Why Commercial Cleaning Services are Vital to Fight COVID-19

Commercial Cleaning vital to fight covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt, but many businesses are beginning to open their doors again. Some organizations shifted to remote work and others were forced to close completely. As employees start returning to work, it is crucial that commercial properties stay clean and disinfected. Property managers and business owners can help slow the spread of the virus by utilizing commercial cleaning services to professionally disinfect their workspaces and eliminate the spread of COVID-19.

The Importance of Commercial Cleaning Services During COVID-19

With more than 1.7 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States by May of 2020, the virus is a serious concern for the country. Most states issued stay-at-home orders, requiring businesses to change their operations. For some businesses, like restaurants or retail stores, online ordering and curbside pickup were possible. Other businesses were unable to adjust operations to meet COVID-19 guidelines and had to close their doors temporarily.

Now that many stay-at-home orders are being phased out, employees are returning to work. However, the coronavirus is still a health hazard and should be taken seriously. Professional cleaning services can offer many benefits for your business in addition to slowing the spread of the virus.

1. Protect Employees

Some employees are excited to return to work. An open workplace means a paycheck, but it also presents a danger. You can protect your employees by ensuring that your commercial property is clean and disinfected.

Most organizations require employees to wear masks and gloves and maintain a six-foot distance between themselves and others. These practices can help prevent the spread of the virus from person to person, but the coronavirus can also live on surfaces for hours or days.

2. Provide Peace of Mind

While employees may look forward to getting back to work, there is also some anxiety and fear surrounding the virus. There is still a good deal of uncertainty surrounding how the virus is spread, how to treat the virus, and who is at the greatest risk. Ensuring your employees that your building or offices is professionally cleaned can help provide peace of mind.

Your staff can feel more comfortable returning to work. They can also feel secure knowing that the risk of spreading the virus to their family or loved ones from work is reduced. If some employees are more cautious about going back to the office, investing in cleaning services can help them feel at ease. 

3. Keep Your Business Running

Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your commercial property is essential to keeping your business running. Employees cannot work in an unsafe environment, and customers may not visit your business if they feel unsafe. Also, there are serious repercussions if an employee gets sick at work. You may have to close your doors for some time to ensure no one else is infected. Preventing the virus is the best method for keeping your business operating during COVID-19.

4. Ensure the Job is Done Right

Professional cleaners are trained to clean and disinfect every inch of your commercial property. They know how to identify high-traffic areas and surfaces, and which products to use on various surfaces. Leaving cleaning responsibilities to your regular staff may lead to gaps in sanitization, enabling the spread of the virus.

Tips for Maintaining Commercial Spaces During COVID-19

For most businesses, it is not feasible to have a professional cleaning crew disinfect the building every day. You can make the most of your professional cleaning services by educating yourself and your employees on disinfecting for COVID-19. Provide a list of cleaning guidelines to be followed in between professional cleaning session, and follow these tips to maintain cleanliness during COVID-19.

1. Identify Areas of Exposure

High-touch surfaces, like light switches, keyboards, and door handles, should be wiped down throughout the day. Make sure your employees are aware of these surfaces, and reduce contact as much as possible. Leave doors open when you can, wear gloves when turning lights on or off, and disinfect keyboards each day.

2. Talk to Employees

Communication is key during this time. Make sure your employees are aware of cleaning guidelines and have the tools they need to protect themselves from the spread of the virus while at work. It is also important to ask for employee feedback and learn what precautions would make them feel safer in the workplace.

3. Schedule Regular Commercial Cleaning Services during COVID-19

A vaccine is still off in the future, so COVID-19 will be a public health concern for some time. While it is important to schedule a complete cleaning of your commercial property before employees return to work, regular cleanings are necessary. A trusted, professional cleaning service can work with you to develop a cleaning plan. Based on the number of people in your building, the size of your building, and the work you do, they can schedule cleaning services at regular intervals to help keep you and your employees safe.

If you are in need of high-quality commercial cleaning services in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Burlington, Oakville, or surrounding areas, contact Hellamaid. The team at Hellamaid is trained to clean and disinfect commercial buildings for COVID-19, and they can help you create a cleaning plan. With safety and quality as top priorities, you can trust the Hellamaid team to take cleaning seriously.

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