House Cleaning Service for Seniors

cleaning services for seniors

In our senior years, we finally have time to do things that we’ve put off. Many seniors are focused on retirement, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones. They may also finally have the time to clean their house and maintain it the way they want. While cleaning can also contribute to overall health and safety, extensively cleaning the entire house can pose a challenge for some seniors.

Fall risks are common when elderly clean, especially when vacuuming or sweeping, and some chemicals can damage an elderly person’s respiratory health. There are plenty of considerations for seniors when it comes to safely cleaning their house. Keep reading to learn more about house cleaning services for seniors.

House Cleaning Service for Seniors

Is it Dangerous for Seniors to Clean their own Home?

Cleaning the home can pose a challenge to seniors who do not move around as well as they used to. There can always be a fall risk if the individual struggles with mobility, so it is important to make sure that all rugs are smoothed down and all floors are clear of clutter. Falls can also be prevented by keeping large open pathways between furniture, walls, and other surfaces. Seniors with mobility issues needs as much room to maneuver as possible when cleaning.

Seniors still want their independence, as would anyone, but they should be more cautious when trying to take on cleaning the entire house General cleaning tasks pose a variety of issues for cleaning. House cleaning requires a great range of motion, which can cause seniors to over-extend their muscles. Seniors’ respiratory systems can also be in danger if they are breathing in harsh chemicals and allergens.

Seniors should also avoid doing anything that requires moving furniture. This kind of advanced task can put them at great risk of not just falling but also breaking a bone. There are ways to avoid some of these situations, but they can still present a bit of an issue if a senior person lives alone.

Health Considerations for Seniors Cleaning Their House

In addition to the general concerns surrounding cleaning and mobility, exposing seniors to harsh chemicals for long periods of time is dangerous for their health. Elderly people should not breath in harsh chemicals and cleaners while cleaning and limit their exposure to dirt and dust. Below are some tips to ensure seniors are as safe as possible while still cleaning their house.

  • Make a checklist of tasks and check off items as they clean
  • Have a set schedule for cleaning each day with minimal tasks per day to avoid exhaustion
  • Remove as much clutter as possible to prevent a fall
  • For smaller items, use organizational bins to give everything a place
  • Organize and clean the medicine cabinet to prevent prescription mix ups
  • Wear a mask and gloves when possible

Tips for Seniors to Clean Their Homes

For seniors that still want to clean their homes on their own, there are several cleaning tasks that don’t present as much of a risk. They should make sure to get rid of any extra clutter before beginning a cleaning spree to help limit their risk of falling while also making less for them to have to clean.

Here are several cleaning tasks that do not pose much of a threat to seniors’ health:

  • Cleaning out the fridge once every few weeks to remove odor and reduce the risk of food poisoning
  • Dusting multiple surfaces with an extended dusting wand
  • Use a broom to sweep and clean harder to reach spots
  • Sanitize surfaces with sanitizing wipes to avoid scrubbing
  • Utilize the dishwasher to wash dog toys and other small household items
  • Change linens weekly
  • Vacuum floors if furniture does not have to be moved
  • Clean and organize closet spaces without lifting heavy objects
  • Take out the garbage, using smaller trashcans to avoid lifting heavy garbage bags

Home Cleaning Tips for Seniors

Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaners for Seniors

There are many things seniors can still do in regards to cleaning the house, but they should take more precautions to ensure their health and safety are protected. For seniors that are worried about their health while house cleaning or just want to spend their time on other activities, there is the option of hiring a professional house cleaners.

House cleaning services for seniors removes the risks associated with seniors cleaning while also saving them time and effort. Hellamaid prioritizes the health and safety of every client, including our senior customers. With our online booking system, it is convenient to schedule house cleaning services for seniors and save when booking multiple sessions. Stop worrying and book your professional house cleaning service today!

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