How to Clean Fabric Vertical Blinds

How to clean vertical blinds

Vertical blinds made from fabric are a highly practical and well-liked window solution for the large type of windows and patio doors in mostly frequented areas. To maintain their best appearance, they can require cleaning from time to time. This article is perfect for you if you do not know where or how to start. You’ll be all set to go once you’ve read the guidelines below. Before starting, it is advised that you carefully read the instructions.

Things to Know Before You Start

Verify again the materials used to create your vertical blinds before you begin cleaning them. While vertical hardwood blinds shouldn’t be wet at all, vertical fabric blinds may be washed by hand or in the washing machine. A smart suggestion is to check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if your blinds can be machine washed.

Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Fabric blinds are easy to clean even if they often accumulate dust and debris. A few cleaning supplies, some water, and soap are all you need to quickly restore them to their new look.

Here are some cleaning items we suggest using on your vertical blinds:

  • Microfiber towel
  • Vacuum cleaner (with brush attachment)
  • Mild soap
  • Warm water in a bathtub or a washing machine
  • Sponge (for scrubbing hard to remove stains)
  • Towels

Additionally, you’ll need a place to spread out your blinds to dry. Since it’s preferable to have them flat to help them retain their form, a dining table works nicely for this.

The Proper Way to Clean Fabric Vertical Blinds

It might be difficult to figure out how to start cleaning your blinds if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, there are just a few steps required in the procedure. When drying time is taken into consideration, the entire procedure can take a few hours, but you’ll only need to do it occasionally.

Here are the simplest, most efficient three procedures for cleaning vertical blinds.

  1. Detach the blinds and clean the head rail

You should take your blinds off the headrail as the first step in cleaning them. While you may dust and spot clean having your blinds attached, doing it this way also enables you to thoroughly clean the headrail. Additionally, it may be simpler to clean all your blinds in the bathtub or washing machine at once than to clean them individually while still attached.

Start by removing the blind slats (louvers) from the headrail. To clean the headrail, gently remove your louvers and lay them flat. Take a microfiber duster or cloth and sweep the headrail of dust.

A can of compressed air can be used to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas. Give the rails a brief silicone spray if you have some to keep everything running smoothly.

  1. Tidy up the blinds

With everything set right in front of you, carefully wipe your blinds with your microfiber cloth. You may also use a typical feather duster or any cleaning cloth, but a damp cloth should do the trick to collect all the dust and avoid cleaning the regions again, going from top to bottom.

Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust. To ensure that your blinds are entirely clear of dust and dirt, run this over them from top to bottom on both sides.

  1. Use warm water to wash the blinds

Your blinds can now be washed since there is no dust on them. You should either use a bathtub filled with warm water for this purpose or the 30-degree Celsius wash setting on your washing machine. Always verify if your blinds can be machine washed before getting started.

Fill the bathtub with warm water as well as mild soap or detergent to wash the blinds in the bathtub. Your blinds will look cleaner if you gently wash them in the water. Avoid using hot water as it can damage blinds, and ensure whatever detergents you choose are soft and fabric-friendly.

On occasion, you’ll see clinging stains on the blinds. To gently remove these stains, gently scrub them with a sponge and soapy water. Although bleach might be tempting, the cloth can become damaged if you apply it. If you want to use a stain remover, spot test it in a discreet location to be sure it will work.

To help avoid fraying and damage while washing blinds in a washing machine, fold them up and place them inside a pillowcase. Use a mild washing detergent and a wash cycle optimized for delicate materials at a temperature of 30 C.

  1. Lay it out to dry

You should lay out your blinds to dry once they are cleaned. Find a place where you may lay them out flat to dry rather than hanging them to dry. This will help them keep their regular form and avoid damaging the fabric.

Use a cold setting on your hairdryer to dry your blinds more quickly if you need to. Do not put your blinds in the dryer since the heat harms them.

  1. Rehang the blinds

You may start rehanging your blinds on the headrail after they are fully dry. When clipping each louver back into place, use caution when doing this task.

Your blinds will be back in place, looking better than before. After cleaning them, it will be simpler to maintain a regular dusting routine and keep them looking as good as possible.

How Often Must Blinds Be Cleaned

Dust the blinds as one of your weekly or monthly cleaning schedules to prevent dust accumulation. Dust them gently, just like other surfaces and baseboards in your house.

Give your blinds a light spot cleaning if you notice any stains or persistent grime. If not, give your blinds a mild cleaning every few months. Alternately, wash them even more frequently if they are in a high-traffic location that is prone to the accumulation of oil or grime. You should be able to maintain your blinds in better shape for longer with routine cleaning and maintenance.

How to Get Rid of Mold from Vertical Blinds

Using a natural cleaning solution with lemon juice is one efficient technique to remove mold and mildew from vertical blinds. Lemon is very effective in eliminating mildew spores, especially when accompanied by sunlight.

Although bleach-based cleaning solutions were once advised, utilizing a natural cleaning solution is now preferable. If you don’t have any lemons on hand, a mixture of white vinegar and water will help remove part of the mold and mildew and leave your fabric blinds clean right away.

How Can Vertical Blinds Be Cleaned Without Being Taken Down

When you take the blinds down to clean them, you can reach all of the difficult-to-reach places and ensure a thorough cleaning. It won’t always be convenient to do this, especially if you’re in a hurry or don’t have a viable way to wash and dry them.

Start by dusting your blinds from top to bottom to clean them without taking them down. Use a vacuum cleaner to quickly remove the dust. Then use a mild cleaning solution to spot clean the fabric blinds. To make sure the solution won’t harm the fabric of the blinds, test it on a hidden spot first. Keep your blinds open as often as possible to give them the best opportunity to dry.

Can Vertical Blinds Be Steam Cleaned

This is an excellent method to instantly clean your blinds if you have a portable steam cleaner. Utilize the steam cleaner to clean your blinds rather than hand washing them after making sure all dust has been removed. Just be sure to maintain the heat at a low or medium setting and stay away from any plastic or glue-containing portions of your blinds.

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