How to Remove Stubborn Bathroom Stains from the Toilet, Sink, and Shower

guide to cleaning bathroom stains

The bathroom is a place that should not only be clean but also look clean. This can be an easy task on surfaces that are not exposed to water often. However, for surfaces that are frequently exposed to water, this can be a challenge.

Bathroom stains are more likely to be visible because surfaces are typically white to begin with. This makes it even more irritating when it seems like they cannot be removed. Keep reading to learn how to remove stubborn bathroom stains, including toilet, sink, and shower stains.

1. How to Remove Toilet Stains

Toilet stains are often last to be tackled because no one wants to be up close and personal with their toilet. Thankfully, there are several easy methods for removing toilet stains. The first approach is using baking soda and vinegar. Pour a generous amount of vinegar into the toilet bowl. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the stained areas, using more baking soda on larger stains. Pour another cup of vinegar on the baking soda and set a timer for ten minutes to let the mixture work its magic before scrubbing the bowl with a toilet brush. Finally, let the solution sit again and scrub the stains one more time. Flush the mixture away to reveal a fresh toilet!

Another method to clean toilet stains is to mix borax and vinegar together to make a paste. Make sure to flush the toilet and keep it from filling back up all the way. Then, take the mixture and spread it on the stained areas. Allow the mixture to eat away at the affected areas for a few minutes. Use a stiff brush and scrub away the mixture before flushing the bowl.

How to clean bathroom toilet stains


2. How to Remove Sink Stains

The sink area is a more agreeable surface to clean. To clean this area of the bathroom, there is a method that doesn’t require any complicated cleaning supplies or tools. You will need a two- liter bottle of soda, preferably Coca-Cola. Make sure that your drain in the sink is closed and then pour enough Coke in the sink to cover up the stains. Allow the soda to sit for a few minutes and let the acid naturally eat away at the stubborn areas. After you’ve let it sit, drain the cola and scrub the affected areas. This is a cost-effective way to get rid of those tough water and toothpaste stains, leaving your sink clean and fresh!

How to clean bathroom sink stains


3. How to Remove Shower Stains

The shower can be the most difficult area of the bathroom to tackle because it generally has the largest surface area to clean. You will need to mix a solution of equal parts vinegar and water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the affected areas and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then, take a microfiber cloth and wipe the areas down.

Another method to take care of deeper, darker stains is to use hydrogen peroxide. While this method does take more time, it can be used as a mild bleach instead of using ammonia-based products. Pour hydrogen peroxide on the stains and place a white cloth over the top, allowing it to sit overnight. This will give the cloth time to absorb the peroxide and remove the stains. The next day, remove the cloth and rinse the area. Use a new cloth to dry it off and the surface is as good as new!

How to clean bathroom tub stains

In the shower, there can also be soap buildup. This makes the shower slippery and a health hazard. To get rid of this type of buildup, mix a solution of dish soap and hot water. Then, spray the buildup with the mixture. Take a scrub brush, but nothing too abrasive like steel wool, and wipe the grime away. This will make your shower nice, clean, and no longer a fall risk.

Prevent Bathroom Stains with Professional House Cleaning Services

There are many different methods and tricks to ensuring that your bathroom is as clean as it can be. You could spend your time and effort making sure that the stains in your bathroom don’t build back up, or you could spend time each day cleaning and scrubbing the different surfaces in your bathroom. However, there are other methods of taking care of this very common problem.

When you hire a professional house cleaning service, they make sure that the stains are removed from your bathroom and don’t come back. They have the right tools and cleaning products, saving you time and money. Hellamaid is a professional cleaning service in Southern Ontario that offers online scheduling for your convenience discounts for multiple cleaning services. Book your professional house cleaning service today and enjoy a fresh, clean bathroom!

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