The Proper Way to Clean Bamboo Floors

Care guide for your bamboo floors

Bamboo floors are more resistant to water damage than other woods, and it is just as durable as hardwoods like oak and maple. This sort of flooring, which comes in a huge selection of designs, hues, and finishes, is an excellent substitute for hardwood and has a similar organic charm. The bamboo floor doesn’t only have a pleasing appearance and frequently costs less to install, but they are also reasonably simple to maintain.

The major cause of every wood flooring deterioration is the small dirt and dust that our shoes bring into the space. When this little debris gathers and is frequently trod upon, it may scuff, dent, or even damage the floor finish, providing the bamboo with a worn appearance. No need to worry! All of these can be prevented by proper cleaning procedures. Follow our guide to make your bamboo floors sparkly clean again!

Bamboo floors care guide

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Bamboo Floors Clean

Step #1: Gather all the cleaning tools and supplies needed

Bamboo floors don’t need any extravagant cleaning materials. Just make sure that you always clean your cleaning tools before using them. Below is the list of materials you’ll need to start cleaning.

  • Broom and dustpan
  • Floor vacuum
  • Soft cloth and rags
  • Cleaning solution for floor
  • Bucket

Gather your cleaning tools

Step #2: Broom or vacuum up any debris.

To maintain bamboo looking brand-new, keep a soft-bristle or fine-fiber broom handy. Rough dirt and dust rarely swept up, ideally once per day, can scrape the floor’s surface. Although it is possible to vacuum a bamboo floor, the damage should be avoided using a vacuum with an attachment or a hard floor setting. Avoid using regular vacuums because they contain large wheels and whirling brushes that could dent or scrape your furniture.

Bamboo floors, as well as bamboo laminate floors, are prone to water damage, like other types of hardwood or laminate flooring. Therefore, cleaning up spills as soon as possible is essential to stop water from infiltrating and harming the wood fibers inside the boards. This is particularly the case with carbonized bamboo floors, which are heated to a high temperature to produce a deep, rich color. Due to the production process, carbonized bamboo is not as strong as regular bamboo flooring.

Vacuum the floors

Step #3: Make a mop solution using a bamboo floor cleaner

Use a hardwood-rated cleaner to mop once a week to keep the gloss and safeguard the surface. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners, vinegar, and other acidic housekeeping products since they can damage bamboo flooring’ finishes and cause them to become more vulnerable to different types of damage.

Note: Be careful not to overdilute the mixture if the manufacturer’s directions suggest diluting it with water.

Make a floor cleaning mixture

Step #4: Get rid of stains, spills, and scuffs 

While sweeping or cleaning, keep an eye out for stains, spills, and scuffs because they probably need more attention. Before cleaning up spills or scratches, ensure that any loose dirt has been cleaned up. Otherwise, when treating scratches or stains, you risk rubbing dirt onto the floor’s surface. Here’s how to clean them up correctly:

Clean the spills right away

How to remove the stain

Real mayonnaise can effectively remove most water stains or slight discoloration. After letting it sit for approximately 15 minutes, polish it using a soft, clean cloth. Although a variety of alternative “remedies” you could find online have the possibility of damaging bamboo flooring, proceed with caution if this oil-rich mayo trick doesn’t solve the problem.

If a stain persists despite your best efforts, since most bamboo flooring can be refinished, you might be able to remove it when it’s time to do so.

How to remove the spills

Avoid damage from common mishaps by wiping up spills immediately using a soft, dry towel. After the spill has been cleaned up, clean the bamboo floors with a clean, damp rag and dry the surface if any water is still present.

If you’ve installed bamboo flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, it’s strongly advised to put a rug there, as well as in any other area where spills or moisture are likely to happen. Specifically, if the floor is dark bamboo flooring, make sure the rug is produced from a breathable mesh without a rubber or latex backing, as these materials can damage or discolor the surface.

How to remove the scuff marks

Put some wood floor cleanser that is diluted as necessary to a soft, dry cloth and lightly massage the floor to remove heel scuffs. When completed, the floor should be spot-dry and appear brand-new.

Mop in segments

Step #5: Mop your floors in segments

To avoid causing the liquid to accumulate on the floor, thoroughly wring out the mop until it is only slightly damp. High moisture content may become trapped in the spaces between panels, which may expand or buckle the wood. Wet mop the floors by section, then let them air dry. You can also open a fan to dry it more quickly. Do not dry it manually with a towel or rag to avoid leaving swirl marks on the floor.

Note: Do not apply wax or other floor finishes unless the manufacturer advises. Doing so could only leave stains or harm the flooring.

More Tips to Keep Your Bamboo Floors Spotless

  • It is a great idea to put a runner or a rag on high-traffic areas like the hallway to prevent any scratches or dents.
  • Place a furniture leg pad on your tables or chairs to cover the abrasive edges of your furniture that can damage the floor surface.
  • Consistently clean your floors. Clean the spills immediately. Daily sweeping or vacuuming will help your bamboo floors last long. 

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