Deep House Cleaning Checklist | Full Guide

Deep House Cleaning

Detail is everything when it comes to deep cleaning. If you take a moment to clean the areas of the house that are a bit more difficult to reach, you’ll notice how much more orderly and welcoming your home feels. Create a cleaning schedule, choose a room, and make a fast trip to the shop to get started. Then get ready to handle all of the intricacies that our thorough cleaning ideas cover.

Deep Cleaning

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your House?

You may start incorporating deep cleaning within your house upkeep routine in a few different ways. If you’ve ever done any spring cleaning, that’s fantastic! Although spring is an excellent time to declutter, organize, and clean, you should deep clean more than once a year. Seasonal cleaning, or around two days deep clean every three months, is one option. Another approach is to break down the deep cleaning checklist into manageable monthly or weekly jobs, completing one area or 1 to 2 tasks per week on a regular basis.

The greater number of people who live in a house, the more regularly it should be cleaned thoroughly. If you share a room, distribute the cleaning duties equally among your roommates, including deep cleaning and other routine maintenance. Consider assigning a different person to each part of the house.

Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Deep cleaning your home does not require the use of expensive specialty products. Natural cleaners like baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon will do. A scrub brush and microfiber cleaning towels are excellent and inexpensive cleaning tools. Here’s a list to get you started on stocking your cleaning caddy:

  • Rubber gloves
  • An all-purpose cleaner (or homemade)
  • Glass cleaner
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Scrub brush
  • Detail brush or old toothbrush
  • Squeegee
  • Plastic bucket
  • Spray bottle
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Cleaning cloths (like dish towels or rags), or paper towels
  • Vacuum with attachments
  • Mop or steamer
  • Broom or vacuum with a hard flooring setting

Simple DIY Cleaning Products

Baking Soda Paste – To make baking soda paste, begin with a half cup of baking soda then add a few splashes of water until you have a paste that looks like wet sand.

Vinegar Spray – Begin with a cup of vinegar and water, then gradually increase the amount of vinegar and water as needed to complete the cleaning operation. Always put a label on the solution in your spray bottle.

Cleaning Tip:

  • If the smell of vinegar bothers you, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, it can be citrus or lavender just to help mask it. If you don’t have essential oils, a squeeze of lemon will suffice.
  • Look for the white vinegar gallon container and the huge pack of baking soda. Buying a lot of the usual-sized boxes is good, but finding the larger pack at the local supermarket is more cost-effective.

Full Guide to Room-by-Room Deep Cleaning

bathroom deep cleaning


The ideal bacterial host is the bathroom.   Disinfect the toilet, sink, and bathtub at least once a week, more frequently if you take frequent showers, to keep germs and viruses at bay.

  • Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water then scrub with a brush if soap and water aren’t making the bathtub and fixtures squeaky clean and clear of soap scum. Clean in and around the fixtures using a detail brush or an old toothbrush, then polish them with the microfiber cloth.
  • Soak your shower head in vinegar and water overnight to clean it. This can be accomplished by either removing the shower head or filling a sack with cleaning liquid and securing it on the shower head.
  • Grout can also be cleaned using the same method. If baking soda simply isn’t cleaning your grout, try a one-to-one solution of white vinegar and water. As the baking soda combines with the vinegar, it will begin to bubble, which will aid in the removal of the stains. Once clean, scrub once more and rinse using warm water.
  • If the shower curtain is made of fabric, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying.
  • If the shower curtain liner has worn out and has permanent stains, trash it and replace it as needed.

Kitchen deep cleaning


Your kitchen will look welcoming for family and guests if you do maintenance cleaning tasks on a daily and weekly basis. Based on how much filth and grime gathers, you should deep clean the kitchen at approximately four times a year or at least once a month.

  • Before you begin, remove all food from your refrigerator and unplug it. Clean throughout with soap and warm water and a sponge. The dish soap acts as a degreaser, assisting in the breakdown of any oil product residue that has accumulated in your kitchen. If you can simply move the fridge, clean underneath it.
  • Clean all of the cabinet doors. To clean all cabinets and drawers, utilize a vacuum with a crevice attachment.
  • This is the best time for you to toss out the expired food items.
  • Wipe down the kitchen table and chair legs, as well as any other kitchen appliances.
  • With a sponge and warm soapy water, clean the trash and recycling bins. You can also use lemon peels to freshen up the smell of your trash bin.
  • There are three methods for cleaning your oven. The first and most straightforward option is to use the oven’s self-cleaning function. If your oven offers this function, be sure that the kitchen is adequately aired, empty the oven, and start the self-cleaning cycle. If your oven is missing this feature, clean it using baking soda paste and then scrub it with a brush, or with cleaning tools.
  • Immerse the metal grates in warm soapy water then scrub them clean using a scrub brush before restoring them to the stovetop.
  • Clean the entire stovetop with the baking soda paste. This can be done with a gas stovetop or one with electric coils.
  • Use a sponge and all-purpose cleaner to clean the interior of your microwave. Remove and clean the tray as well. Clean with a microfiber towel after wiping off the outside with a sponge.
  • Clean the inside and outside of your dishwasher. Empty it, clean the filter, then put 1 cup vinegar and wash on the hottest setting to clean the interior. After that cycle is finished, add 1 cup of baking soda and wash on the hottest cycle once more. Wipe off the outside surface of the dishwasher using vinegar spray, then clean with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner.
  • Using warm soapy water and a scrub brush, clean your countertops, walls, and sink, paying careful attention to the areas surrounding the faucet.
  • Clean the counters and disinfect the sinks. For proper concentration and contact times, make sure to read the package directions.

Bedroom deep cleaning


If possible, thorough cleaning of the bedroom should be done once per week. Weekly cleaning keeps the mess under control and makes sure it does not take too much time to finish each week. Performing minor everyday tasks in addition to a weekly deep clean might help the process of a weekly deep clean feel like it’s a lot less labor.

  • Wash linens that don’t get washed as often as sheets, such as the duvet, dust ruffle, and shams, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Dust behind the headboard and underneath the bed if you can move or get behind the bed.
  • Using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe off all of the furniture.

Bedroom Cleaning Tip:

  • Every six months, flip and/or rotate the mattress.
  • To freshen your mattress, sprinkle it with a few baking sodas, let it sit for an hour, then vacuum it. For the section of the floor below, you can spot-clean the mattress like you would with a carpet stain.
  • Once a year, wash your pillows and comforters. If your washer isn’t big enough, take your clothes to a laundromat or a professional cleaner.

Living room deep cleaning

Living Room

  • Upholstery can be vacuumed. Remove all pillows and clean them beneath them. As needed, spot clean using the lifting procedure described in the section of the floor beneath.
  • Using a damp microfiber towel, wipe off all of the furniture.

Closet deep cleaning

Dresser Cabinet/ Closet

You can prevent the accumulation of clothing, footwear, and accessories from becoming out of control by organizing your closet twice a year. Much better if you can do it every season.

  • To thoroughly clean a closet, pull out everything, reorganize, and declutter it.
  • Vacuum and wipe clean any shelves, baseboards, and walls while everything is out. When you put your clothes back in, make sure there is enough area for them to move about and not be crammed in.

Laundry deep cleaning

Laundry Area

Spend some time cleaning thoroughly your laundry room’s ceiling, flooring, appliances, and other areas once per month or two. Your laundry room will continue to work harder and longer as a result.

  • Wipe down the washer and dryer’s interior and outside.
  • The method for cleaning your washing machine varies slightly depending on whether it is top or side loading, but the premise remains the same. Use vinegar spray to clean the interior of your washing machine. Wipe down the machine door, taking specific care to the rubber gasket. 2 cups vinegar, poured straight into the drum at the hottest temperature then, immediately into the drum, put half a cup of baking soda and run on the highest setting once more. When finished, wipe dry and leave it open to dry completely.

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