Quick Cleaning Tips While Watching World Cup 2022

World Cup House Cleaning Guide

The most awaited World Cup 2022 has finally begun! Luckily, soccer fans from all over the world can watch the game from the comfort of their homes. If you are someone who loves to save time or one of those who worries about the chores that will pile up later, why not do it during commercial breaks!

Hellamaid compiles a list of things you can clean and do to make the most of TV ad breaks so you can enjoy every match while tidying the house at the same time. Keep on reading to learn how.

Cleaning while watching TV

Cleaning Tips While Watching World Cup 2022

1. Fold the clothes

Apparently, folding clothes is the ideal TV-watching task, so you don’t even have to wait for the commercial breaks. We’re actually unsure of how people accomplish this chore if they’re not in front of the television. And in our opinion, the best thing about folding while watching TV is that your fellow viewers will unavoidably want to assist you.

Fold the clothes

2. Do the laundry

While doing laundry may sound like a time-consuming chore, it actually includes a number of small jobs. There is more than enough time during the commercial breaks to dash into the laundry room, remove the whites from your dryer, move a load of linens from the washer to the dryer, and toss a bunch of trousers into the washing.

Do the laundry

3. Dust the surfaces

Dusting is undoubtedly one of the duties that are generally avoided, but speed-dusting during commercial breaks is surprisingly efficient and even enjoyable. You may even turn it into a competition if your companion is interested. Grab your preferred cleaning gear which can be a feather duster, dusting glove, or a microfiber cloth, before your show starts and prepare to leave when the first ad airs. As the program continues, wipe down any dust-attracting surfaces you spot in your TV room before moving farther away.

Dust the surfaces

4. Do the dishes

Another household task that almost everyone despises is cleaning the endless pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. However, if you break it up into three-minute segments, you’ll feel accomplished without getting tired. While it’s probably not the best idea to put on rubber gloves and scrub pans and pots during commercial breaks, this is the ideal time to load or empty the dishwasher. You’ll be finished in no time if you put away the cups during one break and the silverware during the next.

do the dishes

5. Sweep the floors

It is a sure chance that your floors require regular sweeping if you have children or pets. It’s also likely that they aren’t cleaned very frequently since sweeping is a hassle. Just pick one or two rooms to work on during each ad break, and by the end of show, your floors will be clear of hair and crumbs. 

Sweep the floors

6. Vacuum the carpet

Bring out your vacuum after you’re done sweeping if you’re determined to have spotless floors before the end of the game. Put your vacuum in a convenient spot before the start of the next match to avoid moving it around constantly. Then during commercial breaks, get up and vacuum one area at a time. You can clean the carpets and do a little exercise!

Vacuum the carpet

7. Sort the paper piles

Gather all the letters, bills, receipts, and flyers, then sort everything out. This task can help you declutter the piles of paper you have and, at the same time, get you reminded of the unpaid bills and unopened letters. 

Sort the paper piles

8. Clean the pet containers

If you are living with fur pals, you can take advantage of the ad breaks to clean their food containers. Doing this during commercial breaks can lessen the chores you have to do later after you watch the game.

clean the pet food bowls

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