How to Create a Customized Cleaning Plan for Your Unique Home or Business Needs

building an efficient cleaning schedule

We all want a spotless house or any property we own for business, right? Cleaning is one of those tasks we all have to get done but never wish to do. There are a lot of generic cleaning and organizing schedules we can find on the internet, but this doesn’t work for everyone. That is why you need to make a customized cleaning plan that suites your lifestyle and schedule.

Given that we all have busy lives, Hellamaid will help you come up with a plan so you won’t have to spend all of your extra time cleaning. Keep reading to learn more about stress-free cleaning tips that actually work for you, your home, and your business.

building an efficient cleaning schedule

How to Make a Customized Cleaning Schedule That Is Perfect for You

Step #1: Analyze the chores that need to be done

To establish an efficient cleaning plan for your home and business, start by paying more attention to your surroundings. Ensure you have a pen and paper handy so you can take notes. Move downward starting from the ceiling. Make a list of everything that needs cleaning. Do the corners have cobwebs? Are the vents of your air conditioner fur-growing? Do your light fixtures hold a collection of dried bug remains? Make a list of everything so you won’t miss anything.

As you proceed to the floor area after finishing the ceiling, make a note of everything that needs attention. Make it a point to look at the details you typically miss, such as baseboards, underneath the furniture, and stains on the carpet.

Along with taking note of your home’s structural elements, like the windows and doors, consider the adjustable features as well, such as your linens and picture frames. Take a tour of your entire home, including your basement, garage, and other storage spaces. Consider both cleaning and organizational duties since, let’s face it, disorganization frequently reads as “dirty.” A tidy home gives off a cleaner vibe. You are prepared to go on to the following phase once you have made a full list of the cleaning tasks.

Group the tasks according to how often you should clean them

Step #2: Group the tasks according to how often you should clean them

Organizing and prioritizing your newly made chore list is the key to making it a customizable schedule. It’s where you specify how frequently each chore must be accomplished. You choose how frequently you prefer to perform each task. For your jobs, begin by selecting frequency categories. You can divide the tasks like this:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • twice a month
  • monthly
  • quarterly
  • a six-month cycle
  • annually

You have the option of using more categories or fewer. You decide and keep in mind that you can change it to fit your schedule.  Once you’ve chosen your categories, you can begin ranking your chores according to how frequently you suppose they should be completed. 

Group the tasks according to how often you should clean them

Step #3: Specify what to accomplish on what day or what month

It’s time to select exactly when each of your infrequent chores will be finished after you’ve determined how frequently each work has to be accomplished. Tasks that are only carried out once quarterly, once every six months, or once per year are considered infrequent.

By dividing them by month or day, they are distributed across the year, preventing any one month from being overburdened with obligations. Tally the number of chores in each group (monthly, quarterly, or annually), then distribute them as fairly as you can among the months.

Consider seasonal duties, such as maintaining the lawn mower or cleaning the grill, when allocating certain tasks to specific months. It’s unlikely that January is the ideal month to complete those activities. 

Specify what to accomplish on what day or what month

Step #4: Stick to it!

Implementation is the last phase in this procedure. It’s the most essential thing. Here you may evaluate the manageability and effectiveness of your system. Adjust it if you discover that it isn’t. We hope you’ve found this procedure for making a customized cleaning plan for your home and business to be beneficial, and we wish you success in putting it to good use on your own property.

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