How to Clean a Dishwasher

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We rely on our dishwashers to clean our dishes quickly and thoroughly on a regular basis. Without a dishwasher, we’d be stuck doing everything by hand! But did you know that over time, your dishwasher can become less effective if it is not properly cleaned? Cleaning your dishwasher can keep it running smoothly and ensure your dishes are spotless every time you run a load. 

As an integral part of your kitchen, your dishwasher goes through some serious wear and tear. Keeping the dishwasher clean can help extend its lifetime and prevent unwanted odors in your kitchen. Keep reading to learn how to clean your dishwasher, including which products to use and how often you should clean your dishwasher. 

How often should you clean your dishwasher? 

Nobody has time to clean their dishwasher after every use. Thankfully, you do not have to deep clean your dishwasher every day, or even every week. If you’ve never cleaned your dishwasher before, it is best to start with a deep clean. From there, you can easily maintain a clean dishwasher for about six months before deep cleaning it again. 

  • Daily: Remove excess food
  • Weekly: Wipe down the dishwasher door (inside and out)
  • Monthly: Clean the dishwasher filter and run the dishwasher’s self-sanitizing cycle or use vinegar
  • 2x per year: Deep clean the inside of your dishwasher, the filter, and all accessories 

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Can you use bleach to clean your dishwasher?

You should not use bleach to clean your dishwasher. Bleach can damage the interior of your dishwasher, especially any parts made of stainless steel. 

How to Prevent Odors in Your Dishwasher 

If you notice a smell coming from your dishwasher, it is probably caused by leftover food. There are some easy ways to ensure all food is removed from your dishwasher and prevent odors. 

  • Remove any leftover food from the bottom of your dishwasher after every cycle with a paper towel 
  • Wipe off any excess food from dishes before loading them into your dishwasher 
  • Make sure your kitchen sink and garbage disposal are clean because they often connect to your dishwasher 
  • Use a foaming cleaning tab in your dishwasher or garbage disposal on a regular basis 

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What is the Fastest Way to Clean Your Dishwasher?

Cleaning your dishwasher does not have to be a difficult task. In fact, there is an easy way to clean your dishwasher without spending time scrubbing or scraping. Because this process is so easy, you can routinely clean your dishwasher on a monthly basis or as needed if odors or grime build up. 

Start by removing any excess food from around the drain to ensure the drain is clear. Then, check the holes in the dishwasher spray arms to make sure they are clear as well. Finally, use a simple vinegar wash and run a complete wash cycle on your dishwasher. 

How to Use Vinegar to Clean Your Dishwasher

Vinegar is a common household ingredient and one of the best ways to clean your dishwasher. White vinegar is great for dissolving grime and mineral deposits while also sanitizing your dishwasher. Once you’ve prepped your dishwasher for cleaning and ensured that there are no leftover food particles, you can use vinegar to safely clean the dishwasher. 

  1. Place a dishwasher-safe cup or small bowl upright on the top rack of your dishwasher
  2. Fill the cup or bowl with white vinegar (just the regular kind you can buy at the grocery store!)
  3. Run your dishwasher on the hottest setting for a complete cycle

If you want to go a step further and prevent future odors and buildup, you can use baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda along the bottom of your dishwasher and run it again. Set the dishwasher to run on its quick wash setting with the hottest water.  

cleaning dishwasher with vinegar
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How to Clean Your Dishwasher Filter

Your dishwasher filter has to be clean to ensure your dishes are clean after every cycle. Check your dishwasher’s manual to learn how to properly remove your filter. The dishwasher filter is usually found under the spray arm. Remove the filter and rinse it under hot water. Use a soft toothbrush to remove anything that is stuck to the filter before rinsing it again. Properly lock the filter back into place before using your dishwasher again. 

cleaning dishwasher filter using toothbrush

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