How to Safely Clean Polyester Furniture

cleaning tips for your polyester couch

Many often praise the stylish appearance and cozy feel of polyester sofas.  Furthermore, they complement your home’s style while serving a practical purpose. They are well-known for lasting for a long time, sturdy, and resistant to wear and tear.

There is no way there is such thing as a perfect fabric; eventually, they all need to be cleaned. Even polyester is susceptible to stains, so regular cleaning is required to maintain a clean and presentable home.

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Let’s Learn About Polyester

Polyester is a manufactured type of material that is durable and long-lasting because of its synthetic fibers. Many individuals go for it because of all the great features it has. Additionally, this material is less susceptible to fading from the light than the others and can maintain its vibrant hue for extended periods of time. Faux leather, velvet, satin, etc., are just a few of the various forms of polyester utilized in the furniture industry.

What’s The Importance of Cleaning Polyester Furniture

Over time, even the most luxurious fabrics lose their sparkle. If we clean them regularly, they will last longer and look better, allowing us to get more usage out of them. The polyester sofas are the same. They will last much longer if you keep them clean. Otherwise, they’ll lose their brilliance, and you’ll have to replace them.

Spots and spills, even from something as simple as a drink, can require you to clean your polyester couch. You should clean the polyester couch if it gets dirty or stained, or else it will look awful, and it can be harder for you to remove the stains if it sets too long. Keep on reading to learn how to clean your polyester furniture.

How Often Should You Clean Your Polyester Furniture

Your furniture will last longer and look better if you clean it frequently. Usually, the living room couch is prone to a barrage of spills, greasy meal stains, pet hair, and others. Your kids use it as a trampoline, while your cat spends most of his time dozing on it. If you have polyester furniture, how frequently should you clean it? Professional, thorough cleaning of your upholstery is recommended once or twice a year to maintain it looking new. Sofas collect dust and filth, which can harm your health over time. Dust is a known irritant to those with respiratory issues. If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, we recommend vacuuming once per week and giving it a more thorough cleaning every other week.

cleaning guide for polyester furniture

How To Clean A Polyester Furniture

Step #1: Know your furniture’s cleaning code

Check out the tag before you clean your polyester sofa. Every tag has a corresponding barcode. You might get an X, W, S, or SW as the code. Look at the coded; it will tell you which cleaning product is best for a specific sofa.

Cleaning Codes:
W = a mild cleaner that uses water as its primary ingredient and is safe to use on most types of upholstery.

S = only chemical cleaners, such as solvents, should be employed.

S/W = means that either solvents or water-based cleaning solutions can be utilized.

X = never use any sort of cleaners (The designation “X” on a sofa is equal to the care instructions “dry clean only.”)

Step #2: Vacuum the couch

You should begin the cleaning process with thorough vacuuming. Using it is a good way to clean the couch and get rid of any dirt or dust that could be on there. Vacuum starting from the top, under the pillows, and every other hidden crevice. Make sure you don’t miss any area.

Step #3: Use your cleaning solution

Commercial Cleaner – You may finally use your cleaning spray on the sofa now. Markets and websites sell cleaners for many types of couches, and you can choose the one that’s best for your couch. Clean the couch using a clean spray bottle.

Natural Cleaners – You may also prepare the cleaner yourself in your own home with common household ingredients. Combine the following items 

  • Clean water
  • White vinegar
  • Laundry detergent

Before applying any cleaner on the front, always make a test run. Find a less visible side to do this on. Apply the mixture to the polyester using a clean cloth and let it dry. The front side can be cleaned with this in a clean spray bottle if the test spot dries and doesn’t leave a mark and the solution looks safe to use.

Step #4: Blot/rub the cleaner on the couch

Whether you choose to blot or rub after spraying the cleaner on the couch is up to you. To do this, apply the cleaner to a clean, soft cloth, then rub it into the upholstery. Scrub the stained areas more vigorously. The majority of cleansers may be used without water.

Step #5: Spruce up your couch by fluffing it

Use a gentle brush to scrub the polyester material. The couch will soon be as fluffy as before.

Additional Cleaning Tips

  • Stains can also be removed using shampoo.
  • To mask odors, try using lemon juice.
  • Greasy stains are best treated with warm water, whereas regular stains can be removed with cold water.
  • You can get the job done faster if you utilize a dryer.
  • Sofa stains can also be treated with baking soda before being cleaned with a damp sponge.
  • You should always do a test clean before committing to a full one.
  • Commercial cleaners can be rather strong, so it’s important to wear gloves whenever you use one.
  • The couch shouldn’t be over-damped.
  • Before you start cleaning, be sure you know how to do it properly.

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