Organize your House for a Fresh Start in 2022

Organize your home to a fresh start in 2022

The New Year offers a new start. Many people set new goals, evaluate their progress on past goals, and take time to reset. The New Year is also a great time to refresh your space and make sure your home is streamlined to help you achieve your goals. With a clean house, you can set up routines and processes that work with your lifestyle to help maintain an organized house all year long.

Keep reading to learn how to organize your house for 2022 and start the New Year off right.

Clear Out the Clutter

It is always best to start fresh by cleaning out any clutter in your house. Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but the New Year is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of anything you don’t need. It is also a great time to donate items you no longer need to local charities.

  • Go through your closet, try on old clothes, and get rid of anything you don’t need or want
  • Clean out broken dishes and kitchen utensils, pots or pans that are unusable, and kitchen appliances you never use
  • Donate decorations that no longer fit your design style
  • Go through your mail, pay outstanding bills, return correspondence, and cancel magazine subscriptions you don’t want anymore
  • Clean out bathroom products or cosmetics that are old or items you no longer use

Deep Clean Your Home

Once you’ve decluttered your space, it is time to deep clean. It is much easier to maintain a clean home when you start with a clean slate. Get in every corner, wipe down all the baseboards, and do all of those tasks you can never get around to during the rest of the year. You should also clean out these appliances and spaces that are often overlooked:

Put Your Goals Front and Center

If you set goals and resolutions for the New Year, make sure your space supports your goals. Many people prioritize fitness around this time, but you can set yourself up for success for the whole year. Create a designated workout space, organize your fridge for healthy eating, and set up your kitchen for meal prep.

If you have new career goals for 2022, create a workspace that inspires you. Restock your workspace with fresh office supplies, put out decorations that make you happy, and surround yourself with energy that motivates you.

Create Processes that Work for You

The best way to clean and organize looks different for everyone. When organizing your house for 2022, create processes that streamline your life.

  • Entry way: Make coming home and leaving a breeze
    • Set up designated spaces to drop your keys, wallet, or other items
    • Have a place for your coats, jackets, hats, and shoes
    • If you have pets, designate spaces for leashes and collars
  • Kitchen: Make sure you can cook and eat comfortably every day
    • Set up meal prep areas
    • Replace broken appliances or utensils
    • Organize your fridge with bins to work with your grocery lists
  • Laundry: Streamline washing, drying, and putting away your clothes
    • Restock on laundry supplies
    • Consider adding a folding table to fold clothes after they’re dry
    • Set aside a space for loose items like change or keys

Restock on Cleaning Supplies

Get rid of old cleaning supplies, especially if you can’t remember when you bought them or when they expire. Restock on cleaning supplies, including items that work best for your family. Consider any allergies or medical conditions when selecting cleaning supplies, including supplies made for sensitive skin, children, or pets.

Place new cleaning supplies in each area of your home, so you can always clean up quickly and easily. Be sure to add cleaning supplies into your monthly budget and be on the lookout for deals or promotions to save on supplies.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Set up a cleaning schedule that works for your lifestyle. For some people, cleaning every day may not be realistic. For others, daily cleaning can be a necessity to reduce stress. Break up your household cleaning tasks so they are more manageable throughout the week, set aside days for larger cleaning activities, and designate days for deep cleaning.

It is also important to ensure your schedule allows for some flexibility. No matter how much you plan at the beginning of the year, life can always get in the way and some things are more important than cleaning.

Schedule Time to Entertain

If you want to keep yourself on a good cleaning schedule, schedule time to entertain guests throughout the year. Having people visit your home is an excellent motivator to clean up. While we all understand the value of cleaning, it can be easy to push aside cleaning tasks and let them pile up. You may be more likely to clean up for others than you are yourself, but you will still enjoy the benefits of a clean home.

Hire Professional House Cleaning Services in Southern Ontario

Setting goals for the New Year and refreshing your space can set you up for a year of success. However, it is also important to give yourself a break and take some stress off your plate. Hiring a professional house cleaning company can give you back time in your day and ensure your home is a clean, relaxing environment.

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