How to Deep Clean the Living Room | Full Guide

How to deep clean the living room

In the majority of homes, our living room experiences a lot of traffic. We spend lots of time together as a family, frequently passing by it on our paths to other parts of the house, and pets often use it as a favorite place to take naps.

A lot of dirt, filth, and dust can be present in your living room as a result of all the activities of the household. It is time for a good clean when the living room colors start to look dusty. Deep cleaning involves a complete, precise home cleaning compared to just simply dusting and organizing the area.

Even if you regularly sweep and dust your living room, still, there are undoubtedly certain regions you overlook. Thus, managing the weekly cleaning will be simpler if a whole living room deep cleaning schedule is followed. If your living room is messy, decluttering it will make deep cleaning easier.

living room deep cleaning

How Often Should You Deep Clean The Living Room

Deep cleaning your living room may be challenging, especially if you have a lot of furniture and are using them frequently. The level of cleanliness you wish for your living room also plays a role.

It’s probably an excellent option to disinfect your children’s toys once every two weeks if they keep some of them in the living room. You might need to perform a deep cleaning a few times a month if your couch frequently has food crumbs between the cushions.

This living room deep cleaning guide includes tasks that are particular to the living room that you would perform on a daily or weekly basis, as well as duties that are only ideal for deep cleaning. You’ll end up with spotless living space as a result.  Keep on reading to know how.

Living Room Deep Cleaning Guide

Step #1: Dust the ceiling and other furniture hanging overhead

You could assume that the order of steps is unimportant, but the secret to effectively cleaning any unclean room is to start at the top and work your way down. This method is not only practical, but it also makes sure that nothing needs to be dusted, washed, scrubbed, or vacuumed more than once. This permits dust and grime to accumulate on the floor as you clean the higher-up surfaces.

If you’re using a step ladder, wipe the curtain rods as well as ceiling fan blades with a dry cloth after removing the curtains. Don’t forget to clear up those annoying cobwebs that like to gather in the room’s corners. Additionally, be careful to reach the tops of any tall entertainment units, cabinets, or bookcases.

clean the ceiling and ceiling fan

Step #2: Clean the windows, decors, and frames

Clean the windows next.  Windows are frequently placed in the middle of a home’s top-to-bottom design. Get a duster to your window and clean over the glass, the blinds, and the entire frame before using Windex and a lint-free towel to clean it.

To dry the glass after liberally spraying it, wipe it with a clean towel while making a Z-shaped motion. Repeat the technique if dirt or marks are still present. Then proceed with your wall decor and frames. A duster or dry microfiber cloth should work despite how dusty or filthy your decorations and framed pictures are. To get into the cracks of elaborate designs, make sure to push your fingernails into the fabric. We advise temporarily removing items from the wall so you can clean them.

clean the windows

Step #3: Wash all the fabrics

Soft materials are not washed as frequently as dust-prone surfaces, which we occasionally wipe down. The frequency of cleaning the soft surfaces listed below is as follows:

Curtains: To prevent deterioration over time and due to exposure to sunshine and dust, curtains must be washed and cleaned at least two times a year. Dry cleaning is recommended if they are made of silk, cotton, or synthetic material. Otherwise, apply the fabric care directions on the label.

Throw blankets: Wash the cotton and fleece blankets individually in cold water on a moderate cycle about once each season. To stop the fibers from shrinking, use a no-heat setting in the dryer if you want to use one after.

It is advised that you regularly utilize the rotary brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust from the fibers of decorative pillows. Make sure to wash the removable covers on your pillows at least once per season if they have them.

Furniture upholstery: Pay close attention to the fabric that covers your upholstered furniture. To start with, carefully examine the fabric care guidelines to ascertain whether your couch needs to be cleaned with water, a gentle detergent, a steam vacuum, a dry cleaner detergent, or both.

Here’s how to remove stains from upholstery with homemade cleaning products:

  • Fabric: In a spray bottle, combine 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar, 3/4 cup of tap water, as well as a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Spray the spilled area with water, then rub it gently with a cloth to remove the stain. Work the soap into the surface using a second damp cloth, and then pat the surface dry using a different rag.
  • Leather: Combine 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar in an empty spray bottle. Use a soft cloth to polish the couch’s surface after misting it.
  • Synthetic: In a spray bottle, combine 12 cup vinegar, 1 cup warm water, and 1/2 a teaspoon of dish soap. Spray the stain-prone area and use a soft cloth to scrape at it until it disappears.

clean the fabrics

Step #4: Sanitize all of the frequently touched areas

You should regularly sanitize high-touch surfaces because of their frequent use. These include doorknobs, handles, desks, light switches, lamps, tables, and television. Cleaning them is as simple as donning disposable gloves and wiping the surfaces down with a damp, soapy towel to lessen the number of germs, filth, and pollutants that frequently remain on them. You should adhere to specific instructions for wood furniture and glass tables.

We advise taking extra precautions by utilizing a household cleaner that contains at least 70% alcohol to stop bacteria in their tracks.

clean high touched areas

Step #5: Declutter -throw or donate

Clutter is mainly the source of stress and anxiety. Applying the whole Marie Kondo method to your environment can take control of the situation. Keep the items that give you joy or are needed in the household. Throw or donate the other stuff that does not belong to the area.   Use three piles to sort the stuff quickly: one for the things you need to put elsewhere, another for the donation pile, and lastly for disposals.

Be sure that you take the time to thoroughly sanitize any goods you desire to give before bringing them to your neighborhood donation shelter or center.


Step #6: Clean the floors, carpets, and rugs

To avoid spreading dust over onto areas you just cleaned, make sure to clean the vacuum filter before cleaning the floors. Cleaning the floor is as simple as utilizing a broom or mop if you have wood flooring or tiles.

A quick sweep using the vacuum may not be sufficient, depending on how well-maintained your area rugs and carpeting are. You may have to seek additional help. You only need a carpet steam cleaner and a leave-in carpet cleaning to fight stains. Remember that during this procedure, you must vacate the space and give the carpet enough time to dry, probably around 4 to 12 hours, so that all of the wetness may evaporate.

clean the floors

Set your carpet steam cleaner in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations after applying the cleaner over the troubled spots and allowing it to sit for a couple of minutes. We advise moving the steam cleaner in neat, straight lines from one corner to the next as you move it. This strategy will guarantee you don’t miss any opportunities.

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