Guide to Cleaning Cotton Couches And Sofas

Care guide for your cotton couch

Instead of having faux leather or animal-based material, cotton is an excellent choice for couch covers because it is both breathable and natural. Cleaning a cotton sofa is no different than cleaning a couch made of any other material, whether you need to get rid of dust, pet hair, or food stains. The cotton fabric may be kept in excellent condition with regular maintenance, such as dusting. Cleaning requirements and strategies change depending on the case, such as when dealing with pet fur or gum. Hellamaid will share some tips on how to clean and maintain the good appearance of your fabric sofa. Keep reading to learn how.

How to clean cotton couch

How To Spot Clean A Couch

You can use this simple cleaning procedure to spot-clean your cotton couch. Combine clean water and a few drops of distilled white vinegar. If you do not like the smell of vinegar lingering on your couch, you can simply put some drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix the solution thoroughly before transferring it into a clean spray bottle. Spray the cleaning solution on the dirty or stained area, then blot it (do not rub it) using a paper towel to eliminate the dirt or old stain swiftly.

How To Clean Your Couch With Steam Cleaner

Note: Always check the manufacturer’s care guide if your couch is safe to be steam cleaned. Try this method on a hidden area just to make sure it won’t damage your sofa.

Remove any dust or debris by vacuuming first. Cleaning your sofa or anything else is a lot easier when you’ve given it a good vacuuming beforehand. Having a surface free of dirt, dust, and other particles will allow your steam cleaner to do its job more effectively.

Do what you can to keep the air moving. Start a powerful cross breeze by opening all the windows in your room and turning on the fan. Open windows will keep the air moving, reducing the likelihood of moisture and residue. Steam clean your couch in one direction. Make sure you read the steam cleaner’s suggestions before you use it.

steam clean your couch

Wait for the couch to dry naturally. You shouldn’t sit on the couch if it’s been recently cleaned and the fabric is still damp. The room will dry up faster if the windows are left open. The sofa won’t be completely dry unless you leave it alone overnight.

Vacuum the couch again. After steam cleaning the upholstery, a final vacuum will help remove any remaining dust and grime that may have been dislodged. The sofa should be allowed to dry completely before being vacuumed.

How To Shampoo Your Couch

Using a good carpet cleaner or a dedicated sofa cleaner is the simplest method for shampooing a couch. First, you should vacuum the couch to eliminate any loose dirt. Then, follow the manual’s instructions for filling the cleaner with clean water and detergent. If the couch doesn’t dry out quickly after being wet, it could develop mold and mildew. Make good use of the vacuum’s water removal capabilities by soaking up as much moisture as feasible. Blot away any remaining moisture using old towels to hasten the drying process after cleaning. The sofa’s cushions should dry naturally before being replaced. To speed up the process, a fan can rapidly circulate air.

How To Remove Water Marks On Your Couch

Water spills are better than coffee, tea, or juice spills. If spills are cleaned right away, your couch will still be fine. Initially, you should try to vacuum up the mess. In order to remove the most of the moisture as possible, switch your vacuum to liquid mode and run it over the affected area. If the vacuum wasn’t able to eliminate the water and the stain is still visible, it means that the water has become trapped within the sofa’s fibers.

Make a solution of diluted vinegar and give it a try. If you dilute the vinegar and spray it lightly, it can be an effective tool in breaking it up. Use a dry cloth to blot the liquid. Utilize a microfiber towel that can absorb up to five-seven times its weight in water without feeling damp or dripping.

Use vinegar solution to remove watermarks on your couch

How To Eliminate Grease Stain On Your Couch

Grease stains are a common problem, even if we hope that water is the only thing that ever spills. Removing them is more difficult but still doable. Baking soda helps remove grease stains. Scattering a small amount of baking soda over the stained area will attract the grease and bring it to the surface for easier removal. After letting the baking soda sit on a stain for about twenty minutes, you may vacuum it up and wipe away any excess moisture with a towel.

Disinfect Your Sofa Using Essential Oils

DIY disinfectant fabric spray is very easy to do! Combine some rubbing alcohol and tea tree essential oil that is known to have antibacterial effects in a spray bottle and apply as needed. Simply spray your sofa lightly with the cleaning solution, wait a few minutes, and then vacuum the surface. That’s it! You already have a freshly cleaned, disinfected couch.

Cotton Couch Maintenance Tips

Vacuuming your couch on a regular basis and cleaning up any spills right away will keep it looking like new and prevent permanent stains. You may teach your pets to stay off the couch or provide them with a blanket they can use as their personal seat. You can also keep your cotton furniture in pristine condition by using a fabric protector. Just make sure it’s the right kind for your furniture.

To avoid leaving behind any stains on your white sofa, use white or another light-colored cleaning cloth. There will be no dye bleed from the fabric onto the upholstery.

To level up your cleaning, switch to distilled water instead of tap water. Tap water leaves behind residues that look like there are stains there.

Additional Care Guide For Your Couch

  • Your sofa will retain its pristine condition and original colors if you keep it out of direct sunlight and far from any heat sources. The sun and heat will fade the color of your furniture and even ruin it.
  • Don’t hang them outside in the hot sun to dry after washing them in the washing machine.
  • Revive your sofa with an annual or biannual deep cleaning.

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