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Valentines Cleaning Sale
morgan adams
15:25 01 Feb 19
What a great concept! Ahmed is passionate about his service and the people he works with. A great combination!
Scarlett Raczycki
15:19 27 Dec 18
Wow! This service was absolutely wonderful! : ) I was gifted a certificate for a clean with Hella Maid and it came at the perfect time - right before the Holidays! I set up the appointment for the day before my Christmas party and Amy and Deborah came in while I was at work. They arrived on time, had no problems finding my unit and gave it a dang good cleaning. I signed up for the Standard clean and had relatively low expectations of what I would receive (Just because my apartment is very... let's say... lived in? AKA cluttered with lots of items) But these two went above and beyond to ensure every surface was a sparklin' I had basically nothing to do to prepare for my party and their work even made clean up the next day a breeze. I would send a picture but hosting Christmas has kind of defeated their work lol but once I put a little effort in I hope I can restore it back to their state of clean! (I'm still finding surfaces that I wouldn't have thought to clean that they managed to make dust-free and squeaky clean. THANK YOU!!!read more
Laurie Schnarr
01:15 22 Dec 18
It was such a great experience to open the front door and know immediately that I was entering a clean home. It smelled and looked wonderful. Thank you Hellamaid!
gabrielle duval
03:47 01 Dec 18
Holiday baking? Tree trimming? Shopping and gift wrapping? But wait - what about cleaning the house??Hellamaid lets you get on with your holidays!
19:12 14 Nov 18
The staff are great and do a really good job. If I am in need more cleaning to be done I will call Hellamaid right away. Thanks again to Hellamaid fir a great job done and accommodating me at a short notice.
Maggie Laidlaw
20:12 28 Aug 18
I was really happy with the deep clean that was done by Hellamaid. I am selling my home and really needed it to look sparking clean for the staging and showing. That is exactly what I got. and at a very reasonable price. The cleaners were friendly and very competent. I was especially pleased with my kitchen cupboards and old gas stove, all of which had been a bit of a mess before they were cleaned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hellamaid cleaners to anyone looking for a very professional clean!read more
Jenefer Wilcox
19:41 12 Jul 18
This was by far the easiest and best experience. Online booking was a breeze without the need for a home inspection. There's a drop down menu so you can choose exactly what services you want and they offer a number of add ons I may try next time. I have a dog and 2 cats so arrangements need to be made when cleaners come and I've had problems with cleaners not showing up so the text messages reminding me of my appointment put my mind at ease. It was wonderful to come home to a nice clean house. I would highly recommend Hellamaid!read more
tracey jandrisits
21:23 11 Jul 18
Hellamaid did an amazing job of cleaning my father's home. Amy met me in the morning, and was very polite and professional. I would absolutely hire again. Thank you for making the house look so good, you made listing the home for sale a lot less stressful.read more
Sean Atkinson
12:06 19 Jun 18
We hired Hellamaid for their “move in/out” package when we were moving out of our rental after having purchased a house. It was our first time using a cleaning service and were very happy with the job. We were out of town and there was no problem with them getting in via the electronic deadbolt as per our instructions. Only gripe was a small few spots on the kitchen floor could have used a bit more attention, but unless you knew they were there (they sort of blend in with the pattern on the floor) you’d never know to focus on that area. No harm no foul and overall we’d highly recommend Hellamaid to anyone in Guelph. Am curious to see the kind of clean you’d get for their less expensive packages.... having them come in sure beats having to do it yourself!read more