Apartment Cleaning

Hellamaid offers reliable and thorough professional cleaning for your apartment.

An apartment is the perfect home whether you’re a student, a working individual with good income, or just someone who’s looking to avoid the hassle of running an entire house. An apartment is a functional living space where each area serves a specific purpose. But with the fast-paced lifestyle of living in an apartment, cleaning can sometimes be a concern. 

At Hellamaid, we understand you’re busy lifestyle can you use a hand, that’s why we’re here to help. Our cleaners can do an effective apartment cleaning that caters to your needs and schedule, a cleaning guaranteed to wow you each time. 

Our cleaning checklist offers cleaning of various areas in your apartment:

  • Kitchen cleaning: Counter tops, appliance surfaces, and floors (vinyl, tile, carpet)
  • Bathroom cleaning: Sink, mirrors, counter tops, tub, and faucets
  • Bedroom cleaning: Floors vacuumed/wiped, surfaces dusted, window wills
  • Living room cleaning: Dusting and wiping floors, vacuuming, and surface wiping
apartment room

When you book with Hellamaid you’ll get a professional cleaning service that:

  • Provides experienced, professional cleaners that will give you deeper, higher level of cleaning
  • Has a support team in place to send you reminders and update you on anything important with the clean
  • Is willing to come back if it’s not completely done to your satisfaction

If this all seems obvious, it is.

Yet time and time again, we get people calling us because their cleaners didn’t show up or they did a poor job and now won’t return their calls, etc.

At Hellamaid, we understand these problems and take them away so you can focus on other things important to your move.

Our apartment cleaning service is popular with our customers who want the most thorough cleaning that fits their busy lifestyle. Also designed for landlords or property managers who are looking to add a professional appeal to their place to increase the likelihood of acquiring amazing tenants, or simply impressing their current tenants.

Keep in mind, the move-in package for apartment cleaning keeps in mind the additional space needed to be cleaned due to lack of furniture. Our cleaners will be meticulous with the extra space as well as with each and every corner.