Tips for House Cleaning During Pregnancy

pregnancy and house cleaning

There are times in life when cleaning becomes a much more difficult task than we would care to admit. One of these times is during pregnancy. You want everything to be clean for health and safety reasons, but this is definitely easier said than done.

It is not possible to clean your house while pregnant, but you need to understand the different products available, easier techniques to use, and how much cleaning time your body can handle. You also want to make sure that you are protecting both yourself and your baby. Keep reading for the top house cleaning tips while pregnant. 

Safe Chemicals and Cleaners to Use When Pregnant

When pregnant, there are chemicals and cleaners made specifically for this special time in your life. You want to ensure that all cleaners you use are safe while still having maximum cleaning power. There are a couple of suggestions to safely clean your home without using harsh chemicals while pregnant.

The first suggestion is to use natural cleaning products while pregnant. By combining baking soda and vinegar, you have a very powerful cleaning solution that is also safe! The next tip is to use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. This gives you an alternative to breathing in the strong smell of ammonia.

Making sure to read all the labels of any cleaning product you use is also very important while pregnant. There is a website for the Environmental Working Group, which offers A-F ratings to help you choose the cleaner you feel most safe with.

Create a Daily Cleaning Schedule While Pregnant 

It is important to only do what your body can handle when it comes to cleaning while pregnant. Cleaning for long periods of time can be exhausting for anyone and leave you feeling tired, burnt out, or nauseous. The trick to cleaning while pregnant is to make a daily schedule. A daily cleaning schedule helps keep the cleaning from piling up and becoming too much.

You also need to avoid cleaning for long periods of time because breathing in chemicals for extended time periods, natural or otherwise, is not advised for expecting mothers. Cleaning should also be done when you are feeling most comfortable. If you are feeling a little weaker or more tired one day, do not push yourself.

Masks and gloves can also be worn while cleaning to ensure that mother and baby are extra protected. Make sure there isn’t any cleaning task that makes you strain your muscles either. At the end of the day, the cleaning will get done one way or another and your health is the most important priority.

Cleaning Tasks to Avoid When Pregnant

When making your lists of daily cleaning tasks, there are several things that an expecting mother should avoid or limit as much as they can. The first chore that should be avoided at all costs is cleaning out the cat litter box. Cat litter boxes can carry toxoplasmosis, a bacteria causing serious infection which can be transmitted through cat feces.

Another task to avoid is cleaning any type of mold. To clean mold, you have to use bleach and this can be dangerous for pregnant mothers.  Also, vacuuming is not a terribly strenuous task but moving furniture around can be for pregnant women. Respecting your body’s limitations is very important during this time, and cleaning does not take priority over your health and safety.

How to Clean a Baby’s Room When Pregnant

When tidying the baby’s room, you want to make sure the products used are the safest possible. It isn’t advised to clean a lot in the baby’s room because you want to limit the baby’s exposure to certain chemicals and materials. Here are some tips when cleaning a nursery while pregnant.

  • Open a window to allow for as much ventilation as possible
  • Use baby-safe cleaning wipes to sanitize surfaces
  • Dust frequently to protect the baby’s respiratory health
  • Keep pets out of the nursery as much as possible
  • Vacuum often to remove excess dirt and dust
  • Launder all nursery bedding with a mild detergent

Don’t Worry About Cleaning while Pregnant and Hire the Pros

There are so many things to be taken care of during pregnancy. You will spend a great amount of time worrying about your health, the baby’s health, and getting everything ready to bring a new little person into the world. Cleaning is one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about while pregnant.

Hiring a professional cleaning service will take the pressure off when it comes to cleaning during pregnancy. Professional cleaners know which products are appropriate to use during pregnancy, and you can avoid causing strain on your already tired body. With Hellamaid, you can also enjoy the convenience of scheduling online, as well as discounts for scheduling multiple sessions. Book your professional cleaning service today!

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