
morgan adams
morgan adams
15:25 01 Feb 19
What a great concept! Ahmed is passionate about his service and the people he works with. A great combination!
Scarlett Raczycki
Scarlett Raczycki
15:19 27 Dec 18
Wow! This service was absolutely wonderful! : ) I was gifted a certificate for a clean with Hella Maid and it came at the perfect time - right before the Holidays! I set up the appointment for the day before my Christmas party and Amy and Deborah came in while I was at work. They arrived on time, had no problems finding my unit and gave it a dang good cleaning. I signed up for the Standard clean and had relatively low expectations of what I would receive (Just because my apartment is very... let's say... lived in? AKA cluttered with lots of items) But these two went above and beyond to ensure every surface was a sparklin' I had basically nothing to do to prepare for my party and their work even made clean up the next day a breeze. I would send a picture but hosting Christmas has kind of defeated their work lol but once I put a little effort in I hope I can restore it back to their state of clean! (I'm still finding surfaces that I wouldn't have thought to clean that they managed to make dust-free and squeaky clean. THANK YOU!!!read more