Different Ways To Clean Your Velvet Furniture

How to clean a velvet furniture

The way to clean velvet differs a little from how to clean most typical types of fabric. The short, dense pile of velvet fibers that protrude from the support material makes it easier for them to flatten. Therefore, cleaning must be done gently.

Velvet Furniture

This article covers the best ways to thoroughly clean velvet beanbags, chairs, and couches and get rid of stains once and for all. You’ll see that these instructions vary significantly from standard upholstery cleaning procedures as you read them. Never follow a general cleaning guide since you risk damaging your velvet and losing its soft, natural feel.

How to Care for Velvet Furniture: Chairs, Couches, and Beanbags

Seating alternatives made of velvet are more comfortable than those made of most other materials. Sitting on it is generally a delight because the material is exquisite and soft.

This gentleness, nevertheless, has a cost. The upkeep of velvet is substantially more difficult than that of other materials. The nap’s structure prevents you from scrubbing it like you would in conventional fabric. Instead, cleaning it calls for careful consideration and patience. If you don’t, you risk damaging the fabric and having to start over when having your seating recovered.

Step #1. Gather your materials.

You’ll need to gather your supplies before you start cleaning your velvet furniture. You will need:

  • A vacuum
  • Gentle brush
  • Soap and water
  • Upholstery cleaning fluid
  • Clean and absorbent towel

Step #2. Vacuum the furniture.

Velvet collects minute dust particles over time. As your body rubs against the cloth, they begin to move deeper into the fabric after initially settling on the surface. Sadly, this procedure is not risk-free. The velvet pile is gradually harmed while you move around on the seat because the dust particles serve as millions of small abrasive surfaces (similar to sandpaper). Velvet loses its quality as individual strands start to unravel over time. The good news is that you can avoid this by routinely vacuuming your velvet furniture. Dust is eliminated before it has an opportunity to harm the pile.

You ought to utilize a hand-held vacuum as a general rule. Pick the brush attachment to assist remove dust from the interior by gently running it across the velvet. Vacuum your velvet furniture about once a week to maintain it in good shape. 

Step #3. Clean up the spills.

Velvet furniture is equally susceptible to spills as every other material despite being so beautiful. Whatever happens, kids and visitors will keep dropping their drinks on it.

In the event of an accident, clean up the mess as promptly as you can. To get rid of as much of the liquid as you can, begin by blotting the spot with a clean, absorbent cloth.

Step #4. Clean with a commercial cleaner.

If any stains are still present you should try blotting them using different cleaning agents. Test your cleaning solutions on a hidden spot first to be sure they won’t harm the surface before applying them anywhere. Always give the fabric at least 30 minutes to dry to be sure your cleaning solution isn’t ruining it. To begin, use plain soapy water. Your cloth should be moist after being dipped into the soapy water and wrung out. After that, dab the stain repeatedly before re-soaking the cloth in soapy water. Continue doing this until the stain no longer shows signs of progress. The stain should start to fade or vanish after several cycles.

Try utilizing a specialized cleaning product, if standard soap isn’t working out too well for you. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the furniture cleaner to the velvet as directed, making sure to leave the pile alone. Then continue the previous procedure, blotting and then rinsing the fabric numerous times to get the stain out.

Step #5. Brush the velvet.

Please allow the cloth to dry completely before brushing it in the pile direction to bring it back to its original appearance. If everything works out, the velvet will appear brand-new once more. The ideal kind of brush to use on velvet-napped fabrics is a boffin brush with soft bristles. These have rather long, straight bristles that range in length from 8 to 13 inches. They frequently come in upholstery care sets.

If the stain on your velvet upholstery still won’t come out, you might need to hire a specialist. An expert will frequently employ water-free solvents to further permeate the cloth and guarantee uniform upholstery color.

Dry Cleaning Method

If the stain is damp, start by dabbing it with a paper towel or a dry cloth. Wait patiently for it to remove moisture from the material as before so that it can be cleaned. Put the dry cleaning detergent next. Utilizing a gentle sponge, blot it into the fabric. Continue to wait for the cleaning agent to thoroughly dry. You should observe that the stain starts to come out of the fabric as it dries, just like if you had taken it to the dry cleaners.

In case the velvet appears matted, once the fabric has dried, vacuum the surface and then brush the pile.

Natural Cleaning Method

Step #1. Gather the cleaning supplies.

You’ll need the following supplies to clean your velvet furniture naturally:

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice
  • Glass bowl/ basin
  • Vacuum with a brush attachment
  • Clean towel

Step #2. Vacuum the furniture.

Utilizing the brush attachment on your vacuum, begin by vacuuming the couch along the nap. Before using any cleaning solution, be sure to vacuum up any debris.

Step #3. Create your natural cleaning mixture.

Start by combining baking soda and some lemon juice in a small bowl. Utilize lemon juice from concentrate for the best results as it typically contains fewer non-cleaning components from the lemon.

Step #4. Skim the foam.

Skim your towel over the foam of the mixture. It would be ideal if your towel ended up covered in a significant suds patch. Test the solution on a discrete patch first to make sure it is effective before using it on the stain. Avoid rubbing the mixture into the velvet. Instead, use straight and simple motions. Don’t force the mixture into the surface.

Step #5. Let it dry completely.

After using the cleaning solution, your velvet shouldn’t need much time to dry. Allowing someone to sit on it should be done after three to five hours. If you use it too early, it may damage the fabric.

More Velvet Furniture Cleaning Tips

Keep Furniture Out of Direct Sunlight

Sadly, velvet is susceptible to fading, especially those made of cotton, so carefully keep it out of direct sunlight. The chemical components that give it its color can be destroyed by UV radiation, which over time will make it appear dull. When UV ruins a color, it is permanently lost. Therefore, if some patches of furniture have been exposed to sunshine and others haven’t, the result may be pretty odd-looking furniture.

In order to reduce sunlight, rearrange your furniture, install shades, or cover the underlying cloth with a throw blanket until you can come up with a better permanent fix.

Create Your Own Cleaning Mixture

Most stains can be removed with commercial solutions and soapy water. However, you might want to try making your own cleaning mixture if there is a lot of soiling. Consider adding a few drops of dish soap to a cup of water to help clean up larger messes. Then, shake it vigorously until foamy bubbles appear. Soak your towel in the suds now. Apply them next to the fabric’s stained area. Blot the stain gently until you’ve got it as much as you can out. You may discover that dish soap is more efficient than ordinary soap, depending on what created the stain.

Regularly Steam Your Velvet

Velvet tends to shrink with time due to its high pile (strands protrude far from the fabric’s base). In order to maintain velvet’s best appearance, steaming is a great option.

Grab a steamer if you find that your velvet is appearing compressed. In the absence of a steamer specifically made for velvet, you can use an ordinary iron, just use the low setting and steam to the highest. Turn on the steamer, and then lightly brush the pile-facing side of the steamer. The longer you brush wrinkles, the more they should appear faded. Additionally, the pile ought to start to tumble more organically, without seeming compacted. When utilizing the steamer, avoid pressing too firmly to avoid irreversible fabric damage.

Clean The Spills Right Away

Don’t wait another day to clean up spills. Rather, take care of them right away using a fresh, absorbent towel. It will be far more difficult to remove stains that have been left on cloth for an extended period of time. Avoid forcing stains further into the fabric when cleaning them. Neither rub nor dab. Leave the cloth balanced on the stain instead, and let any moisture drain naturally. The majority of the stain should flow in the direction of the cloth if the towel is more absorbent than your velvet.

Check the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer before utilizing any cleaning products to see whether any particular handling is necessary. Make sure the cloth you use can absorb additional liquids and is lint-free. Till it dries, leave the towel on the affected area. It will not stop the stain from spreading if you remove it too soon.

Purchase A Velvet Brush

If you don’t already have a velvet brush, you should get one. Whether or not you have stains, owning a velvet brush for your couch will make it simpler to remove them and keep the fabric looking excellent over time.

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