The Ultimate Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

As an Airbnb host, it is crucial to ensure that your property is always clean and well-maintained. Not only will this make guests feel comfortable, but it will also help you receive positive reviews and increase your chances of repeat business. To help you keep your property in tip-top shape, we’ve put together an ultimate cleaning checklist that covers all the essential areas of your Airbnb. First, let’s discuss the importance of cleaning your property and how it affects your business.

Airbnb cleaning checklist

The Importance of Cleanliness in the Airbnb Industry

The Airbnb industry has grown significantly over the past few years, offering travelers a more affordable and homely alternative to traditional hotels. It’s important to provide a clean and comfortable living space for your guests, as cleanliness can play a critical role in their experience and satisfaction.

Impact of Cleanliness on Guest Experience

A clean and well-maintained property is essential for creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for guests. Cleanliness can make or break a guest’s experience and impact their overall impression of your property. Additionally, a clean and hygienic environment is essential for ensuring the health and safety of guests. A clean place can help prevent the spread of germs and illness, which is especially important during the current pandemic. A tidy and organized space can also prevent accidents, such as slips and falls, and provide guests with safe surroundings.

Relationship Between Cleanliness and Positive Reviews

One of the key factors that guests consider when leaving a review is the home’s cleanliness level. A clean and hygienic environment is essential for earning positive reviews from guests. A dirty or disorganized space can lead to negative feedback, while a clean and tidy home can help you gain positive reviews and increase your chances of repeat business.

It’s essential to pay attention to the details when it comes to cleaning and organization. Clean linens, a sparkling bathroom, and a kitchen free of food residue are just a few of the small but important elements that can make a big difference in a guest’s experience. Pay attention to the guests’ feedback and adjust your cleaning and organizational methods accordingly.

Role of Cleanliness in Attracting Repeat Business

A clean and well-maintained home can make guests feel like they are getting their money’s worth, while a dirty or cluttered space can make them feel like they are overpaying. By investing in regular cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure that your property is always in top condition and ready to provide guests with an exceptional experience. This could lead to repeat business, as guests will be more likely to book your property again if they had a positive experience during their stay.

The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

Before each guest’s arrival, use this comprehensive cleaning checklist to ensure that your Airbnb property is in top condition:


    • Clean and disinfect all surfaces, including countertops, sink, and stove
    • Clean the oven, microwave, and refrigerator
    • Wipe down the cabinets and drawers
    • Sweep and mop the floor
    • Empty the trash and replace the liner
    • Stock up on basic supplies such as salt, pepper, sugar, and cooking oil


    • Clean and disinfect the toilet, sink, and shower/bathtub
    • Wipe down the mirror, tiles, and shower doors
    • Clean the floor and replace the bathmat
    • Replace the towels and washcloths
    • Replenish supplies such as shampoo, soap, and toilet paper


    • Vacuum or sweep the floor
    • Dust all surfaces, including nightstands, dressers, and shelves
    • Change the bed linens and pillowcases
    • Fluff the pillows and straighten the bedspread/comforter
    • Open windows for fresh air and remove any unpleasant odors

Living Room

    • Vacuum or sweep the floor
    • Dust all surfaces, including coffee tables, bookshelves, and TV stand
    • Fluff the pillows and straighten the curtains/blinds
    • Remove any clutter and tidy up the space
    • Turn on the lights and replace any burnt-out bulbs

Common Areas

    • Vacuum or sweep the hallways and stairways
    • Dust all surfaces, including baseboards, light fixtures, and railings
    • Remove any cobwebs and wipe down the windows
    • Tidy up the entryway and replace any worn-out doormats

Outdoor Areas

    • Sweep the patio and deck
    • Clean the outdoor furniture and remove any dirt or debris
    • Water the plants and flowers
    • Check and clean the outdoor grill, if applicable


    • Check the smoke detectors and replace batteries if necessary
    • Test the fire extinguisher and ensure it’s easily accessible
    • Clean the windows and mirrors
    • Dust the ceiling fans and light fixtures
    • Remove any unpleasant odors with air fresheners or candles

By following this comprehensive cleaning checklist, you can ensure that your Airbnb property is always in top condition and ready to provide guests with an exceptional experience.

Common Cleaning Challenges

Common Cleaning Challenges: How to Overcome Them

Here are some common cleaning challenges faced by Airbnb hosts and how to overcome them:

Time management: Ensure you have enough time to clean between each booking by adjusting your schedule and prioritizing tasks.

Dirt and grime buildup: Tackle this issue using high-quality cleaning products and regularly implementing a deep-cleaning routine.

Maintaining guest privacy: Balancing the need for a thorough cleaning with respect for guest privacy can be a challenge. Consider using keyless locks and clear communication with guests regarding your cleaning schedule.

Keeping up with wear and tear: Anticipate and promptly address wear and tear issues, such as fixing loose doorknobs or repairing holes in walls.

Managing cleaning supplies: Keep a well-stocked cleaning supply closet and invest in high-quality cleaning products to make cleaning more accessible and practical.

Removing tough stains: Tackle stubborn stains with elbow grease and specialized stain-removal products.

Dealing with odors: Address unpleasant odors with air fresheners, cleaning products, and regular air circulation.

Maintaining a hygienic space: Focus on cleaning high-touch spots, such as door handles, light switches, and remote controls, to prevent the spread of germs.

Balancing comfort and cleanliness: Make sure that guests have everything they need while also maintaining a clean and organized space.

Meeting guests’ expectations: Take time to understand your guests’ needs and preferences, and go the extra mile to ensure they have a positive experience.

 Streamline the Cleaning Process

Let’s Streamline the Cleaning Process

Here are some techniques for streamlining the cleaning process and saving time for your Airbnb property:

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Plan out your cleaning schedule ahead of time to ensure that each task is completed efficiently and within a specific timeframe. This will save you a lot of time as you don’t have to figure out what to clean each day. It will also help you allocate the necessary time for each task, avoiding last-minute rush or stress.

Use Checklists

Create a comprehensive cleaning checklist to ensure nothing is missed and consistency in your cleaning process. It makes cleaning a less overwhelming task by breaking it down into smaller, manageable steps. The checklist can also be a helpful tool for delegating cleaning responsibilities to others, as everyone knows exactly what needs to be done.

Delegate Tasks

Delegating cleaning tasks helps divide the workload and reduces the burden on anyone. It allows for more efficient use of time, as those with specific cleaning expertise or preferences can focus on their strengths. Consider delegating tasks to a professional cleaning service or an assistant to help save time and ensure that the cleaning is done to a high standard.

Invest in Quality Cleaning Supplies

Invest in high-quality cleaning supplies and tools, such as a good vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, and a multi-purpose cleaner, to make cleaning faster and more effective. High-quality supplies are more effective, making cleaning quicker and easier. They are often more durable, meaning you won’t have to replace them as frequently. It can help to protect surfaces and prevent damage, saving you money in the long run.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Focus on cleaning the high-traffic areas of your Airbnb, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and living room, on ensuring that these areas are in top condition for guests. These areas tend to get dirtier more quickly and require more frequent cleaning.

Tackle One Room at a Time

Tackle one room at a time rather than trying to clean the entire property in one go. This will allow you to focus your efforts and complete each task thoroughly. You’ll also be able to give each room the time and attention it deserves, ensuring a thorough cleaning. This will also help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, as you only focus on one area at a time. 

Maintain Cleanliness Between Guests

Regularly tidy up and maintain cleanliness between guests to ensure that the cleaning process is faster and easier when a new guest arrives. This will ensure the longevity of your Airbnb property, reducing the risk of wear and tear.

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