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Cleaning On-Demand

The world is a busy place! Not so long ago, everyone was madly searching for the miracle product to fix every part of our lives. From washing machines to dishwashers to automobiles, we turned to mechanical solutions for all our daily problems, and yet still, with all those wonderful machines at our disposal, we find our time stretched thinner and thinner every day. Instead of saving time for recreation, some clever people took that spare time and those miracle machines and made their work even more efficient, setting the bar even higher for everyone.

Now we produce twice as much in half the time, but still have to work as long! Instead of mechanical solutions, we are turning to apps and websites to increase our productivity and get the edge. Whether it’s more efficient transportation through apps like Uber and Lyft, or boosting our productivity by making eating easier by Skip the Dishes, we need to keep finding a minute here and there to work and play longer, harder, and more flexibly than ever before.

Now at last, through Hellamaid, we can relegate cleaning to the list of things we can cut out of our work and play. Now we can really Skip the Dishes! And the vacuuming, and all the other weekly and monthly cleaning that gets in the way of our work or leisure schedule.

Spend more time with the people you love

Sure, we all have a cleaning schedule. We all say we ought to clean the kitchen every night, and vacuum every week, and a million other tedious tasks, but at the end of the day, just like we do once in a while with eating, sometimes it’s worth it just to have someone else do the dirty work! In fact, a recent Harvard University study found that one of the simplest tricks to finding more happiness and satisfaction in our lives is to take the money we normally spend on recovering from our stresses, and instead simply pay for those stresses to go away. We find more lasting happiness and satisfaction from paying someone to do the things we hate, than we get from doing the things we hate and then spending a night out on the town to forget about it.

It sounds obvious when you put it that way! It seems simple and easy! It seems like a no brainer! So what are you waiting for? We have all had to madly scramble around the house to clean some part of it or the whole thing because guests are coming, or we’re having a showing, or the in-laws have announced a surprise visit. One positive to these frantic clean-ups is that you suddenly get motivated, and then you suddenly see the results. It’s nice to have the room or yard or whole house finally clean! You breathe easier, you can really relax. Well, we think you deserve that feeling all the time, and you don’t need the stress of having to do it. So buy a little happiness: book a cleaning today.

Hellamaid is a top-rated cleaning company in Canada that’s changing the cleaning industry. Led by two engineers, Ahmed and Abdul,  Hellamaid is on a mission to make cleaning services a better experience for both ends of the market: homeowners and cleaners. We offer value to homeowners through easy online booking and impeccable customer service, while offering a flexible and well paid opportunity to our cleaning partners. Learn more about us here!

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