How to Clean out your Fridge in 2022

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Cleaning is at the top of many people’s New Year’s resolutions but maintaining a clean house can be tricky. Life quickly gets in the way and cleaning becomes less of a priority. You can help yourself stay on track when it comes to cleaning tasks by starting 2022 with a refreshed space, and part of a fresh home includes cleaning out your refrigerator.

The fridge is often overlooked when cleaning, but sticky messes, dirt, and grime can quickly build up inside. Taking 30 minutes to clean out your fridge can set you up for success in the New Year. You will have a clean space to store and prep food as well as one less task to worry about. Keep reading for 10 easy steps to clean out your refrigerator in 2022.

1. Make Room on Your Counter

Before you tackle the fridge, clean off a space on the counter. You will need a drop zone to place all of the items removed from your fridge. You may even want to put down a towel or cloth to protect the surface from condensation or residue on containers.

2. Gather Cleaning Supplies

Make sure you have everything you need to clean out your fridge before you get started. Many people prefer using vinegar to clean their fridge because it can cut through grease while remaining food safe. You can mix vinegar in a spray bottle with hot water. You can also use a multi-purpose spray cleaner. Be sure to grab some sponges or cleaning cloths to wipe down the surfaces in your fridge.

3. Toss Expired Food

Check every item in your fridge and throw out anything that has expired. Condiments and other products with long shelf lives may expire without you even realizing it. Make a list as you go of anything you need to replace at the store.

4. Clean One Shelf at a Time

Cleaning the fridge can be difficult because you have to keep your food cold while cleaning. To achieve this, it is best to clean the refrigerator one shelf at a time. Only remove items from one shelf, wipe down the shelf and scrub off caked-on grime, and return the items to their shelf. You can also use this as an opportunity to reorganize your fridge and encourage healthy habits in the new year.

5. Take Breaks

If you have to scrub or soak a shelf for longer than planned, remove it from the fridge and close the door. It is important to take a break anytime you realize that the fridge door has been opened for an extended period of time. This can help protect your food and maintain your fridge’s internal temperature.

6. Clean Refrigerator Drawers

Once the shelves are clean, it is time to remove the drawers one at a time. Remove all items from the drawers and clean out any leftover debris. If the drawer will fit in your kitchen sink, fill it with warm soapy water and wash it out. If it will not fit in the sink, wipe the drawer down with a cloth or sponge.

7. Clean the Fridge Door and Walls

Spills and grime can collect on almost any surface in the fridge. Take some time to wipe down the interior side of the fridge door and the walls. You can wipe the fridge walls down with your vinegar and water mixture or a multi-surface cleaner. If there are stuck on stains, try using a copper sponge. The copper strands can help remove buildup while remaining gentle on your surfaces.

8. Clean Your Food Items and Containers

Before you start putting items back in the fridge, make sure everything is clean. Condiment bottles, jam jars, and food containers may have sticky surfaces or caked on food. Putting these items back in your fridge is just a quick way to make another mess. Wipe down all of the containers, even if they appear clean. Don’t forget to wipe down the bottom of the container and the seal or edges around the lid. It is also a good idea to wash the caps of your condiment bottles in the sink with water to remove food buildup.

9. Clean the Outside of the Fridge

To really kick off the New Year with a fresh start, wipe down the outside of your refrigerator as well. A clean and sparkling fridge can make a big difference in your kitchen and help the whole space look cleaner. Remove any magnets and use a surface cleaner that is appropriate for your fridge.

10. Add a Refrigerator Freshener

You can extend the freshness of your newly cleaned out fridge by using a refrigerator freshener. You can find these at almost any grocery store or online. Most fridge fresheners adhere to the interior wall of your fridge and help reduce odors. You can also place an open box of baking soda in the fridge to help absorb odors.

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