30 Brilliant Uses for Dryer Sheets

Reuse your dryer sheets

Before turning on the dryers, many individuals have gotten into the habit of placing one or more dryer sheets inside of them. This is because these thin sheets of paper eliminate static cling and creases in your garments while also making them softer and adding a pleasant, fresh aroma. However, the dryer sheets are usually discarded in the garbage once the items have been dried. It’s a waste because they could easily be repurposed to carry out various additional roles.

Dryer sheets are lengths of fiber that are rigid and woven together. Their length is often about 22 centimeters, and their width is typically around 16 centimeters. They have been treated with fabric softeners as well as lubricants, and they have been scented with musk, lavender, or rain, among other fragrances. There are also sheets available without any added fragrance.

As soon as you turn on the dryer, these sheets begin working their magic: the coating on them liquefies and transfers itself to your clothes as they spin together, making your laundry supple and free of static. After that, you can repurpose these used dryer sheets. Place a container in the laundry room to collect the used dryer sheets, and keep them close at hand to make a wide variety of other chores around the house more manageable and smelling fresh. Continue reading to learn some of the most practical applications for your sheets after they have been through the dryer cycle.

dryer sheets

Practical use of dryer sheets around your home 

1. Remove pet hair from fabric

You do not have to waste money on lint rollers anymore. Instead, use a dryer sheet to eliminate pet hair from your clothing or furnishings by rubbing it over these items.

2. Repel dust on your baseboards

You can use dryer sheets to lift dust and effectively repel it if you run them over the baseboards and other moldings.

3. Clean and clear windows

Dust and lint can be repelled from windows and blinds for longer if they are wiped with an old dryer sheet.

Clean and clear windows

4. Dust your ceiling fan

You can save time and money by using dryer sheets to clean the ceiling fan blades instead of washing used dirty rags or buying a new one.

5. Get rid of soot on a candle holder

Candle holders can have soot which can be removed by giving them a quick scrub with an old dryer sheet.

6. Eliminate the stinky smell in your shoes

Put two of them in every pair of shoes with a musty odor to help spruce them up and eliminate the bad smell.

7. Clean up your iron

You may remove the crud from a dirty iron by rubbing it with an old dryer sheet.

8. Wipe away the dirt in your dryer

It may be helpful to utilize a used dryer sheet to clean the interior of your dryer and the lint tray to remove all stubborn lint and dust.

9. Eliminate deodorant marks

You may get rid of deodorant stains on clothes by giving them a little massage with an old dryer sheet.

deodorant marks

10. Freshen up your drawers

You may give your dresser drawers a pleasant, subtle fragrance by tucking only a few used dryer sheets inside of them.

11. Safely clean your TV and computer

Clean your television and computer screen by wiping them down and removing dust. The anti-static qualities of dryer sheets help to prevent the buildup of lint and dust.

12. Get rid of the musty smell from a book

To remove the musty odor from a book, either place it in a large plastic bag along with an old dryer sheet or take a piece and place it directly between the pages of your book.

13. Sharpen dull scissor blades

To restore the sharpness of dull scissor blades and regain the ability to make clean cuts, simply use an old dryer sheet to wipe out the blades. Be careful not to hurt yourself when wiping the scissor blades.

14. Clean bathroom surfaces

To eliminate soap scum as well as residue from bathroom surfaces like the faucet, shower doors, and so on, wet an old dryer sheet with a couple of drops of water and then wipe all the surfaces using it.

15. Easily remove glitter nail polish

By soaking an old dryer sheet in nail polish remover, you can make it easier to erase glitter nail polish.

16. Rub on frizzy hair

You can get rid of hat heads and flyaways by rubbing a used dryer sheet through your hair.

flatten flyaway hair

17. Polish your eyeglasses

Take a used dryer sheet to polish the lenses of your eyeglasses. Never use this method on plastic lenses.

18. Wipe off dry spills

Utilize an old dryer sheet to clean up any dry spills, whether it be dust in the yard or powder in the kitchen. The small particles are more likely to attach to a clinging dryer sheet than to a rag or a clean cloth.

19. Remove caked-on food from your cookware

To remove sticky food from cookware, dampen a dryer sheet and scrub the surface with it.

20. Reduce the stench coming from trash cans

Throwing in used dryer sheets can be an effective way to control smells coming from garbage cans.

21. Prevent soil from coming out of your planter

An old dryer sheet placed into the bottom of a container can prevent soil from washing out of the hole of your planter.

22. Easily set fire for camping

Place old dryer sheets into empty toilet paper rolls to make a fire starter for a campfire or backyard barbecue.

23. Clean your car’s dashboard

Take a used dryer sheet to clean your car’s dashboard and center console.

24. Freshen up your bags

Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase or sports bag to eliminate bad smells and give it a pleasant aroma.

25. Eliminate bad smells in your room

A clean sheet may do wonders for eliminating the bad smell in your room. Take out a grate from your AC and put a dryer sheet between the slats.

26. Reuse it as a cleaning pad

It is unnecessary to purchase new cleaning pads for refillable push duster pads.  Place two to three used dryer sheets in the area allotted for the cleaning pad.

27. Clean up greasy kitchen devices

You can also utilize used dryer sheets to clean up oily messes on oven vents, canisters, and other kitchen gadgets like air fryers and instant pots.

clean your air fryers

28. Shoo away the rodents

Using dryer sheets, you can keep mice, possums, squirrels, rats, and other pests out of your basement, garage, and clubhouses. Just hide them near windows, vents, or anywhere you see rodents.

29. Clean your bar cart

Dryer sheets are an excellent option for cleaning the dust off the glassware stored in your bar or bar cart. They are very effective at collecting dust and do not leave unsightly streaks behind.

30. Safely store your fragile items

Keep your old dryer sheets for future use to protect and store your holiday and seasonal decorations. The sheets safeguard fragile things and keep the storage box’s contents smelling clean and pleasant at all times.

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