Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Home or Office Furniture’s Lifespan

The Top 10 Tips for Maintaining the Lifespan of Your Home or Office Furniture

Furniture, fixtures, and other interior accents are usually an expensive item. We all wanted to maintain our furniture’s lifespan and wouldn’t want to lose our investments in these things after spending money on them for just a year, right?

Hellamaid will give you some helpful advice on effectively maintaining your furniture’s lifespan as well as how to keep their quality and appearance without going over budget. In addition, you can always contact the nearest furniture cleaning services for it to be spruced up and thoroughly cleaned.

How to maintain your furniture's lifespan

Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Furniture’s Lifespan

Tip#1: Fix any damage as soon as you notice them

The quality of the material and the artistry are the only factors affecting the furniture’s lifespan and appearance. It is important to check for water damage or ripped fabrics and immediately make any necessary repairs especially if your furniture is made of laminates and medium-density fiberboard.

Before requesting any furniture cleaning from your community cleaning company, make sure to fix any minor and significant damages. What for? To prevent the worsening of those rips and slashes, which may already be irreparable.

Tip #2: Establish a cleaning routine

Like any other interior surface, you may reduce a load of severe stains, unpleasant odors, and water damage by making it a practice to clean them regularly. The leather couches, as well as upholstered furniture, require meticulous care during the thorough maintenance and cleaning process.

Make sure to vacuum it regularly or wipe it down using a clean cloth to get rid of the body oils, dirt, and grime. For all of your expensive sofas, ottomans, cushioned chairs, and hardwood furniture, you can also choose to use expert furniture steam cleaning in the meantime.

Establish a cleaning routine to maintain your furniture's lifespan

Tip #3: Keep your upholstery and furniture in a good place

If your furniture is made of wood, leather, or fabric, preserving its good looks and durability entails making your area secure for them. How? You must have shades or curtain panels to block UV rays because hardwood furniture has limited resistance to strong sunlight and moisture.

Keep your area dry, cool, and neat at all times for your leather couches and upholstered furniture. By doing that, you are extending your furniture’s lifespan and preventing those surface scuffs and cracks.

In addition, you can also hire a leather furniture cleaning company to maintain the luxurious appearance of your leather chairs and couches.

Tip #4: Utilize mild or neutral cleaning agents

Be sure to read the care tag for instructions before cleaning your furniture. As a general guideline, you should only sanitize or steam clean your furniture using mild or neutral cleaning solutions.

Avoid using harsh bleaching solutions to get rid of stains stuck in those sofas or ottomans because doing so can damage the fabric’s composition. In addition, it will stain your furniture, causing it to lose its sheen and gloss.

Also, avoid using any abrasive scrubber when cleaning furniture and upholstery; doing so will result in numerous scratch marks.

Do not use harsh chemicals to maintain your furniture's lifespan

Tip #5: Apply a stain-repelling agents

Along with regular cleaning, you should also invest on stain-proofing products for your leather seats, couches, and upholstered furniture. You may purchase one from any shop and apply it yourself, or you can employ a professional to apply it for you.

Although this will cost extra, it is still beneficial because expert stain-proofing services come with a warranty or money-back guarantee. With all that, you won’t stress out even when there are major stains from animal accidents, sauces, and pen marks.

Tip #6: Remember to clean the hidden areas

One of the common cleaning errors that many people make is just cleaning what is generally visible to us, not realizing that stains can build up in unseen places on the furniture and upholstery. If you employ a professional cleaning service, you’ll be amazed to discover them accumulated because you can’t reach those tight spaces to clean them.

Utilize the upholstery cleaning equipment by connecting them to your regular vacuum. Put some effort to target those difficult-to-reach locations to prevent any damage and worse stain possibilities.

Clean the hidden areas to maintain your furniture's lifespan

Tip #7: Keep your pets away from your furniture and upholstery

Your lovely pets are your silk and cushioned furniture’s worst enemy, exceeding your meal crumbs, pen stains, and citrus spills. The couch and ottoman will likely have that strong odor and yellowish stains due to your pets’ pee, feces, and hair.

Preventive measures, such as keeping your pets away from your nice furniture sets, are your best bet in this situation. When a stain cannot be avoided, blot it instead of scrubbing the affected area.

Additionally, utilize the proper cleaning supplies to get rid of bad smells and stain colors from your leather couches and chairs. To handle these troublesome pet accidents, you can always contact an expert.

Tip #8: Keep beverages and food away from your couches and other furniture

It’s preferable if you eat at the dinner table or kitchen island rather than on your sofa because you have those places for a reason. The food particles and crumbs will land on the couch and slide to the sides, where they become trapped for a time.

If you don’t clean it, it will draw bugs and fungi that might damage the couch fabric. As a result, avoid bringing food to furniture pieces such as a couch.

Do not eat on the couch to maintain your furniture's lifespan

Tip #9: Utilize felt pads to maintain your furniture’s lifespan

We usually put ornaments on top of the furniture. It could be an aquarium, lighting, vase, or pot with a beautiful plant. We neglect, however, the potential dings, nicks, or hard water stains it may leave on the furniture’s surface.

Therefore, you can utilize felt pads before setting those ornamental things on top of the furniture to prevent those accidents.

Tip #10: Choose simple styles

We know that some furniture styles and materials are currently popular, and you cannot help but buy them. While it may be alluring to follow trends and fashion each year, how much money are you saving by updating your furniture each time?

Indeed, it is costly to replace your upholstery, sofas, ottomans, and hardwood furniture every year, so we advise choosing a simple design. Select a basic design so you can change the cover to match your mood or interior design.

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