Cleaning Tips for Sparkling Ceiling

ceiling cleaning tips

Most people automatically lean to the floor while beginning to clean any area. No doubt that a bunch of dust collects on the floor, but a glance up to the ceiling can make you rethink your plans. If not frequently cleaned, ceilings can also accumulate dust, including bug nests and cobwebs, which can give them a terrible appearance. Since dust from the ceiling could fall into the food made below, regular ceiling cleaning is even more crucial in the kitchen. Thankfully, cleaning ceilings is not as challenging as it might seem. Let’s look at some straightforward cleaning methods that practically anyone may use to achieve a clean top.

Ceiling Cleaning Tips

Tip #1. Give Time to Clean Your Ceiling

Cleaning the ceiling

Dust will inevitably fall from the ceiling while dusting it, regardless of the duster you use or the method you use. If you delay cleaning the ceiling, the dust will fall down on your furniture, trinkets, and the many other areas you just spent so much time cleaning. Start your cleaning marathon with the ceiling and work your way down to the floor, picture frames, and furniture.

Always remember that whatever sort of duster a homeowner chooses, some dust being cleared from your ceiling or ceiling fan will surely fall through the air and then onto surfaces below, so be sure to give time to cleaning your ceiling.

Tip #2. Eliminate the Cobwebs

Eliminate the cobwebs

When it pertains to cleaning your ceiling, cobwebs are the most eyesore. Due to having transparent webs, some cobwebs might be challenging to find. Be sure to sweep the ceiling using a cobweb broom which can remove even the toughest cobwebs. The most typical locations for cobwebs are next to electrical vents and light fixtures, so be sure to inspect those areas.

Tip #3. Invest in Electrostatic Duster

Invest in microfibre duster

An electrostatic duster is the best buddy if your ceiling is very high. Feather dusters scatter dust, whereas microfibre must come directly to the surface to collect dust. By grabbing more dust with each stroke and holding onto it, electrostatic dusters reduce indoor allergies and save cleaning time.

If this fantastic item is new to you, it is a tall, fluffy duster that usually has a rainbow of colors going from top to bottom. You can dust a more extensive area with much less effort because of the fine fibers’ usage of a static charge to grab dust like a magnet. Fluff the threads with the handle in your hands, then drag them across a TV screen or through a plastic bag to charge them.

Tip #4. Clean Your Ceiling with Daylight

Clean the ceiling during the daylight

Clean the high ceilings during the day. Compared to artificial light, natural light makes it simpler to see the grime and dirt that needs to be removed. You can clean your ceiling during weekends if you have work on weekdays. If cleaning during the daylight is not ideal for your schedule, you must have some form of artificial light set up. The most

influential artificial light source is LED lighting on stands. These brighter lights better illuminate your cleaning area than standard halogen bulbs.

Tip #5. Use Pole Instead of Ladder

Use pole instead of ladder

Tall ladders are not a piece of cake; they can be hazardous, mainly if you are not accustomed to them. Additionally, if you’re dealing with a large area, you’ll be forced to constantly climb up and down to reach the entire surface securely. In addition, if you don’t have one in the garage, these ladders can be expensive.

Instead of taking a risk with a ladder, purchase a telescopic cleaning pole from your nearest home improvement shop. Thanks to these, you can rest your feet firmly on the ground while working, which can stretch up to 20 feet or more.

Tip #6. Wear Safety Goggles 

wear safety goggles

As you dust, dust and debris may fall from the ceiling, and the last thing you wish is for it to end up in your eyes. Safety goggles are essential since corneal abrasions and eye infections are not something to take lightly, unlike dust. You may also want to put on a dust mask to protect your respiratory system if you have allergies or are very sensitive to dust.

Tip #7. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Hire professional cleaners

Cleaning difficult areas of your house or a high ceiling can be a real challenge. Contact a nearby house cleaning service which can clean high ceilings. Hellamaid can assist you if you prefer to relax and unwind rather than clean your ceiling or the other areas of your house. Our home cleaning services can provide the best care that your home or apartment deserves. Call us at 226-770-3200 / 289-812-8155 or visit for a FREE quotation.

*The purpose of this checklist is to assist you in cleaning your own houses. It is not meant to represent the procedures followed by Hellamaid’s professional cleaning crews.

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