Creative Ways To Organize Your Bathroom

How to organize your bathroom

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can make it organized. When designing a small bathroom, it might be challenging to fit all the necessary features into a limited space. There are, nevertheless, some standard organizing practices that every bathroom should keep to. Ideally, you’ll have a functional and aesthetically pleasing spot for storing necessities like paper products, towels, and dental hygiene tools. Keep on reading to learn how o maximize every area in your bathroom.

organized bathroom

Tip #1: Store small items in mason jars

Mason jars can make a huge difference in keeping the area organized and aesthetic at the same time. Storage cups and jars are perfect for vertical usage of the vertical free space in a cupboard. While tidying up the bathroom, a good rule of thumb is to group similar objects together. Cotton balls, cotton swabs, and various objects might each have their own jar.

Use mason jars for storing small items

Tip #2: Put all liquid soaps into matching bottles

Many people have more than one bottle of shampoo and soap sitting around the bathroom, especially in the shower or bathtub. If you want to adopt a minimalist approach to your bathroom, matching your bottles is one way to go about it. Put all your toiletries, such as shampoo and conditioner, into similar containers. A matching set of containers can make the space look clutter-free.

Matching bottle containers

Tip #3: Mount frequently used items on the wall

Consider the bathroom essentials that you use on a daily basis when getting ready. If you intend to use the space for applying makeup or a skincare routine, you may wish to mount some detachable storage bins on the wall. You can either build a caddy to fit your needs or buy one already made. Stick-on organizers can be convenient, but be aware that removing them may require repairing wall damage. In this situation, it may be better to first drill a few small holes in the area.

Mounted storage for everyday stuff

Tip #4: Keep the tissue papers in a basket

Extra rolls of paper can be conveniently stored on the rear side of the toilet. On the other hand, that can make things look disorderly and unpleasant. You can do several things to make this space a more desirable place to keep things. To keep your toilet paper from being seen, you can, for instance, purchase a basket that can be placed on top of your toilet.

Keep the tissue rolls in a basket

Tip #5: Use the space under the sink as storage

Maximize your space by utilizing the area under the sink. You can put stuff like extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, or medicine boxes can be stored in it.
You can better use the area beneath the sink by purchasing some transparent plastic storage containers of varied sizes to store items inside. Identify the contents of each container by labeling them appropriately. Find stackable bins or get a box with drawers if there are no shelves under the sink. Always use the bins for what they were intended, and make sure everyone follows the labels.

Storage under the bathroom sink

Tip #6: Organize your drawers by using dividers

Don’t let your vanity drawers become a dumping ground. Instead, invest in some drawer dividers and put stuff in one section so that the drawers can serve their purpose while also looking nice. Everyday things are kept in this drawer, and any extras are stored under the sink. Fill your bathroom cabinet with items you use regularly.

put dividers on your drawer

Tip #7: Put shelves above your toilet

Standard-sized toilets can be managed by several shelf systems available on the market. These units often have a plain appearance. The space above the toilet is an excellent option for open, customized shelves. If you build your own shelves, you may better coordinate them with the rest of your furnishings.

Shelves above your toilet

Tip #8: Use a ladder to store your towels

Putting a towel rack or hooks on the wall is a simple solution for storing bath linens. Modern bathrooms often feature shelving or cabinetry, but many designers are now adding ladders for towel storage to take advantage of vertical space. Also, a ladder can be outfitted with hooks and baskets to hold towels and other bathroom essentials.

use ladder to store your towels

Tip #9: Store your linens in a cabinet

A separate piece of furniture, like a beautiful cabinet, might be an excellent solution for extra storage in a bathroom with plenty of floor space. Parts of new or custom-made furniture are acceptable for this additional element. Alternatively, you can modify a piece of furniture, like a dresser, closet, or sideboard, to serve the new purpose.

Linen storage

Tip #10: Organize your favorite items on a tray

Put together a chic tray containing some of your commonly utilized and aesthetically pleasing bathroom essentials to decorate your countertop. These items must be both visually appealing and valuable to you. Perfume, makeup tools, bracelets, and hand lotion are all options.


Tip #11: Use a bathtub caddy

A bathtub caddy with all the necessities for a relaxing morning or nighttime soak can make the routine much more manageable. This space-saving type of organizer can hold your soap, washcloth, and other bathroom necessities instead of taking up valuable drawer or cupboard space.

bath caddy

Tip #12: Put shelves over the door

Put shelves above the toilet door for permanent extra storage of non-essentials. It’s absolutely discrete, so you can keep your bathroom light and airy even while it solves the problem of inadequate space.

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