How Busy Professionals Can Keep Their Home Clean

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Work, family, personal commitments – it all starts to add up quickly. Before you know it, your time is not your own. Less exciting or fulfilling responsibilities, like cleaning, can get pushed to the backburner and messes start to pile up. So, how can busy professionals keep their house clean while maintaining a packed schedule? Keep reading for the top tips to clean your home, no matter how busy you may be.

Create a Cleaning Routine You Can Stick To

Pushing off all of your cleaning chores to one day is overwhelming and unrealistic. The longer you let tasks go undone, the harder it is to do them and the longer it takes. If you have a busy work schedule, the weekends often feel like the only time available to clean, but that is not the case.

It is important for busy professionals to break up their cleaning tasks into small amounts for each day. Make a list of all the tasks needed to keep your home clean, and then spread them out over a week. If you’re really busy, you can even stretch things out over two weeks. Once you decide which tasks are done each day, stick to it to reduce your overall time spent cleaning.

Build a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

For example, you can tackle the kitchen on Monday, laundry on Tuesday, vacuum on Wednesday, and clean the bathrooms on Thursday. Design your cleaning routine to work with your existing schedule by designating tasks that are achievable each day. If you know you have a long day or extra meetings on Thursday, make sure that day’s cleaning tasks are lighter.

When the cleaning activities needed to maintain your home are spread out, you do not feel overwhelmed by chores. Even if you miss a day of cleaning, it is easier to catch up than waiting for a single day to get everything done. Best of all, you can designate one day to be chore-free or set it aside as a makeup day. It’s your schedule, so make it work for you!  

Do the Dishes After You Eat

Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. Instead of putting your dishes on the counter or in the sink after a meal, take the extra couple of minutes to wash them and put them where they belong. This process makes it easy to keep your kitchen clean and free of clutter.

You should also apply this principle anytime you cook. Letting food stick to pans and utensils just makes them harder to clean and takes up more of your time. Learning how to clean as you go or clean up after a meal cuts down on the amount of time it takes to do dishes. You can even set up a system where one person cooks and another person cleans!

Stock Your Supplies

Make sure you always have cleaning supplies on hand. It is easy to put off cleaning when you have to make a trip to the store for disinfectant wipes or dust cloths. If you already have all of the items you need, you can save a lot of time when it comes to cleaning.

It is also important to stock your cleaning supplies in the areas that they are needed. For example, keep your disinfectant wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, and shower cleaner in the bathroom. Make sure your dust rags and furniture polish is close to the living area, and keep your kitchen stocked with multipurpose cleaner. You won’t have to go searching for your supplies each day when it is time to clean.

Clear Out Your Clutter

Reducing the amount of clutter in your home can make it easier and faster to clean. More stuff means more stuff to clean. Regularly take inventory of your home and get rid of items you no longer need or want. You can donate, sell, or give items away in order to make your life a little easier. These items will no longer be collecting dust in your home or have to be put away on a regular basis.

Ask for Help

You do not have to shoulder all of the cleaning responsibilities alone. Asking for help is a great way to stay on top of your cleaning chores. Consider asking a friend or family member to help you clean if you fall behind on your schedule, or create a chore schedule for your family to lighten the load.

Hire a Professional House Cleaning Service

For busy professionals, hiring professional house cleaners can help you maintain a clean home and your schedule. When you book cleaning services online from Hellamaid, you can select sessions that work with your schedule and your budget. Book online or contact us today to learn more about how we help busy people enjoy their homes!

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