Proper Way to Clean a Toaster Oven

Proper Way to Clean a Toaster Oven

When you are a toaster oven lover, you are well aware of how useful and flexible this small equipment can be. These adaptable small ovens can cook bacon for your breakfast, reheat leftovers from the night before, or even roast a chicken. While a toaster oven isn’t designed to conduct heavy-duty cooking like a full oven, it does accumulate grease and grime. That is why everyone should learn how to maintain a toaster oven from the inside out.

How to clean a toaster oven

While the manufacturer most certainly provided you with a booklet of toaster oven cleaning guides, if you’re like most of us, the toaster oven handbook has long gone and you’re not sure where to search for it. That’s why we compiled a guide to show you how to clean your favorite small kitchen equipment both inside and out. After reading this article you can now add your toaster oven to the regular kitchen cleaning list. Let’s get started!

When should your Toaster Oven be Cleaned?

After each usage, inspect your toaster oven to ensure that no food has fallen towards the heating element. Before removing anything, make sure that the heating element is cool, and don’t use metal tools inside your device.

This thorough check after each usage, together with taking action on the regular cleaning as soon as it’s safe, can ensure that food does not make contact well with the heating element and cause fires. This easy habit also prevents oil from forming on the inside of the toaster oven, making deep cleaning it more difficult than necessary.

If you use your toaster oven frequently, you should plan a weekly deep cleaning in addition to cleaning it lightly after each use, or clean the toaster oven less frequently if you seldom use it. You won’t forget to do it if you tie it to your kitchen cleaning responsibilities.

How to Clean the Interior of a Toaster Oven

To begin, place newspaper or a paper bag beneath the toaster oven to collect crumbs and dirt while you clean. Head to the kitchen sink with the crumb and cooking tray, as well as the rack. Scrub the pieces with warm water and dish soap, and don’t be afraid to go in there and brush to clear the buildup. If you haven’t washed your toaster oven in a long time or ever, a nice soak might be in order. Return to the oven in the meanwhile.

  • Scrub the interior of your toaster oven with a non-abrasive sponge dipped in the basin.
  • If you scrub too hard, you risk damaging the nonstick interior finish.
  • Avoid getting items too wet and stay away from the burners.
  • Scrub the inside of your toaster’s ceiling. Because it’s rarely nonstick, you may need to stoop down or flip it over to see inside and clean it.
  • To remove residue, wipe the inside with a clean, wet cloth.

How to Clean the Heating Elements of a Toaster Oven

Yes, you should clean the heating elements. Do you know how much smoke comes out when making cheese toast? Baked-on grime is cooking alongside your meal.

  • Double-check if the toaster oven is turned off.
  • A damp towel, baking soda, and an old but clean toothbrush are all you’ll need.
  • Using a damp towel, wipe the heating elements.
  • Scrub the buildup carefully with baking soda and a toothbrush.
  • Wipe off any debris remaining on the heating components with your cloth.

How to Clean the Glass of a Toaster Oven

The inside of your toaster oven’s glass gets dirty from grease splatters and food particles, while the outside gets dirty from messy hands. Baking soda, a small amount of water, a cleaning towel, and a magic eraser are all you’ll need to remove the baked-on gunk from your toaster oven glass.

  • Grab a bowl where in you can combine a few baking sodas and enough water to make a thick cleaning paste.
  • Using a damp cleaning towel, dab it into the cleaning mixture and smear it all over the glass.
  • Allow two hours for the baking soda to work its magic on the filth.
  • Wipe off the baking soda mixture with your cleaning cloth.
  • Use a damp magic eraser to gently scrape away tough stains and buildup.
  • Wipe away any remaining residue using a clean, damp cloth.
  • It’s a good idea to finish the trays and racks now. Return to the sink and scrub the remaining grime away with dishwashing soap and water. Remove any leftover deposits or stains with baking soda, rinse the pieces, and let them air dry.

How to Clean the Outside Surface of a Toaster Oven

After cleaning the interior of the toaster oven, it’s time to polish the outside surface. An old but clean toothbrush, soap, vinegar, water, and paper towels will be required.

  • With a dampened wet towel using dish soap and water wipe off the top, front, sides, and door edges.
  • Get into nooks and corners and take a toothbrush coated in the cleaning solution.
  • Wipe off the soapy residue with a dampened clean cloth.
  • Using paper towels, dry the surface, knobs, and buttons.
  • Finish by cleaning high-touch areas using vinegar to prevent germs from spreading.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Toaster Oven with Baked-on Grease?

Maintenance is essential, but everyone has forgotten about their toaster ovens at a certain point and ended up with a mess of stuck-on grease. However, the situation isn’t hopeless.

Washing baked-on grease out of a toaster oven is similar to cleaning a regular oven. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the problem region overnight. Wipe away any remaining residue with a towel and spray with a vinegar mixture if necessary. The fizzing effect will aid in the removal of any remaining grease.

Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Toaster Oven

Following a few simple guidelines can make cleaning your toaster oven a breeze:

Cleaning tips toaster oven

  • Brush the toaster oven to get the crumbs out after each usage to prevent burnt-on problems.
  • At least once a week, thoroughly clean the inner surface and exterior of the toaster oven.
  • Chemical cleaners should only be used if the manufacturer advises them.
  • If you clean your toaster oven with a scouring pad or hard-bristled brush, you risk damaging the finish.

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