Home Office Cleaning Tips and Checklist

home office cleaning tips and checklist

Many of us have been compelled to work at home due to the current epidemic. We’ve gone to considerable lengths to turn a portion of our homes become usable home offices.

Even if you work at home part-time or full, your home office is probably more messy and filthy than you think. You may not be aware of the mess since you see that every day, from grimy shelves to unorganized workstations. Plus, we do not just work there. We also sneeze, cough, and touch while sitting at our desks for long periods. It’s no surprise that home offices may soon turn into a microbiological safari.

It is a must to keep these workspaces spotless for a range of factors. First, it is hard to do business in an untidy setting. It’s also been established that having a well-organized and clean workspace boosts one’s productivity.

That is why we created a home office cleaning checklist to assist you in optimizing your deep cleaning task and keeping your workstation clean and effective.

Clear the clutter

The first step is to purge your home office of all superfluous items. Here are a few pointers on how to do so.

  1. Get rid of anything that doesn’t go. It’s fine to put a few plants, photographs, or keepsakes.
  2. Books and stationery should not be left lying everywhere. Have specific shelves to store. Save the books you are still using and donate the ones that are not.
  3. Taking notes and jotting down thoughts or concepts on the move is easy with a dry-erase board and markers nearby. You may easily photograph such plans with your cellphone and then wipe the whiteboard to reuse it. You can reduce paper usage this way, and you will always know where exactly your notes are.
  4. Now that everything is online, you do not want to have lots of documents around all the time, and neither do you need a big file cabinet. Remove any furniture that is not needed.
  5. Use zip ties to combine electrical cables and prevent them from forming a cord nest.

Dust the Books and Bookshelves

  1. Pull every book, periodicals, and storage container and wipe them from front to back with a duster. Before restocking the shelves, clean the book bindings with a light paintbrush.
  2. Use a damp cloth to wipe the outer part of the storage containers.
  3. Do not forget to work your way down the shelf from the top.

Clean your Work Desk

  1. Dust all desk accessories using a damp rag. Using a microfiber towel, dust the whole vacant surface of the tabletop, its frame, and the legs from top to bottom.
  2. Utilize your walls. When you run out of space on your desk or in your drawers, use the walls to install racks or chalkboards for additional storage areas.
  3. Place a dustbin at your desk to make tossing garbage and recycling papers simple and effective.

Clean your Office equipment

1.   Clean your computer screen

Disconnect your monitor first then remove the dirt from the vent with a vacuum and an upholstery brush. If you want to prevent hurting your screen, you need to do it with extreme caution. In a spray bottle, combine one part filtered or distilled water and one part distilled white vinegar, then spray it on a cleaned, gentle microfiber cloth since screens are scratch-sensitive. Note that minerals in tap water can end up leaving deposits.  The solution should not be sprayed directly on the screen. Lastly, blow out any leftover debris in the cracks and crevices using compressed air.

2.   Clean your keyboard

Cookie crumbs and bacteria adore your keyboard’s nooks. Begin by detaching the keyboard to your computer if it is a wired keyboard. If you are cleaning on a laptop, make sure it’s turned off. In order to enable any grains or particles to drop away, turn the keyboard upside down. Blow any remaining trash away with a can of compressed air or the vacuum’s duster attachment. Dip a cotton bud or a twisted strip of kitchen towel into ethyl alcohol gently. Make your way all around the borders of the keys carefully. Note that fluids and electrics do not really mix well, so do not get your keyboard excessively wet. Clean the surface of the keyboard with a disinfectant-coated towel.

3.   Clean your phone

Your phone, like your keyboard, will get coated with gunk, including fingerprints. Have you ever kept your phone in the bathroom with you? That’s all there is to it. In any case, you may clean it using a lint-free or microfiber towel. This will keep it smudge-free. However, for a refreshing, germ-free clean, use the same steps as when wiping a computer screen.

4.   Clean your office chair

Your workplace chair seems likely to bear the same mistreatment as your workstation, but if it’s made of cloth, it’ll be more discolored and more difficult to polish. It should be given proper cleaning too since it literally supports you on your job.

    1. Search for the upholstery tag that would instruct you on how to clean it.
    2. Eliminate any fine dust or dirt using a vacuum as well as an upholstery brush.
    3. Wipe off all the hard surfaces or parts with a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaning spray. If the seat fabric is water-resistant, spot-clean it using a spray bottle and a few drops of dish soap. For mesh and plastic office chairs, use this cleaning approach.
    4. Pour the spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol and drops of your favorite essential oil to cleanse upholstery that is not water-safe. This will disinfect the cloth as well as remove any marks or discoloration.
    5. Combine just a few drops of dish soap with a half-gallon of warm water to wipe leather office chairs. Clean up the leather using this mixture using a towel, but don’t soak it.

Wash the Windows and Blinds

  1. Add a couple of liters of warm water into the bucket, along with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. If you’re going to wash your windows this spring season, consider using cold water to get the work finished faster.
  2. Detach the blinds from the window and soak them in a bathtub filled with warm water, dishwashing liquid, and a cup of baking soda to instantly remove stains. Give an hour of soak time before rinsing with warm water. Brush away any remaining debris or dust to polish them out.
  3. For fabric blinds, fill your tub with warm, soapy water using a dishwashing detergent, and then properly soak your blinds in it.  Then, using a sponge, carefully wash them, especially around the sides where dust usually likes to build. Dump the unclean water and completely rinse the blinds.

Dust remaining Surfaces

Light fixtures, electric fans, wall edges, shelves, decorative elements, and furniture should all be dusted. A gentle wipe of a damp microfiber cloth usually does the job, while a soft, long-handled brush will gather dust from crevices.

Clean the Floors

After all the cleaning and dusting we’ve done, let’s not forget about the floors! Your floors, carpets, and rugs will always get dirty no matter how clean you keep them. The flooring in your home may become rather filthy as a result of whichever you drag in on your shoes, crackers accidentally fall, natural dust buildup, and so forth. However, a little upkeep makes a big difference if you target the grime in the most effective way possible. Here’s how to keep it clean and streak-free.

  1. Give special attention to the spots you dusted, and vacuum up any leftover dust that the cloth missed.
  2. Vacuum the floors especially the areas underneath the table and pieces of furniture.
    3. Spray the solution on the clean mop head after dampening it with warm water.
    4. Mop in figure 8 pattern to make sure that you wipe every floor surface.
    5. Wash the microfiber pad when it gets filthy and keep mopping.
  3. When you’re done, wash the mop and keep it.

Sanitize and Disinfect

We touch light switches, doorknobs, and cabinet handles without noticing, and occasionally with unclean hands. Spray a sanitizer or disinfectant solution then wipe with a clean cloth on all the surfaces you usually hold.

Keep it Clean

Make frequent office cleaning a part of your daily routine to keep your home office the way it deserves to be treated. The very first step to ensure you meet all of your day’s objectives is to keep things clean and pleasant.

  • On a regular basis, sweep off the surfaces.
  • Vacuum your chair and the area surrounding your desk by hand.
  • At least once a week, dust lightly.

Additional organizing tips

  1. Make a color-coded filing system
    A functioning office environment is marked by a well-organized file system. To keep things organized, divide the file system into color-coded groups and mark each hanging folder with the appropriate labeling.
  2. Categorize your belongings
    Sort your workplace materials into categories and group similar stuff together. Your office will be much more efficient as a result of this. For instance, the next time you require stamps, you will be checking your mail drawer.
  3. Use containers as storage
    Containers, drawers, baskets, and bins can be used to store all of your office supplies. Keeping all of these materials out of eyesight will help to streamline your workspace.
  4. Have a label-maker
    For a simple approach to organizing your workplace, invest in a nice label maker and label your documents, shelves, and containers. You’ll know precisely where anything is whenever somebody requires it.
  5. Make your books look aesthetic
    According to your preferences, you may categorize books by genre, color, or size. Organizing by color will give a wonderful visual element to your home while also keeping it clutter-free and orderly.
  6. Utilize your binders
    Arrange your top significant documents in binders for quick access for emergency cases. In the event of a medical emergency, for example, you may pull out your medical binder and have all the data you need right away.
    • Here are some of the most popular binder categories:
      Medical: Your family’s health files are stored in this binder. Everything is arranged in one place in case you need to see a different doctor or have a complex clinical diagnostic.
      Pet: Medical documents, vaccination records, and prescriptions for your dogs must all be kept in this binder.
      Auto: Use this binder to keep track of all automobile repairs, maintenance records, and insurance documents.
      Manuals: This binder is perfect for keeping all of the important manuals in one location. You may also divide the binder into subcategories like appliances, electronics, gardening, and home.
      House: This is where you’ll save all of your house-related information, such as maintenance, pest control, security systems, and repair contact information.
      Personal: This binder may be used to hold everything that doesn’t belong in another file or category

7. Establish activity zones
Three work areas must be designated in an effective office:
The Task Center: It features a spacious work area, a computer, and often used office supplies.
The Information Source Center: Binders, manuals, dictionaries, and professional publications and resources are available in this area.
The Office Supply Center: Office and printing products are stored here.

8. Have a personalized wall calendar
Putting a calendar on the wall allows you to keep track of your planning requirements. The end result is that you will feel more productive and in charge of your time.

Professional Cleaning Service

Hellamaid can assist you if you would prefer to work in your spotless office than clean the other areas of your house. Our home cleaning services can provide the best care that your home or apartment deserves. Give us a call at 226-770-3200 / 289-812-8155 or visit hellamaid.ca to get a FREE quotation.

*The purpose of this checklist is to assist you in cleaning your own houses. It is not meant to represent the procedures followed by Hellamaid’s professional cleaning crews.

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